Why I Ship CaptainSwan

By: Madeline

Why do I ship CaptainSwan you may be asking? Oh, well there’s many reasons as to why I ship Emma Swan and Killian Jones. In fact, I shipped both of them from the very start of season two even though Killian still had a lot of character development to go through.

Both of them are orphans: I really think this connection is so important for their relationship. They understand one another on a level that nobody else can understand. Emma was a lost girl and Hook was a lost boy. Both of them so alone and wishing that there would be someone who saved them. But there never was. At least not until they found one another and suddenly they became whole.

Killian’s Protectiveness: Not only does Killian protect Emma at all costs, he looks after her family too. HE chose to die rather than condemn Emma and her family to an awful fate. And you might be saying, “he was about to kill them all”. True, but that wasn’t the real Killian. We have all seen what the darkness does to other characters. Killian was able to come to his senses because he heard Emma. Emma shook him from the darkness. Absolutely powerful!

-Emma’s walls are finally down: With Graham, with Neal, and even with Walsh, Emma was never able to have them break down her walls. She never wanted to open up to anyone other than Killian. And that, my friends, is what I like to call unbelievably, intense love. Tearing down someone’s walls comes with love, and Emma loves Killian so much. He understands her. Like we saw in ‘The Brothers Jones’, Killian knew there was something wrong with Emma before she even told him. That is love.

-Their chemistry: It’s unbelievable. Whenever they’re onscreen together, it’s just wonderful. And we have Jennifer Morrisson and Colin O’Donoghue to thank for that. The perfect actors to play the perfect couple on TV.


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About MeMadeline

I'm currently in college studying to become a journalist. I'm a writer and reporter with Hollywood News Source, Pure Fandom and Talk Nerdy With Us. I speak fluent sass and I cannot live without coffee. I am a Captain Swan and Once Upon a Time enthusiast. My hope is to one day move to LA or NYC and have a journalism career. Did I mention I love Hallmark? Well, I do and my dream is to be in a movie of theirs. Above else, I am a fangirl!

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