Thank You OUAT For Captain Swan

cs reunion.jpg

For those of you who are frequent users of Twitter, you may have seen the trend last night ‘We Support Captain Swan’. After a lot of backlash from people to the Captain Swan fandom, I thought it was nice to see a group of fans defending Emma and Hook. Not to mention, hopefully Adam and Eddy saw how much we love Hook and Emma. I made sure to send my thanks to Adam about how beautiful and intense their relationship is and I even got a thank you. Positive comments go a long way when all some people get are hateful comments. I’m not here to preach that you should be kind to everyone, but think before you say something. Adam and Eddy have creative minds and they made a show that we all know and love. If you love the show, you should respect the creators of the show. I would also like to note, I loved Outlaw Queen too, and I feel for that fandom. I do, I really do.

So I wanted to thank Once Upon a Time for Captain Swan.

  • First and for most, Emma is not weak because of Hook. If anything, Hook has strengthened Emma. To love and be loved is to be given strength. You saw in season 1 that Emma was broken, alone, scared. Now, at season 5, Emma is whole and loved and confident. She was able to love and trust someone. Even with Neal, she had her walls up. It wasn’t until Hook came that she took off her armor and started to trust a man. For goodness sake, she went to Hell to fight for the man she loves. Emma had been hurt in the past, and finding Hook has made her happy. She had every right to cry and have a moment of weakness. She thought her true love was gone forever. Is she not allowed to show some vulnerability? A lost girl who found her solace in a lost boy. Case in point, Emma Swan is still bad ass as ever. Boom.
  • Taking two unlikely pairs and having them be true love is very powerful. Having first started the show, I had known Emma and Hook would be a thing. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical. How could Emma, a savior, fall in love with a pirate with a rum problem? I was wrong to assume that it would never work. Because what I see in Emma and Hook is a love so powerful that the past doesn’t matter. We all have a past, and sometimes our past isn’t good. Learning to accept each other’s past is the first step of love. Acceptance is real love. Redemption is a huge part of the show, and that is what Hook had.
  • Emma and Hook literally helped each other defeat darkness. Who was the first person to go after Emma after she turned dark? Hook. He never cared that he would get hurt; all he wanted to do was help the woman he loves. Hook was the one to stop Emma from hurting Merida when the rest of the heroes didn’t know what to do. Granted, that was a crazy situation, so can you blame them? My point being, Hook wanted to save the woman he loved because he knew Emma-the light Emma-needed his help. His concern for her was powerful and everything true love should be. Same goes for Emma. Even when she was dark, all she wanted to do was save Hook from knowing the truth. She wanted to protect and shield him.
  • Cuteness overload between those two. I mean, have you ever smiled so much at your TV screen before? Every time those two are on the screen, I can’t help but have a smile on my face. They’re sassy, witty comments are like they’re still in the flirty stage of their relationship. Their heartfelt conversations make my heart melt because you know how much they love each other. Seriously, that reunion scene was the cutest thing ever. Their giggles and Emma kissing every inch of Hook’s face. OMG!

A HUGE thank you to Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis for giving us a beautiful and deep relationship on the show. They taught us that love comes in all forms. A pirate and a savior. A evil queen and a thief. A beast and a beauty. A prince and a princess. That together, each couple survives their own dilemmas and overcomes them. That love is power and not weakness. That Hook empowers Emma and builds her up. That Emma makes Hook a better man. Despite all the hate Captain Swan has been getting, we need to not focus on that. As a fandom, we just need to appreciate our OTP. After all, Zeus certified them as being true love. How epic is that?! And I do hope Regina gets her happy ending.


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