Hook: An Unlikely Hero

When I first started Once Upon a Time, I heard that everyone loved Captain Hook. I laughed out loud at them, thinking how crazy they were. I mean, Captain Hook? The same evil pirate with a perm and unruly beard with a rum problem? He’s a handsome hero? No freaking way! Then I went on Pintrest to look up a picture of him on OUAT and I almost spit out my coffee. Captain Hook was gorgeous! And him and Emma make such a beautiful couple. I liked Hook before his character was even introduced. In season 1, I was just wondering when it is he would come onto the show. Then I got to season 2 and I was relieved to see him. But he was evil! I was tricked, yet I still couldn’t help shipping Emma and him. Through the seasons, Hook hasn’t been the typical hero like Charming. No, he was different. He was a man with a damaged past that was hell-bent on revenge. Then he found his place with Emma, and he became a handsome hero. His character development has been so strong.

So I have composed a small list of the moments Hook was really a hero (I’m limiting it to 3 scenes that really stuck out to me the most):

When he went to New York City to save Emma: In that moment, he knew Emma wouldn’t remember him. After all, Emma and Henry were still under the spell of not remembering anyone. Yet, he still set out to save her because he knew what was good. He knew that her family needed help and she was the only one to help them. Hook was not looking for praise for what he did, but by bringing Emma back to Storybrooke, they were rid of the Wicked Witch. (Or so they thought) Obviously he hadn’t thought he would be thrown into a prison and forced to eat “something called bologna!” He did it to save Storybrooke.

When he helped Emma revert the past: Sure, he was clouded by his emotions, but every handsome hero is a hero through the help of devotion. Emma was not able to revert the past without him by her side. I’m sure she would have been able to figure it out had he not been there, but the point being, Hook helped save everyone in Storybrooke. Being the humble pirate that he is, he denied that he was a hero, that it was all Emma, but Emma thought otherwise. He did trade his ship for her. Aw. He still didn’t think he was worthy of being praised as a hero, but we all knew he was!

When Hook sacrificed himself for all of Storybrooke: Despite what some people on social media say, in this moment, it was when Hook truly became a hero. He may have been under the Dark One curse, but through his love for Emma, he was able to break out of the darkness. In order to save Storybrooke from all of the dark ones, he knew he needed to die to do so. And he did. Willingly. The darkness didn’t let him cloud his judgment in that moment. Because of his love, he sacrificed himself. Not only is this a true testament to his love for Emma, but this was a true testament for the man he had become. You take a look at season 2 Hook, and it’s quite clear that he’s no longer that man. His redemption arc was done wonderfully! He was a man that did some awful things, but so did a lot of the other characters on the show. It’s what he’s done since then that makes him a hero. He’s grown. This still gets me in the feels…

So yes, Captain Hook is a hero! He may not be an obvious hero, but he is! Even Zeus thinks so.


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