Favorite Captain Swan Moment From ‘Last Rites’

Favorite Captain Swan moment from “Last Rites”

 “Last Rites” was definitely a heart breaker for sure. Despite the leak of promotional pictures earlier that week, and Robin Hood (Sean Maguire), being confirmed as this episode’s causality, it didn’t matter how long people spent mentally preparing to see it on screen, it broke our hearts, and I am sure all Robin lovers and Outlaw Queen fans are still in mourning, and many probably will discontinue the series.

Despite myself not being crazy on Robin or Outlaw Queen, (I’m hardcore Captain Swan), the sight of Robin sacrificing himself for the woman he loves, Regina (Lana Parrilla), and watching his son Roland, (Raphael Alejandro), place arrows on his father’s grave broke me. I found myself wanting to turn back the episode and stop Hades, but alas, I’m not able to.

A lot of sad events occurred in this episode, but I’m always the one to think of the positive moments as well.

This week’s episode had some beautiful Emma (Jennifer Morrison), and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) moments. Even though Emma and Hook weren’t physically together for all of their scenes, they still managed to get the hearts of Captain Swan fans fluttering, and allow us to smile throughout the angst.

I decided that instead of me choosing which scenes were the favorites of this week, I chose to hold a poll on my twitter account (@_HookedOnEmma_), and asked members of the Captain Swan fandom to vote and choose which one was their favorite. The poll consisted of four options, and fans were given twenty four hours to vote. Out of 378 votes, there could only be one winner.

  1. Killian Worried About Emma


Coming in fourth place at 2% was the scene between Killian and Arthur in Hades’ lair. (Never thought we’d see this bromance).

It was evident that it was painful and stressful for Killian that he wasn’t with Emma and able to see for himself that she was safe, and that Hades wasn’t trying to harm her. So the only thing he could do was try to send Emma help from the Underworld, which led to his noble quest to find Hades’ missing pages, with the help of Arthur.

It’s not often we see people worrying for Emma on the show. For example, during the Dark Swan arc I questioned her parents severely during the lead up to the Camelot ball, and their decisions to help Regina than be with their own daughter-at her first ball with her parents present. Killian, despite knowing that Emma is surrounded by all her family and friends, did nothing but worry for her safety. Despite him being the one trapped in the Underworld, the place for eternal suffering until your unfinished business is complete, he still only wanted to save her, and not himself.

  1. Emma Stroking Their Page


This was probably my second favorite moment in the episode for Captain Swan, but this one jumps into third place with 4% of votes.

Back in season three, when it was first revealed that Emma and Killian had their own page in Henry’s storybook, I can remember not being able to breathe and having a big goofy grin on my face. For a couple to have their own page in the book, it’s special.

This particular scene was a beautiful reference back to the season three finale. I truly believe that Emma’s walls began to crumble at rapid pace during their time in the past, and them dancing together at Charming and Abigail’s ball was a moment for them to become intimate with one another. Hook didn’t judge Emma because she didn’t know how to dance. Instead, he took her hand and showed her how to, and even complimented Emma calling her a “natural”.

Emma stroking their page with a ghost of a smile on her face is beautiful. She is looking back at their happy memories and not regretting anything. It isn’t until she starts tearing up that she finally looks away because she doesn’t want to remind herself that he is gone and not coming back. (Or so she believed in that moment of time).

2.Emma at Killian’s Grave:

second place

This scene landed in second place with 5% of votes.

This was the one Captain Swan scene I was most sad about watching because seeing Emma crying over Killian’s grave is heartbreaking. Emma, who has done nothing but give people their happy endings in the past, is having such a hard time attaining hers. She and Killian have already made it clear they are one another’s happiness and with their true love confirmation in “Firebird”. It only seals the deal.

Emma is crying because she thinks he’s gone forever, that he’s moved on. She believes she won’t see him again until her death, and there is probably nothing more heartbreaking to a person than that.

  1. Reunion


I think it was fairly obvious that their reunion was going to finish in first place (89% of votes), but I still thought it would be fun to make a poll on it.

Emma is probably feeling guilty that another person has died, and once again she thinks it’s her fault. As Emma prepares to say goodbye to Robin, a rush of magic whooshes the graveyard, and Hook appears behind her.

Their reunion is beautiful. Neither can believe that the other is really there. Killian says Emma’s name like a question, and she can only look at him in shock, before finally making her way to him. You can see Killian reaching for her, as though he believes this is a dream, or that his heaven is an alternate world for him and Emma, but when she finally reaches and kisses him, there is a brief moment of hesitance before they both realize that they are really together and embrace one another tightly.

Killian begins to explain how he got back, but Emma is so overjoyed at seeing him, she just continues to pepper his cheeks with kisses, which results in Killian losing track of his thoughts and he begins to stumble over his words. In their joy, Emma cuts him off by kissing him once again, and both express how happy they are that the other is safe and that they are euphoric to be back with one another again.

Emma remembers where they are, and not minutes ago, they just said goodbye to Robin Hood. She and Killian embrace one another tightly as they look on at Robin’s grave sadly.

Overall Episode Rating: Despite the death of our beloved Robin Hood, this episode was enjoyable. I gave it a 3.8/5

Once Upon A Time returns this fall at 8/7!

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