Why Dark Captain Swan Was Actually the Best

I know there was a lot of sparks and anger when Emma turned into the Dark One. I aknow there was some anger when it was revealed Emma also turned Hook into the Dark One. That literally was the biggest plot twist ever. Two Dark Ones? Dark Ones who are lovers? Talk about craziness. I mean, even for the show, that was all kinds of insane. And as Oncers, we have seen some pretty insane things on the show. While everyone looked at Dark Captain Swan as a horrible plot arc, it was actually the best thing ever. Why? Well, let me tell you with the help of gifs. (Honestly, gifs are like my best friend in blog posts)

Reason 1: Hook was back to his sassy self and I just adored that. Like the man is imitating the former Dark One. This scene was just hilarious. Side note: Colin improvised this!

Reason 2: I really don’t feel like I have to explain myself with gif. Just check out it and you will understand why this is a reason that Dark CaptainSwan is wonderful. HOT HOT HOT!

Reason 3: When Emma finally stood up for herself against Regina. Dark One Emma doesn’t take any crap. Also, how fabulous is that lipstick?

Reason 4: When they got really real and those walls completely crumbled. We all are aware that Emma has always been afraid to let her emotions out, but she didn’t hesitate to express her fears to Hook.

Reason 5: Hook was trying his hardest to get back the woman he loved. He wanted to help her escape the darkness. You really saw in this heartbreaking scene how much he wished he could help her.

Reason 6: The tension. Tension everywhere! *heart eyes*

Reason 7: This was awful, simply awful, but we saw the man Hook really was/is: a hero. He died for Emma and her family. They each helped each other pull out from the darkness, and to me, that is so powerful. Two people who can pull each other from the darkness are meant to be.

So, yes. I salute Dark Ones Emma and Hook.

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