A Father’s Labour of Love:Emma & Charming

Today’s one shot is about Charming and Emma!

“Why couldn’t you have bough a desk already built?” Charming fumbles with the parts of the cherry oak desk Emma bought at a store in the city. She found it in a catalogue and knew she had to have it. Killian surprised her by ordering it through the mail and picking it up at the town closest to Storybrooke. A town that actually received mail from the real world.

Emma scans through the directions again. “Because that would be no fun.”

“Then why couldn’t Hook have helped?” Charming complains as he grabs the hammer.

“Oh I don’t know,” Emma crosses her arms across her chest. “Maybe because he only has one hand.”

Charming glares over at his daughter. Just because she know has a boyfriend doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need him. In  a way, it makes him thankful that she still does need her dad. Missing out on 28 years of her life, putting together a desk is the least he could do. Of course him missing out on her life wasn’t his fault. The blame all goes to Regina. Or more likely the Evil Queen. But that’s a discussion for another time.

Emma gets off from the floor, dusting off her shorts. “I’ll go see if Killian might be of some assistance. Can’t guarantee anything though. You know Killian and modern day things. Plus, he’ll probably complain that he only has one hand.”

Charming continues putting, or trying to put, together the desk while Emma fetches Killian from the garage. He’s trying to clean out the garage with Henry. Now that Henry is a teenager, Emma’s starting to give him bigger responsibilities around the house. Although, he spends most of his time at Regina’s house. She’s been taking Robin’s death hard, and she needs to be with others. Her son is the only one who will keep her from going dark again.

Killian comes into the house with Emma in tow. He takes in the sight of Charming sprawled out on the floor. Raising an amused eyebrow, he smirks over at Emma. “Aye mate, I’ve come to rescue you.”

“I don’t need a pirate to rescue me,” Charming mumbles, inspecting the piece in his hand.

“And here I thought you both made amends and are now mates,” Emma rests her hand against her stomach. “Ow.”

Killian’s at her side at once, putting his hand over hers’. “What is it, love?”

She shakes her head. “Probably nothing. Just a random stomach cramp.”

Charming takes in the sight of his distressed daughter and his mate. He sets down the piece he’s holding. “Snow had those pains when she was pregnant with Neal.”

Killian’s eyes nearly bug out of his head. “She’s not pregnant.”

“Of course I’m not pregnant!” Emma snaps at both men. “Now, can you both figure out this desk please? I’ll get you something to drink.”

Killian catches Emma by her forearm with his hook. “Swan, are you sure you’re not…?”

Charming stands beside Killian, a protective look on his face. “Seriously, Emma, you should go to the doctor.”

“Stop acting like I’m a  little girl. I think I would know if I was pregnant.”

“Mom…?” Henry walks into the living room covered in webs. The garage was in worse shape than anyone thought. Being in the Underworld all that time didn’t exactly help the cleaning of the house. The dwarves were supposed to make sure everything was in keeping, but obviously it got lost in translation.

Charming drags a hand down his face, watching his daughter’s face. She looks worried.

Emma throws her hands in the air. “Go outside, Henry.  I just have a stomach ache is all.”

She retreats into the kitchen while the two men stare at the pieces of the desk on the ground. No progress has been made in the last half an hour. Charming is ready to give up and see if one of the dwarves knows how to put it together. They’re handy with axes; they should be able to put together a measly desk. Then again, so should he. Killian scratches his temple with his hand, staring at the manual as if it’s in another language.

“This is quite the contraption.”

“Hook, I think Emma’s not telling you something.” Charming gives him a stern expression.

Killian glances at the entry way to make sure Emma isn’t around. “You think that…she’s pregnant?”

Charming nods his head. “Even though Zalena cast that curse to make us forget about that year, I know Snow wasn’t always well.”

“Why would she bloody keep this from me?”

“Maybe you need to talk to her. In private.”

Emma walks back into the room with a weak smile on her face. “I need to go to the store to get some more drinks, but we had some lemonade left.”

“Let me go, love. Your father and you should finish this. We need to talk later.” Killian kisses Emma’s cheek lightly before leaving the house.

She claps her hands together. “I’m assuming he was no help.”

“Listen,” Charming gestures for Emma to sit down on the couch. “Is there something you need to talk to someone about? Maybe your mother?”

“Dad, it’s nothing. If it was something, I would tell everyone.” Emma brushes her blonde hair out of her face. It’s getting longer, and now that summer is upon Storybrooke, she needs to get some of it cut.

He puts his arm around his daughter. “Just know that if you ever have news of any kind-”

She cuts him off. “You’ll be the first one to know. Now, let’s get this thing together so we can put it in Henry’s room. With him being the author now, I think he deserves an official author desk.”

“Good thinking,” he laughs, getting back to work.

Emma smiles at her father. “Oh and Dad?”

He raises his head to look up at her. “Yes?”

“Thank you,” she retreats out of the room so she doesn’t start crying in front of her father. There is a secret that she’s hiding from him. But she wants Killian to be the first to know. And telling him in front of her dad isn’t the best time to tell him the news. She rests her hand against her stomach. She may be only two months in, but she can already tell that the baby is starting to take shape. Doctor Wale told her she would be able to find out the sex of the baby in a few weeks. This pregnancy is a lot different than we she was pregnant with Henry. She was alone then, but she’s no longer a lost girl.

For one, she has a man who loves her and won’t abandon her. Plus, her whole family is with her now. She’s ready to raise this baby; there’s no doubt about that. She examines the engagement ring on her hand. When Killian bought it for her, after she proposed to him, she was overcome with so much happiness. She would have never imagined she would fall in love with a reformed villain and pirate. But her life was anything but normal. She knew Killian would be ecstatic when she told him the news. Who cares if she might not be able to fit into her dream wedding dress? The only thing that matters is that Killian and her are promised a forever. They almost weren’t.

She leans against the door frame to the living room where her dad sits putting together the desk. He’s made some progress with it. A smile touches her lips. He’ll be so happy to find out he’ll have another grandchild to spoil. But first, Killian needs to know the truth.



3 thoughts on “A Father’s Labour of Love:Emma & Charming

  1. Love it. You should do a one shot that spins off of this one that has Emma telling Killian about the baby then them telling Henry and the rest of the family.

    Liked by 1 person

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