Hook and Emma One Shot Story

I have fallen into the trap that is fanfiction. Can you believe up until 3 days ago that I never read fanfiction before? I mean, I have been in fandoms for a few years now. Anyway, I have been reading some fanfics (no, not smutty ones…) and I wanted to start doing my own fanfics on this blog. My plan is to find a picture from the show and write a short story about once or twice a week, as time permits. As the fandoms call it: a one shot. I will start with a picture of Emma and Hook because come on, who doesn’t love them? Maybe don’t answer that. And because I love the hashtag ‘Domestic Killian’ on Twitter, I’ll center it on that. Here it goes! (comments are appreciated and encouraged, but don’t be too hard, I’m new at this)

“What is it, Swan? I haven’t seen you this dapper in a while.” Killian leans against the doorway, observing Emma who sits on the couch, staring at the wall.

Emma glances over at Killian, swiping a tear from her eye. “It’s nothing.”

Killian wags his finger at her. “I know that look more than anything. Something is wrong; trust me, love.”

She regards him warily as he sits down beside her. His arm snakes around her neck and she rests her head against his shoulder. He smells like the ocean; he must have been sailing today. He likes to go out there at least once a week. He misses the sea and she feels like she might be holding him back. Killian was a pirate after all; he has to be missing the carefree days when he used to sail on the Jolly Roger.

“Do you miss it?” Emma lifts her head from his should to look at her pirate. “The sea, the pirates’ life. Do you miss it?”

Killian pauses before he begins speaking. “Of course, love, but I wouldn’t trade that life for this one. Emma,” he grasps her chin in his hands. “You are my future.”

She lets a small smile peak. “Good because I was thinking…”

He raises an eyebrow at him. “Ah. Must be something good if you’ve been thinking.”

“I think so,” she pauses a beat, a smile plastered across her face, replacing the frown. “I want to start our adventure. Killian, will you marry me?”

His eyebrows shoot up at her question. “I’m supposed to be the one asking you that.”

“Right, I forgot you were like three hundred.”

Killian rolls his eyes. “We’ve been over this before. Neverland and curses, blah blah. But to answer your question, I will marry you.”

Emma reaches over to kiss him passionately. “But you better be the one to buy me an engagement ring.”



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I'm currently in college studying to become a journalist. I'm a writer and reporter with Hollywood News Source, Pure Fandom and Talk Nerdy With Us. I speak fluent sass and I cannot live without coffee. I am a Captain Swan and Once Upon a Time enthusiast. My hope is to one day move to LA or NYC and have a journalism career. Did I mention I love Hallmark? Well, I do and my dream is to be in a movie of theirs. Above else, I am a fangirl!

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