A CaptainSwan Baby


It’s been a week since I found out that I was pregnant. A week since my dad thought there was something fishy going on. I put my hand on my stomach, smiling down at it. I don’t know how Killian will react to the news. Pregnancy wasn’t apart of the plan.

I continue folding the laundry. The laundry that Killian attempted to do. I observe the former white socks that are now red. I pick up my red turtleneck I wore the other day. I guess he wasn’t ready to do laundry by himself. Even Henry knows enough to separate colors from whites. Then again, Killian is like a million years old; laundry machines probably weren’t the norm in his days.

“Swan,” I hear Killian call from the foyer of the house.

I walk out of our bedroom, nerves racing through my stomach. I can do this. I’ve slayed a dragon before; I’ve survived Hell and Hades; I’ve broken a curse cast by the Evil Queen. Telling the man I love that I’m pregnant with his baby is easy. Right?

He grabs me by my waist, kissing my forehead. “I come with good news.”

“Oh?” I ask. “Because I kind of had some pretty good news too.”

Raising an eyebrow, Killian leads me by my hand to our room. He lets go of my hand and he gets on the bed. He stretches his feet out as he rests his back against the headboard. “Well, have at it Swan. What’s the big news?”

I climb on the bed so I’m sitting across from him. “You sure you don’t want to go first?”

“Clearly you’re nervous about something. You’ve been antsy all week.”

Letting out a breath, I decide to just blurt it out. I reach out to cup his face in my hands. I rest my forehead against his, breathing in his scent. He smells of the sea and a mix of his cologne. His hand covers one of mine, rubbing his thumb over mine.

“Killian,” I stare into his eyes. “I’m pregnant.”

I watch his face for any signs of anger or hesitance. Instead of either of those emotions, he laughs, a huge smile etched across his face. I lean back so I’m looking at him. Not saying anything, he reaches his hand out to touch my stomach. As he caresses the barely there bump, a tear slips from his eyes. I put my hand over his, tears gathering in my eyes. The only time I’ve seen Killian cry was when we thought we would never see one another-when I left him in the Underworld.

“A baby…” he says as if he doesn’t believe it. “Swan,” he shakes his head, “we’re having a baby?”

I nod my head, the tears falling onto my collar bone. “Yes.”

Pulling his hand away from my stomach, he cups my face in his hand. His hook rests on my hip. Then his lips are on mine. I open my mouth to him as he devours me. He pulls me against him so there’s no space between us.

“Our baby,” he says. “Our own little pirate princess.”

“Or pirate prince,” I add. “Dr. Wale said we can find out the sex in a few weeks. Or we can wait until the actual birth.”

Killian kisses my cheek, then my lips again. “I can’t wait that long; we need to know.”

I laugh because he’s acting like a child who woke up on Christmas to his wish list having been fulfilled. “I don’t know, maybe I’ll hold out to spite you.”

“No, no, no Swan. I waited quite some time for you to admit that the kiss in Neverland meant something. Or you know, our climb up the beanstalk.”

I nearly push him off the bed for bringing up our rocky past. The Neverland kiss did mean something. At the time, I was too scared to open up to somebody. Neal had just died, or so I had thought. I wasn’t ready to open my heart-especially to a pirate who was hell-bent on revenge. But that Killian was nowhere to be seen.

“Don’t get me started on the beanstalk,” I get off the bed to resume folding the clothes. Since Henry’s been at Regina’s a lot lately, the laundry load hasn’t been too much. As I bend over to pick up a stray sock, I feel a quick pain in my stomach. Wincing, my hand instantly touches my bump. “The baby…is kicking me!”

Killian stumbles off the bed, the covers flying with him. There’s question in his eyes, almost like he doesn’t know whether to touch my belly or not. Silently answering him, the baby starts to kick again at Killian’s touch. “There’s definitely a pirate in there!”

As much as I love Killian, I really hope our son or daughter doesn’t turn out to be a pirate. Pirates are ruthless, much like my own pirate once was. But like I said, that man is no longer alive. He died when he fell in love with me. “I can’t wait to tell Henry.”

Killian’s eyes meet mine. “He’ll be thrilled to be an older brother.”

“So,” I say. “We should go to Granny’s to celebrate.”

“No, Swan.” He walks to the doorway. “Do you still have the dress you wore on our first date?”

I think about the blush pink dress that I wore when I asked Killian out on our first date. Then again when we were on his ship and I was the Dark One. The same day he told me he no longer loved me. The memory of the dress doesn’t give me the happy memories that it should. I wince and he seems to realize what I’m thinking about. I shake out of my grief. “I think I have one you would enjoy much better.”

“Anything you wear makes you look beautiful.”

“Killian,” I call after him. “I love you.”

He hooks his hook on the ledge of the door. “Apparently you do,” he smirks, looking down at my baby bump.

I grab a pair of socks and lob them at him. “Way to turn a romantic moment into one of your inappropriate innuendos.”

“Pirate,” he sing songs before walking out to let me change.

“Mmm…” I rub my belly. “Wait.”

Once again, he stops in his tracks. “You wanted to tell me something?”

He turns around to look at me. “Right. David told me I had his blessing. To marry you.”

“Wouldn’t have cared if he didn’t,” I smile. “I would’ve married you anyway.”

“Aye….” Killian winks at me.




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