The Hug That Killed The Fandom

Comic Con 2014 blessed us with this (and then again in 2015). I took the liberty of captioning these Colin faces…it gave me a reason to stare at him. HA, like I needed another reason.

Please, enjoy.


The little smile


The eyebrow raise


The head tilt


The snuggle


The pouty lip


The daydream


The side look (with pouty smile)


The puppy pout

and all the while, Jen was laughing. Colin is adorable. These two have the cutest friendship! They really couldn’t have picked two better people to portray our favorite characters.

Can’t wait for Comic Con 2016!

(Imagine all the Captain Swan talk we will get!)


Emily (OUAThooked)

p.s. I am currently working on THREE fanfics right now. (One exclusively for this blog!) So please check back for updates to follow! xx

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