Killian Watches ‘Peter Pan’

*Because I have been dying to see this scene in the show!*

“Are you sure you want to do this? This could scar you for life.” Emma stands in front of the TV with a dvd in hand. She pauses, looking back at Killian as he nods his head. Popping the disc into the dvd player, she sits down beside him.

Killian sits, feeling a bit uneasy with watching the version of Captain Hook that children all over the world ended up knowing. As the movie progresses, Killian’s face goes slack at the actions of Hook. And what is up with that hair and mustache? Killian would never dare step out of the house looking like that.

“Why the bloody hell is he wearing a feather in his hat? It makes him look like he played dress-up with Wendy.”

Emma laughs at his reaction. Out of all the things he could say about the Disney version of Hook, he chooses his choice of hat wear. Mind you that Captain Hook is the epitome of evil in Neverland. “Maybe you should try out the feather.”

“I am offended at this mouse at Disney who created such a treacherous man,” Killian says with disgust.

“You know that a mouse didn’t make this movie, right?” Emma has to ask this question because with Killian, she never knows what he actually does know about this world. It wouldn’t be too weird for a mouse to make something like a movie back in his world. If movies existed in his world.

He’s too entranced in the movie to respond back to her. Getting up from the couch, Emma decides to make some hot chocolate to drink during the movie. Killian is much too distracted to tear his eyes away from the screen to even drink a sip. She can hear him talking to himself from the living room.

“Swan,” he calls. “These children are fools for trusting Pan.”

“Pan’s a good guy in the movie. Imagine my surprise when I met the real Pan,” she calls back to him.

“I refuse to believe that this Hook and I are the same person. He’s not devilishly handsome at all!” he says in disbelief.

Emma rejoins him on the couch. “I don’t know, that perm and waxed mustache is pretty sexy. You should give it a whirl.”

He looks over at her like she just suggested he befriend Pan himself. “Well, Swan, I guess whatever works for you.”

She whacks him on the shoulder. “Please don’t.”

“Why love? Because you wouldn’t be able to take your hands off me?” Killian wiggles his eyebrows at her suggestively.

“At least he doesn’t wear guyliner…” she covers her smile by taking a sip of her cocoa.

Killian finally looks away long enough to give her a questioning look. “Fine, he has one thing on me.”

She shrugs her shoulders. “I’m telling you, take some notes.”

As the movie progesses, Killian looks ready to toss the TV out the window. “I can’t believe this is what the whole world thinks about me. They don’t even know what a charming socundrel I really am. A shame reallly.”

“But I know…” Emma rests her head against his leatherclad shoulder. “And I’d rather not share you with the whole world.”

He rests his arm behind her head, careful not to poke her with his hook. “Just a damn shame that I’m refered to as a perm, feather wearing villian.”

“I guess the world will never know the dashing rapscallion you really are,” Emma throws his own words back at him.

“Aye,” he kisses the side of her head. “Got that right, love.”



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