Books To Read if You Love OUAT

Hiatus…otherwise known as a four month period of Hell. Don’t fret though because besides rewatching, fanfics, and YouTube, there are these things called books that can pique your interest as well. A lot of them are Peter Pan/ Hook related because there’s a lot of retellings revolving Neverland. Here is a list of Once Upon a Time related books to pass the time:

  1. Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell: Did someone mention a dashing Captain Hook? Yep! Well this book has just that.
  2. Neverland by Anna Katmore: Again, an attractive Captain Hook at your service. I read this years ago and it’s such a fun read.
  3. Pan’s Revenge by Anna Katmore: Sequel to above mentioned book. This one Hook is seriously sexy, woo woo. Also, Peter Pan is absolutely evil. Sound familiar? Don’t picture Colin as Hook, I dare you! Whoops…too late.
  4. Never Never by Brianna Shrum: Aye, you guessed it. Captain Hook and Peter Pan!
  5. Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes: This one is obviously centered around the Queen of Hearts before she became all evil and stuff.
  6. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer: I’ve heard great things about this series. The books are based off of princesses and fairy tales but with a science fiction kind of twist.
  7. Girl Lost by Nazarea Andrews: Peter Pan vibes, and I read that it’s supposed to be sexy.
  8. Reawakened by Odette Beane: This is actually a book based off the show. From what I gathered in the first chapter, it’s the first season in book form. Go crazy, Oncers.
  9. The Great Hunt by Wendy Higgins: Based off the Grimm Brother’s Tales. I’ve read this author before and she writes some great romance.
  10. Entwined by Heather Dixon: I read that it had similar characters to the show. Modern day retellings. Who doesn’t love that?

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