Emma & Killian Crash Henry’s Date

“Don’t you think we’re being a litte…I don’t know…overbearing?” Emma asks Killian as they hide behind a bush in the park, spying on Henry on his first date.

Killian glances at me from the corner of his eyes. “Of course not, love. I know boys and their motives.”

Emma whacks him on the arm. “He’s hardly a teenager.”

“Swan,” Killian drops his hand from the bush where we were peeking through. “You know how to fight monsters, I know about teenage boys and their feelings. Believe it or not, I was his age once.”

“He’s my son…I don’t want to think about him with another girl.” She also didn’t want to think of Killian with any other girls. Past or not.

“And that is exactly why we’re spying on him,” he states as if it’s the most obvious thing ever.

Emma sighs, clearly not going to win this fight. If Killian’s anything, it’s stubborn. Much like herself. They watch as Henry unpacks the lunch he packed for Violet and himself. Violet busies herself by lying the blanket down on the grass. Since summer is coming, the weather is nice. Not too hot, but not too cold either. It makes Emma annoyed that her and Killian are wasting a beautiful day spying on her son. Killian may not be Henry’s dad yet, but he watches out for him like he is. Emma smiles at her boyfriend, wishing he would propose to her soon. Otherwise she might have to take the lead and do so.

She goes back to watching her son as he tries to woo Violet. A smile appears on her lips; her son is growing up. And to think she missed out on so many years of his life. If she ever has more kids, she doesn’t want to miss one second of their life. Even if that means becoming a stay-at-home mom. Emma never thought about that-she enjoys working at the police station. It was like a second home. Much like when she was working in Boston as a bail bonds person. It was what she loved to do.

“Swan?” she realizes that Killian has been trying to get her attention for some time.


Killian smiles at her as she continues watching Henry. Or rather, spying on Henry. “Ready to let the boy be? He’s being a gentleman.”

“He’s not you,” Emma jokes.

“I’m always a gentleman.” He said those exact words the day at the beanstalk. A day neither of them have ever talked about before. It’s kind of a touchy subject, but the conversation has to come to light someday.

She presses her lips together to avoid telling him that she thought he was even then. At first, she didn’t trust him. Why would she? He was a stranger, a pirate nonetheless. Not to mention, she was still getting used to her new world. A world which did actually include the notorious Captain Hook. Imagine Emma’s surprise when she found out how hot Captain Hook actually was. Certainly a step up from the one she remembered watching as a kid. Not a waxed mustache or a perm in sight when Killian introduced himself.

“Not the first time I heard that.”

The smile on Killian’s lips fades. “You remember that day?”

He seems surprised ty when she doesn’t think about their meeting. Not a day goes by when she doesn’t think about their meeting. It certainly wasn’t a storybook love at first sight kind of thing, but Emma and Killian never had the traditional fairytale life. Not everything in fairytales are perfect. Emma’s found out that the hard way. After a couple brushes with death and going to Hell, she was ready to find her happily-ever-after. She thinks she deserves it after everything. More importantly, she wants to feel what it’s like to have a family. To not be in constant fear of a villain emerging from the pages of the book. But that wouldn’t happen if they continued living in Storybrooke. Happy endings aren’t easy to come by.

Emma shakes her head. “Of course. I beat you that day.”

“I think what you meant was you beat me up that day.” The smile is back on his face.

“To be fair,” she diverts her eyes from her son’s date. “You had bad form.”

Killian lets out a loud laugh. Too loud of a laugh because the next instance, Henry is looming before them looking mortified. Violet is behind him, her hand covering her mouth. Emma looks down at the ground, suffering from secondhand embarrassment. She would have never thought she would be the lame mom, but it seems like she has. Although, this was all Killian’s idea. So maybe Emma isn’t that lame of a mom. Killian was going to be that dad. The type who constantly embarrasses their children-stepchild or not. Being a pirate most of his life certainly didn’t make him cool.

“Mom…Hook?” Henry’s face is turning red. Either from mortification or anger.

Killian acts fast. “Your mom thought she lost an earring in the bush. We were just scouting the brush for signs of it.”

“My mom doesn’t wear earrings. You do.”

Emma steps in between her son and boyfriend. “What Killian meant was his earring. You know the rum and him.”

“I think we’ve been caught red-handed, Swan. It was all her idea.”

Henry steps back. “I can’t believe you don’t trust me.”

“Of course we do Henry…” Emma reaches for his hand.

“Please just leave us alone.” Henry walks away as Emma stares after him.

She cuts a glare over to Killian. “Nice going. Now not only does he think I’m uncool, but he thinks I don’t trust him.”

“Love,” Killian reaches for her hands but she snatches them away.

“Don’t ‘love’ me.”

He raises an eyebrow at him. “We should go…and maybe work on being cooler.”

This makes Emma smile. “Let’s go swashbuckle or whatever.”

“Oh Swan,” Killian shakes his head. “That was just not cool.”

Rolling her eyes, she reaches for her car keys to drive them to Granny’s. She may not be cool, but Killian still loved her. “Okay, mate, let’s hit it.”

“Seriously,” he puts his hand on his chest. “Your attempts are killing me. Just be your lame self.”

“Do I ever listen?”

“Nope, and that’s why I love you.” He kisses her atop her head before getting in the passenger’s seat.




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