Our ‘Once Upon a Time’ Spirit Animals

Today’s blog post is another group one. The topic was: choose a character from the show you relate to the most.


Finding one specific character to which I could relate to the most wasn’t easy, I must admit. My personality has a bit of this and that, so I decided to talk about not one, but three characters. To begin with, I see some of Belle in me. She’s always seeking for the chance of being the hero and helping others no matter what. I’m always willing to assist the ones who surround me, specially the people I care about. And if that means taking a risk, then so be it! I try to see the best in everyone as well, just as Belle does with Rumple. (Except that, of course, I’ve never been in a situation in which my true love has an endless thirst for power that most of the times puts everyone’s lives in danger. Thankfully).

On the other hand, I’m the positive girl from my group of friends, always encouraging others to never stop having faith in their dreams and in what they pursue; I tell them to believe in themselves because that’s what matters the most. Sounds familiar? Yeah, you’ve guessed! I also have a bit of Snow White in me.

Last but not the least, I can relate myself to Emma Swan. I’m a very passionate person, my family ALWAYS comes first and I love onion rings! (Okay, that last thing is irrelevant but oh well). On the downside, I find it hard most of the times to believe in myself. Yes, I know it’s ironical because I’m always telling people to do that with themselves, but when it comes to me… Well, I tend to forget that I am capable of doing many things and that I shouldn’t be afraid of it. Complicated? Totally! I really need to work on it.
Furthermore, I have some ugly walls around me, mostly when it comes to love. Unfortunately, I’m very skeptical. I guess I’ll just have to wait until my Killian Jones shows up 😉


Hmm…this one is really hard for me. I feel as though I am a little bit of Emma, Regina, Belle and Snow. You’re probably thinking: Gosh, Madeline, you can’t even abide by the topic rules YOU picked out. I know, but I feel as though you connect with many personality traits.

I’m Emma because like her, I don’t trust very easily. I really have to be comfortable around you to break down my walls. Also, I am protective over my family; they are my number one. Unfortunately, I don’t attract all the hotties like she does, but that’s not to say my Hook isn’t out there! We also have the same red, leather jacket….

I’m Regina because I do have a bit of a menacing side. No, I am not evil and insane like she is, but I do have a dark side. I mean, who doesn’t? My sister always tells me I don’t have a heart (I swear I do!). But like Regina, I hide behind a ‘don’t care’ attitude, but inside, I care a lot. We also share the ability to sass off when we want to.

Belle is who I am most like. Just like her, I am a book nerd and get all my information and tips from within a book. I believe that knowledge is power. Belle is a character who wants to be the hero, but doesn’t always get the credit. I’ve always wanted to be a hero-in a modern day aspect-but sometimes it’s hard to do so. Her fashion sense is also very similar to my own. She is oftentimes stepped on, and I was always the girl in high school that was constantly stepped on because I was quiet. Despite that, we still try to see the best in everything even when it’s really hard.

As for Snow, I am the mom of my friend group. Snow is totally the mom character on the show. She’s always worried about safety and logic, as am I. I’m always considering the consequences of a decision before jumping into action. When I’m with friends, I’m the very apprehensive friend. I end up doing whatever it is though because like Snow, we only have one life. She loves her family unconditionally, and that is something that I have in common with her. Although, I am super envious that I don’t share her talent with the bow and arrows.


The name is Swan. Emma Swan.

Okay maybe not…but it could be!

Some people have called me a born leader, but I am reluctant about it. I don’t fish for compliments, it’s not who I am. I make jokes, brush things off. No biggie. So when people think so highly of me…I’m just like…uhmmmm, Alright. Don’t get me wrong, I think that is great. I am so glad people think so much of me, but sometimes it hard to see. It’s nice to feel wanted and accepted. Growing up I didn’t have either luxury…kind of like Emma.

So let’s talk a little magic…Or as I like to call it, Science. I’m a need to see it to believe it type of person…and a realist if you will. I do believe that sometimes the impossible, no matter how unlikely, contains our answers in life. But we have to dig to find it. As we have seen from season to season, our lovely residents of Storybrooke are constantly having to show Emma that the world she lives in isn’t what it appears to be. That there is more than meets the eye. I have been proved wrong about things before in the past, and when I am, I fully accept it. You show me magic exists…just once…something real that my own eyes have seen and I wont doubt you.

Just like our dear Swan, I have a rough past. I think because I have overcome so much in my life, people see that as more of a reason to seek me out to help fix their problems. I have doubted myself many time, but in the end I just have to look within myself and realize I have already come this far…why not go a little further?

The only difference I would say about Emma and myself is that I let people in too easily. I jump before I look—fall too fast kind of thing. But the second someone breaks my trust, they are done for. I would could trust that person again with anything.

So since i’m just like Emma, I guess I can date Captain Hook now…I could totally play Emma on OUAT guys…

You probably won’t see me wielding a sword anytime soon…but maybe i’ll invest in a red leather jacket.

*This next one intertwines favorite character AND why said character is like her*


Emma Swan is one of the most complex characters that has ever been written for television, hence why she is my favorite character on the show.

Emma arguably has one of the best character developments on the show to date. When we first meet Emma, she’s broken, her walls are up and she is too afraid to let people in because she doesn’t want to get hurt.

Throughout season one, we witness her open herself up to Henry, in season two to her parents and in season three/four, to her true love, Killian Jones.

A once lost girl now has a home. She’s happy, loved and in love, whilst at the same time, incredibly badass. Emma is the perfect example of a strong woman.

My favorite thing about Emma is when I compare her to season 1 self, to how she is in season 5 now. Instead of miserable and cold, she’s happy (unless Killian dies again lol) and she’s more open with people and has formed many bonds with other characters, who in season 1 I didn’t think was possible.

Emma has also touched me on a personal level. I used to be very closed off with people, because when I was kid I was severely bullied. Watching Emma open herself up to new friendships and relationships has shown me that it is possible to leave the past behind, and people who you meet now aren’t the same people who hurt you in past. (Eg the difference between Neal and Killian).

Not only this, Emma is a beautiful and strong woman, whilst also quite feminine at heart. She’s always the first one to rush into danger, whilst also making domestic plans for the future.

I also have lots of love for Jennifer Morrison, who inspires me everyday. Jen always uses her time to best she can. Instead of making the few extra bucks at events, she always follows her passions and is now even directing her first movie. She has inspired me to follow my dreams and hopefully one day it will happen.

With my original article being lost in a computer crash, I don’t have time to write a little paragraph on Hook and Rumple, but I love these two characters very much also!

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