CaptainSwan’s Best Kisses

In honor of CaptainSwan totally slaying the competition for the Choice TV Lip Lock (fingers crossed they win), I have compiled the best kisses between Emma and Hook. So here you all are, in no particular order:

  1. Neverland Kiss: This may have been the hottest first kiss ever on TV. It’s no shock that Emma and Hook had chemistry even so early off in the series. Don’t you just fangirl/fanboy every time you see this one? I mean, how she grabs onto his collar like it’s life or death, OMG. The tension was so real.
  2. First Date Kiss: Is it the two hands? Is it Emma’s obvious attraction for him? Or is it both? Their first date was super cute, but the kiss was super hot. As we say on Twitter, they devoured each other. Hehe.
  3. Easy Tiger: I know Hook didn’t have his heart in his chest, but this kiss was hot, hot,  hot. It takes Emma’s breath away that’s for sure. And embarrasses Elsa in the process.
  4. Emma Puts Hook’s Heart Back In: Yes, just yes. Emma puts his heart back in and Hook’s need to kiss her so intensely is just perfect. And then he pulls away and Emma totally tries to go back in for a kiss. HOW HE BACKS HER AGAINST THE WALL.
  5. Kiss Away the Darkness: Without a doubt, the hottest kiss to ever grace this show. Hook trying to kiss the darkness out of Dark Swan was super hot. Super, super hot. I can’t even emphasize how hot this kiss was. “There’s the pirate I remember”. OHHhhhhhhhhh! Again, devour.
  6. Dark CaptainSwan: This kiss was so hot that they both had to “scout a path” and “go get water”. You are the Dark Ones, we all know that is not what you had to do. Nice try though; we all know you were thinking about coffee. And then Hook looks so disgruntled after Emma pulls away. OMG.

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