A Captain Swan Baby is Born

Emma stands in the baby’s nursery, admiring the handy-work Killian did in preparation of their pirate or princess’s arrival. With only days left until the baby is born, he managed to get everything into place for their child.

It still surprises Emma that he was able to do it all one-handed. Although, she was often gone at the sheriff’s department while he worked on it. Her suspicions were that Snow or David had a helping hand in this. She knows her mom enough to know how much she loves to decorate. Especially when it’s for her grandchild.

Rubbing her hand over her stomach, Emma feels a sharp pain coursing through her. Letting out a small gasp, she bends over to try to soothe the pain. It only makes it worse. She places her hand against the wall, her head resting against the cool exterior. Managing to get to her cell phone, she hits Killian’s contact. He went to Granny’s to pick up lunch for the both of them. With Emma so close to her due date, David is taking over at the station. She needs to rest leading up to the baby’s arrival.

“Ugh,” she moans as the pain worsens. Killian isn’t picking up his phone. It shouldn’t surprise her though. He still isn’t very tech savvy.

“Killian,” she breathes into the phone. “I think the baby is coming. Please hurry home.”

Minutes later, a red-faced Killian appears in the entrance of the nursery. He grabs Emma’s hand. “I ran as fast as I could when I got your message.”

Gripping onto his hand, she lets out another scream. “It hurts so bad!”

“Come on, love, let’s get you to the hospital. Wale can give you some medication that will soothe the pain you’re feeling.” He gently leads her to the bug.

Emma looks up into his worried eyes. She’s usually the one who drives. Killian also doesn’t really know how to drive a car. Or as he likes to call it “the strange yellow land vessel”. Panicking, Emma brushes the hair from her eyes.

“Killian,” she cries out.

“Get in, love. I got this,” he looks uneasy, but he helps Emma into the passenger’s side. Walking around to the driver’s side, he slides in. He starts the car, clearly pleased with himself for his small accomplishment.

The hospital is only a couple of miles away, surely Killian will be able to manage. David had Henry driving when he was hardly twelve. Killian’s had years of experience navigating with the Jolly Roger. Emma’s bug should be a walk in the park for him.

Emma holds tightly onto the center console as he whips out onto the main road. He’s going way over the speed limit, but Emma doesn’t bother to point this out to him. Swerving so he doesn’t hit one of the dwarves walking around, Emma lets out another scream. Killian glances over to her and then his eyes are back on the road.

“Almost there,” his voice is low and filled with worry.

Parking in front of the hospital, Killian throws open his door, tugging the keys out of the ignition. He runs over to Emma’s side and he pulls her from the seat. With her hand on the stomach, her other hand grips tightly onto Killian’s. He guides her into the hospital.

“We need Wale!” Killian yells at the nursing assitant. “She’s in real bad pain and needs help.” His eyes glisten with tears.

Emma stands in front of him, caressing his cheek. “Killian, hey, I’ll be fine. The baby and I will be alright. We’re surivors, remember?”

“Aye, love.” He presses his forehead against hers, his breathing slowing. “Just like our little pirate or princess’s father.”

“Exactly,” Emma kisses him chastly on the lips. “Now what do you say? Let’s go have this baby.”

Dr. Wale exits from the emergency room. “Last time you were here, you were the one stealing the baby.”

Killian steps into his space. “How about you do your job, mate? Before I-”

Emma places her hand on his shoulder to stop his threat. “Get this baby out of me now.”

Dr. Wale leads them into the delivery room. “Good news, it shouldn’t be too long. Say, how did you get here with one hand?”

Emma glares at Wale from her spot on the bed. “I will literally slap you.”

Killian goes over to Emma’s side, offering hisfor her to hold. Wale continues to urge Emma to keep pushing.

Five hours later, Emma lets out a loud scream. Her face is in a sheen of sweat as she lets out every cuss word in the book. Killian holds her hand, amused at the words she’s spouting. He always knew she had a little pirate in her. “GAHHHH!!!” She screams.

Falling back against the bed, Wale presents her with a little baby girl. Killian lets go of Emma’s hand, walking around to where Wale stands with their child. He takes her in his arms, being careful of his hook. Sometimes he hates having the hook and wishes for his hand again. Now more than ever. What other little girl is going to have a father with a hand for a hook? Looking down at his daughter, his eyes cloud with tears.

“Let me see her,” Emma’s voice is stiff from hours of labor.

Killian sits beside Emma, letting her take their daughter from his arms. Killian is struck by how natural Emma is with the baby. There’s no doubt that the baby is Emma’s because she’s gorgeous. Just like her mom. Killian pushes back Emma’s hair, kissing her on her forehead. She smiles at the baby and then at him.

Killian continues to rub Emma’s shoulder. “What should we name her, love?”

Emma purses her lips. “I like…Cleo.” She thinks of the woman who saved her all those years ago. If it weren’t for her, Emma wouldn’t be who she was today.

“Then Cleo it shall be.”

“I love you,” Emma whispers to Cleo. “I will always protect you. Always.”

Killian moves his hand down to the baby’s cheek. He smiles down at his two girls. He never knew that he could love someone as much as he loves Emma and Cleo. “She’s beautiful, like you.”

“I think she has her daddy’s mesmerzing eyes,” Emma looks up at him.

Killian leans down to capture her lips with his. The door opens and Snow and David enter with Henry at their heels. Snow covers her mouth, tears already springing to her eyes. “Oh Emma, Killian, she is…”

“Gorgeous,” David finishes for her.

“Mom, Dad, Henry,” Emma glances back down at her new baby. “I want you all to meet Cleo. Cleo Jones.”

Killian reverts his eyes back to Emma, tears threatining to spill over again. He still can’t believe that Emma and Cleo are his family. “Mate,” he nods to Henry, “come say hi to your new sister.”


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