Captain Swan: “The Doctor” Recap

The Doctor:

 So before you begin, I had to do this in dot points because it was a bloody narrative in paragraph form. I’m hoping before September 25th that I can recap all episodes with Captain Swan in. 

  • Emma, Mary Margaret, Mulan and Aurora arrive back at the Safe Haven after their journey, only to discover that all the refugees have been murdered and that they are all missing their hearts. Mary Margaret concludes that Cora is responsible.
  • Emma walks through the bodies, examining them and she notices a ringed hand waving in an attempt to get her attention. She, Aurora and Mulan rush forward and help to remove the dead body off the survivor, who turns out to be a dashing man pleading for help. His eyes meet Emma’s and she’s visibly stunned to see someone alive.

1-2.gif 1-1

  • The scene switches to Hook who sits at a picnic table, his head in his hand as he pretends to be in shock. He sits alone.
  • Mulan and Emma slowly make their way towards him, Emma with a cup of water for the survivor. Mulan explains to Emma that she has seen him around before and that he is a blacksmith who lost his hand in an ogre attack. Emma isn’t convinced and tells Mulan that it is messy for Cora to leave a survivor.
  • Emma hands him the water, he thanks her with a trembling voice and takes a long gulp of the fluid.
  • Emma doesn’t waste time and questions the man how he had managed to evade death. The man who has already planned his tale begins to explain to Emma how Cora attacked during the night and slaughtered everyone, and when he saw that she was ripping out people’s hearts, he hid under the bodies of those who had already been killed.


  • Emma doesn’t look too impressed with his tale and clearly does not believe him as the man continues to insist that it was all he could do to survive.
  • Still not believing a word of his story, Emma leans down so she is eye-level with him, and tells him that she is “going to let him in on a little secret”, and that she is pretty good at knowing when someone is lying.
  • The man, (if I do say so myself, looks quite entranced), and once again insists that he is being truthful.
  • Emma simply gives him a small smile and stands back up.


  • Mulan suggests that the group leaves and continues to try and find a way back to Storybrooke, to which Mary Margaret agrees with
  • As Mary Margaret explains about how much time she got with her husband and grandson, the lone survivor immediately breaks his act and perks up and enquires after Henry, unaware Emma has moved to stand behind him.
  • His smile only continues to grow as he informs the group that he knows the land well and that he can guide them.
  • He is suddenly cut off mid-sentence when Emma grabs his hair, pulls his head back and holds a very sharp dagger against his throat.
  • “You’re not going to guide us anywhere, until you tell us who you really are.” Emma threatens.


  • Mulan successfully manages to tie the man to a tree, whilst he continues to proclaim his innocence
  • Emma is having none of his lies and whistles loudly, which signals an ogre. Emma turns back to the man and tells him that he if he won’t talk to them, he can talk to the ogres as they rip him limb from limb.
  • The man doesn’t say anything and Emma starts walking away, telling the others to follow her, which they do. Aurora protests not convinced that the man is lying, but Emma insists he is.


  • The man finally drops his charade when he realizes that Emma is deadly serious about leaving him behind.
  • “Good for you.” He calls. “You bested me. I can count the amount of people who have done that on one hand.”
  • Emma walks back towards him, asking if he is trying to be funny. She doesn’t give him anytime to respond and once again asks who he is.
  • The man introduces himself as Killian Jones, but is more commonly known by the name of Hook. Hook tells Mary Margaret to check his satchel when it appears she doesn’t believe him.
  • “As in Captain Hook?” Emma asks with a very unamused expression on her face.
    “Ah, so you’ve heard of me.” Hook cockily responds as Mary Margaret pulls out a silver Hook.


  • The ogres continue to grow closer and Hook no longer looks worried… just annoyed.
  • Emma is now facing Hook again and she tells him to start talking or he will be an ogres dinner, and Hook realizes that she is deadly serious and he has no way to escape, so he finally begins the truthful version of his tale.
  • He tells Emma about Cora’s plan in wanting him to gain their trust so he could learn all about Storybrooke as Cora doesn’t want any surprises when she arrives there.
  • After Mary Margaret insists that Cora can’t get there because they destroyed the wardrobe, Hook quickly informs them that the enchantment still remained and by Cora gathering up the ashes, she has a way to open a portal.


  • Another roar comes; this time closer and Hook once again asks to be cut loose, to which Mulan disagrees with as she believes that he should pay for all the lives he took. Hook quickly responds an angry glint in his eye as he tells Mulan that Cora was responsible for that. Emma only looks at him for a few moments before once again turns to leave, ordering the others to follow.
  • Hook asks her to wait quietly at first, but Emma simply ignores him which prompts Hook to shout instead and tell the group that they need him.
  • Emma looks unimpressed and turns back to face him, questioning why they need him.


  • Hook tells Emma that they both want the same thing… to get back to Storybrooke. Emma moves back towards him and is convinced that Hook will say anything to save himself and that she has no reason to believe him.
  • Hook quickly explains that he offered transport with Cora, but considering how resourceful she is, he’ll offer her the same deal. He will help them if they promise to take him back to Storybrooke with them. He informs the group that Cora is seeking an Enchanted Compass as the dust can only open a portal and that he will help Emma obtain it before Cora does.


  • Mary Margaret doesn’t look convinced and tells Emma that she thinks it sounds too good to be true.
  • Emma turns back to Hook, draws her dagger and once more holds it against his throat in a threatening manner, Hook looking extremely displeased at this.
  • Emma demands for him to tell her why he wants to go to Storybrooke and that she better believe what he says.
  • Hook looks Emma dead in the eye as he tells her he wants to enact revenge on the man who took his hand… Rumplestiltskin.


  • Later in the day, Hook leads the group to the beanstalk and his hands are tied.
  • Emma and Mary Margaret remain a few metres behind and agree that they are being led into a trap, but because they know this they can stay one step ahead.
  • Hook stops and Emma comes to a halt beside him, looking at the beanstalk in the mere distance.
  • It hits Emma as she looks at the beanstalk that the compass is at the top and Hook soon confirms her suspicions.
  • Emma has worry in her voice as she asks Hook how they are going to get up there. Hook can sense that Emma is uneasy about the climb and tells her that beanstalk isn’t the thing to be worried about. It’s the giant at the top.


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