3 Times Emma & Hook’s Realtionship Was Just Too Real

Without a doubt, Emma and Hook have gone through a lot during their relationship. Between death, darkness, and realms, these two don’t have a very realistic relationship at times. Nonetheless, there are scenes between them that were just way too real. They’re aspects that every relationship can relate to.

  1. Hiding secrets: If you remember, Emma was having a hard time with trusting people in season 4. Her parents didn’t tell her about what they did to Malificent’s daughter, and Hook was being suspicious about how he knew Ursula. It’s not a secret that honesty and truthfulness is important in a relationship, but sometimes it’s a struggle. Emma was okay with Hook not wanting to divulge his past with Ursula, but she was not okay with the fact he lied to her about knowing Ursula. It’s all too common to feel a sense of disappointment when the person you love isn’t completely forthright. In that moment, we saw a different side of their romance. A side that demonstared that all couples go through the burden of dishonesty.
  2. Taking the next step: Taking a next step in a relationship can be scary or nerve-racking. You know that you’re ready, but at the same time you have doubts. It’s something every couple goes through at some points. For Emma and Hook, it was Emma’s hesitations to move in with Hook. She knew she loved him and could she a future with him. Though, she still had some nerves coursing through her. Of course she did! Anyone would. Nonetheless, Emma admits that she scared but can definitely see a future with Hook. (Still awaiting for them to take the plunge and move in together! )
  3. Being open without any hesitance: Sometimes in relationships, it takes a while to fully be yourself and express yourself to your significant other. In Emma’s case, she was never willing to let her walls come down. That is until Hook came along. She trusted him and loved him, but it took some time for her to be herself and freely express her emotions. As Hook mentioned in ‘Firebird’, she only expresses her true feelings when they’re facing a threat. And Emma owns up to that fact. She forgets that she knows that she can be herself around him. And as we see in the season 5 finale, we know that Emma has finally knocked down that piece of wall thanks to Hook. She tells him, without any hesitancy, that she loves him. There were no threats, no anything. Just her wanting to tell him her feelings.

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