Captain Swan: “Tallahassee” Recap


 Finished writing this recap just short of 12am. I wanted to get it published before I go away for a couple of days. Keep an eye out for “Into The Deep”. Excuse any mistakes. I should probably stop publishing at midnight. 

  • The group arrive at the bottom of the beanstalk. Emma looks confused as it is not how she remembers it from the story she heard in the real world. Hook ignores Mulan’s and Mary Margaret’s comments and tells them that the compass awaits.
  • Emma asks Hook why they need the compass if the beans open portals. Hook explains that there are no more beans and that the story she knows is wrong.
  • Emma recites the tale she learned as a child, to which Hook responds with; “Sounds like a lovely tale.” Hook then goes onto explain the “true” version of the events, which informs Emma that the giants destroyed the beans as they died.


  • Emma briefly recaps Hook’s tale of the events and asks in a cocky tone why people don’t go up and grow some more. Hook informs Emma that the strongest giant survived. It quickly clicks with Mary Margaret that they’ll have to get past this giant to the magic compass.
  • Hook explains that the compass lies amongst the treasure and that Cora only has the ability to open a portal with the wardrobe ashes, but will not be able to find Storybrooke without the compass. Hook says that all they need to do is steal the ashes from Cora and then go on their way.
  • Mulan still has suspicions that Hook is secretly working for Cora. Hook tells Mulan that the four of them are safer company than Cora and he only wants a ride back to Storybrooke, and he’ll swear allegiance to whoever gets him there first.


  • Emma announces that they need to start climbing and Hook chuckles nervously before explaining that the giant enchanted the beanstalk to repel intruders.
  • Emma isn’t happy at this and demands Hook to tell them how they get up there. Hook explains that he has a counter-spell and holds his hands out in an indication to be untied, which Mary Margaret does reluctantly.
  • Hook quickly removes his peasant cape, holds up his right arm and taps the cuff with his hook brace. He tells them that he has one more and asks who is going to take it.
  • “Go on, fight it out. Don’t be afraid to, you know, really get into it.” He teases.


  • Mulan, Aurora and Mary Margaret argue over who goes with Hook up the beanstalk, but Emma interrupts and announces that she’s the one going, as she doesn’t care what she has to face to get back to Henry.
  • Emma asks Mulan if there is anything in the her satchel that could help with a giant and Mulan leads Emma off to the side, opens the satchel and pulls out a bag of poppy powder. Mulan tells Emma that the giant needs to inhale the powder. Emma then questions how strong Mulan’s sword and Mulan reveals that the blade is the strongest in all the realms. Emma tells Mulan that if she’s not back in twelve hours, Mulan has to cut down the beanstalk.
  • “Ladies.” Hook interrupts. “In this world, we are slaves to time. And ours is running out. In other words, tick tock.”


  • Emma takes Mulan’s satchel, unzips her jacket sleeve and approaches Hook. She stops in front of him and holds her arm up.
  • “I was hoping it’d be you.” He tells her in a flirtatious tone.
  • Hook takes Emma’s hand and places it on his shoulder, before attaching the cuff. Hook explains to Emma that the cuff will allow her to climb and warns her there are other dangers.


  • “Thankfully you’ve got me to protect you.” He says, to which doesn’t look too happy about.
  • Hook lifts his brace up and Emma cocks her had to the side and gives him a smug smile. Hook seeing that Emma isn’t going to give him his hook back, tells her that he can’t climb one-handed.
  • Reluctantly, Emma takes his hook out of the satchel and tells him; “Don’t think I’m taking my eyes off you for a second.” She hands him the hook.
  • As Hook reattaches his hook, he responds with; “I’d despair if you did.”


  • Emma looks unimpressed and wraps the satchel over his hook, orders him to go and walks to the beanstalk.
  • Hook puts the satchel over his shoulder and follows Emma to the beanstalk. Emma glances over at Mary Margaret one last time before she and Hook start climbing.


  • Hook and Emma continue to climb up the stalk slowly when Hook asks Emma if this is her first beanstalk. When Emma doesn’t respond, he tells her that she’ll never forget her first.
  • “Most men would take your silence as off putting, but I love a challenge.” He tells her.
  • Emma insists that she’s concentrating, hence her silence.
  • Hook has her worked out and understands that she’s afraid to talk and reveal herself. Hook tells her to trust him and Emma guesses that he is used to people not trusting him, and Hook gathers she’s saying this because he is a pirate.


  • Hook explains to Emma that she doesn’t need to share because she’s an open book, to which Emma seems surprised to hear. Hook tells Emma that he knows she doesn’t want to abandon Henry the way she was abandoned.
  • He once again insists that she is an open book and Emma asks Hook how he knows this.
  • Hook explains that he spent many years in Neverland and that all the Lost Boys wear the same looks in their eyes from being left alone. Emma appears taken back with Hook’s comment and insists her world isn’t Neverland.
  • “An orphan’s an orphan.” He tells her. “Love has been all too rare in your life, hasn’t it? You ever been in love?”
  • Emma lies and tells him she hasn’t.


  • Emma and Hook arrive at the top of the beanstalk and jump down into the stone courtyard of the giant’s castle. Emma asks what happened as she looks at the ruins. Hook explains to her that this is where the final battle happened.
  • Hook notices that Emma’s hand is cut and insists that she gives it to him so he can help. Emma says that it is fine, but Hook disagrees and takes her hand.
  • “So now you’re going to be a gentleman?” Emma questions.
    “Giants can smell blood… And I’m always a gentleman.” Hook replies.


  • Hook uses his teeth to remove the lid from his flask, before lifting Emma’s hand with his hook and pouring the amber liquid on her wound. Emma flinches in pain and asks him what he is using to clean her cut. Hook tells her that it is rum and a waste of it.
  • Hook removes a black scarf from around his neck and begins to skilfully tie it around her hand, whilst explaining his plan about waiting for the giant to fall asleep, and then sneak into the treasure cave where the compass is. As he says this, he uses his teeth to fasten the scarf into a knot.
  • Emma appears to be entranced as she asks him; “And then?” Hook answers that they run like hell.


  • Managing to gather her thought, Emma tells Hook that she doesn’t have time to wait for a giant to fall asleep and that they need to use the poppy powder that Mulan gave them. Hook tells Emma that’s riskier and Emma subtly informs him he’s wrong.
  • “Point taken. Ooh, you’re a tough lass. You’d make a hell of a pirate.” Hook compliments her.
  • As Hook holds out the poppy powder to Emma, she notices a tattoo on his forearm, with the name “Milah” written on it. Emma questions who Milah is.


  • Hook quickly becomes quieter as he tells Emma that she is someone from long ago, and Emma asks where she is. Hook informs Emma that she’s gone and starts to walk away from her.
  • This time, Hook becomes the open book to Emma. She realizes that Gold took more than Hook’s hand and that’s why he wants to kill him.
  • “For someone who’s never been in love, you’re quite perceptive, aren’t you?” He asks noticeably moodier.
  • Emma replies honestly this time. “Maybe I was, once.”


  • Emma is now perched on top of a tall stone pillar. Below, Hook picks up a large bone and once aware that Emma is ready, he begins to bang it on a shield loudly. Moments later, a giant’s roar can be heard and the ground begins to shake. The giant steps outside.
  • Hook instantly attracts the giant’s attention and begins to taunt him so he won’t spot Emma. Skilfully, Hook manages to lead the giant face to face with Emma and when the giant bends down to catch Hook, Emma launches the poppy powder at him and it explodes over his face. The giant falls to the ground unconscious.
  • Emma shouts for Hook when she can’t see him as it looks as though he was crushed by the giant. Hook stands back up after inspecting the giant and announces that he’s out cold.
  • “I don’t mean to upset you Emma, but I think we make quite the team.” Hook says with a smile on his face.
  • Emma looks as though she is considering something for a few moments before telling him; “Let’s go steal a compass.”


  • Emma and Hook make their way through the treasure room and Hook explains that the giants hoarded all their stolen treasure here. Hook breaks off from his tale when he picks up a gold coin and examines it.
  • Emma watches him and doesn’t look impressed. She reminds him that they need to get the compass. Hook is entranced with the treasure and asks Emma what the rush is. Emma doesn’t look happy with his response and questions him on how long magical knock out powder lasts. When Hook can’t give a definite answer, Emma tells him that’s her rush.
  • Hook pockets the gold coin and agrees with her.
    “Come… Everything we need is right in front of us.” He tells her as he walks ahead of her, Emma watching him.


  • The scene switches to Emma and Hook who are now deeper in the treasure room. Emma is asking about giant house keepers as she looks around at the mess, and is concerned about finding the compass. Hook tells her to start searching, before he asks how much treasure they could carry down the beanstalk in addition to the compass.
  • Emma spots a skeleton and Hook explains that it is Jack the Giant Killer. Emma looks confused at the size of the sword that the skeleton is holding and Hook insists it packs quite the wallop.


  • Hook, not looking where he is going, almost sets off a tripwire, but is stopped when Emma lunges forward and pulls him to her. Hook, not aware that she prevented him from being trapped, thinks she’s pulling a move on him and says; “It’s about bloody time.”
  • Emma manages to push him away and explains the reason why she grabbed him and points to the tripwire. Hook gives a flirty response and gently plays with the end of her hair. Emma says that they need to find the compass and gestures for him to move forward first, to which he does with a cocky swagger.


  • Emma and Hook are still searching for the compass when Hook spots a cage with treasure piled on the top. He asks Emma to give him a boost, but Emma’s still suspicious that he is pocketing things behind her back and insists he give her a boost.
  • “Try something new, darling. It’s called trust.” Hook tells her with an honest look in his eye.
  • Emma looks at him for a few moments before suggesting they do it side by side and fast, because they don’t know when the giant is going too…
  • Emma doesn’t get too finish her sentence as a loud thud comes and treasure begins to fall over. Both Emma and Hook look to the entrance and it becomes clear the giant is awake.
  • Hook puts his hand on Emma’s shoulder in an attempt to guide her to safety and he leads the way to a hiding spot, but both suddenly freeze in place when they see that the giant has entered the hall and is now beginning to run towards them.
  • Debris starts falling from the ceiling where Hook is standing and traps him underneath. Emma calls for him in a panicked tone as the giant draws closer to her.


  • After Emma has won Anton’s affections and claimed two favors from him, she makes her way over to the debris where Hook is trapped.
  • Emma takes Hook’s outstretched hand and helps him out of the fallen ceiling. Hooks calls her “bloody brilliant” and “amazing”. Once he’s sat up straight, he asks to see the compass and Emma visibly hesitates before pulling it out and showing him. As Hook tries to touch it, Emma quickly pockets it.


  • Hook smiles and holds his hand out, telling Emma; “Let’s go.” Emma stares at his hand for a few moments before taking it. Hook gives her another shy smile, only this time she quickly places a metal cuff attached to a chain around his wrist and steps back.
  • Hook looks confused and asks what she is doing, also standing and facing her.
  • Emma tries to explain but can’t form a proper sentence and Hook speaks up. Hook asks her to look at him and pleadingly questions her if he’s told her a lie. He tells her that he risked his own safety to bring her here and help her. He asks why she is doing this to him now that she has the compass in her hands.


  • “I can’t take the chance that I’m wrong about you.” She tells him, before apologizing and turning to walk away.
  • Hook’s annoyed now and shouts that he got here and got her the compass. Emma stops walking and turns back to face Hook, correcting him that she got the compass.
  • Hook asks if she is going to leave him here to die and for Anton to eat him and crush his bones. Emma quickly tells him that Anton is not a beast and that he’s not going to die.
  • Emma informs Hook that all she needs is a head start, before turning and walking away.
  • Hook frantically calls her by “Swan” three times and tugs at the chain hard.
  • Emma doesn’t look back.


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