Captain Swan Recap: “Into The Deep”

Uploading this on my travels. We’ve had some seriously horrible weather today and found that I had time to do some Captain Swan recapping. Queen of Hearts will be coming soon!

Into The Deep: 


  • Hook finally arrives at the bottom of the beanstalk, unaware that Cora is waiting for him. Cora asks for the compass and Hook tells her that he doesn’t have it. Cora is clearly not happy with his response.
  • Cora asks Hook who was the one that bested him and Hook answers; “The Swan girl… Emma.” He promises it won’t happen again, but Cora isn’t interested in his excuses or promises.
    “You chose her… And the consequences of that decision.” Cora explains to him.
  • Cora decides as punishment, Hook isn’t going with her to Storybrooke and she poufs away, not listening to his pleads.


  • Hook wakes a sleeping Aurora who is still Cora’s prisoner. Aurora panics thinking that Hook is there to kill her, but Hook assures her that he’s setting her free. He informs Aurora that Cora is denying him passage back to Storybrooke and that he’s helping her escape because he doesn’t like being double crossed.
  • As Aurora goes to leave, he stops and asks for her to give a message to Emma. He asks Aurora to tell Emma that their deal still stands and that if Emma provides him passage back to Storybrooke, he’ll still help her obtain the dust from Cora to open the portal.
  • Aurora nods her understanding and leaves when Hook tells her too. Once she’s gone from sight, Hook’s soft act breaks and it becomes clear he is up to something.


  • As Mulan and Mary Margaret argue over what to do with the compass, Aurora arrives back and stops them. The three appear shocked to see her.
  • Emma asks Aurora how she escaped from Cora and Aurora informs Emma that Hook let her go. Emma asks Aurora why and her facial expression is one of surprise.
  • “Because of you.” Aurora tells Emma. Aurora explains to Emma that Hook wanted to prove to Emma that she should have trusted him.


  • As she says this, the group are unaware that Cora is currently speaking as Aurora through Aurora’s heart that Hook had taken earlier.
  • Aurora/Cora says that if Emma had trusted Hook, they could have defeated Cora together and that they could have gotten the remains of the wardrobe and now without him, she’ll have to go up against Cora by herself.
  • “He only wants to help, I… I think he may care for you.” Aurora/Cora says, earning a shocked look from Emma.


  • Hook comes into view behind Cora and says; “Nice touch that.”
  • Cora tells Hook that Emma won’t trust him and Hook explains to her that Emma doesn’t have to; she just needs to believe he was genuine in letting Aurora go and Hook wagers that Emma does now.
  • Cora agrees to take Hook once again to Storybrooke with her, because he took Aurora’s heart. Cora reminds Hook they still need the compass and Hook promises it will soon be delivered, before walking out of the cell.


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