This Hook v. Regina Argument


I tend to not post things that might stir the pot, but I want to address this little debate going on. The Hook v. Regina debate which I feel is all about ship wars. You’ve probably seen things about this on social media platforms. So here’s my take:

Let’s start with Regina. I have to admit, I was a fan of Regina up until season 5. She was evil and flawed, but deep down, she wanted to change. I love character development and Regina certainly did a 360. Is her character perfect? Oh my gosh,  no! But that’s not to say that she isn’t reformed because she is. Regina did a lot of evil things in her past. She cursed a whole land, killed thousands, just to name a couple. Okay, you read this? So we can agree that Regina is not an angel. Far from it. Even in season 5 she had those hints of evil in her. From talking down Emma to making awful comments towards Hook to controlling Emma with the dagger. With the split, Regina no longer is attached to the Evil Queen but that doesn’t mean she’s all good. She created her evil; she wasn’t cursed into it. Regina was and continues to be a flawed character, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t changed. I accept her goodness, but I don’t disregard the evil she instilled into many.

Now let’s move onto Hook. He started as a good man but turned evil. Then he turned good after he met Emma. And guess what? Hook was certainly cruel. He was a murderer, a thief, an adulterer. Then he wanted to be good, and he struggled with it, but he overcame it. His character development has been extraordinary. No, I don’t excuse the bad he’s done. But I do see how much he’s truly changed. Oh and this using why Hook is a bad guy with the statement of ‘he tried to banish Emma and her family to the Underworld’ is a moot point. Hook was cursed. He didn’t choose to become dark, and Emma helped him overcome it. He does love Emma and her him. People make mistakes and maybe his were extreme, but he’s become a hero. Hook is a reformed man.

How can anyone excuse one but not the other? Regina and Hook were both villians. However, they’ve both been redeemed and forgiven. They both have extreme sass, so of course there’s that too. Move on with pitting them against each other. If this is about the ship factor, just ship your ship without dragging other ships into it. Also, leave the actors out of it. Okay, I’m done!

If you have something to say to me about this, please feel free to talk about it with me! I’m always open to other’s opinions.


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