How I REALLY Felt About Dark Hook

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I just finished rewatching 5A, and I am having some conflicting thoughts. The first time I watched it was a week before the start of 5B, so I really flew through the episodes. This time, I had the time to really watch the episodes without a deadline. I love 5 A-love, love, love it! I love Dark Swan and I…well I don’t know how to feel about Dark Hook. The first time I watched, I loved him dark. He was so sarcastic, but watching it-really watching it-he made me want to slap him. (I still love ya, Hook!)

The angst didn’t bother me. In fact, I freaking was all for it. It makes it more interesting and wanting more. What I had a problem with was how out of character Hook was as the Dark One.

The words he said to Emma, his mindset, it just didn’t make much sense to me. Here was this man, this man who loves a woman, but something clicked. Something terrible inside of him came out to play and took it out on the wrong person. “Pretty blonde distraction”, feeling “hatred”, saying “you push people away fine yourself, and that is why you’ll always be an orphan”. Those things stung, but it wasn’t him. It just wasn’t. I don’t get it. Hook’s vengeance as the Dark One should have been all for Rumple. Not Emma. Not her family. For Rumple. I can understand that Hook was a bit miffed at Emma for turning him dark, but his character SHOULD have understood that. However, they completely flipped Hook into someone unrecognizable.

And I still don’t completely understand how he didn’t know he was the Dark One. I get Emma took his memories, but he’s the bloody Dark One! He should have heard the dagger calling to him. Also, why did he snap so suddenly on Emma? After he saw the memories for Camelot, he turned 100 percent evil. No rhyme or reason. The Hook we have come to known would have been mad, sure, but he wouldn’t have set his revenge on Emma. IT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE!

Let’s talk about the Merlin scene, shall we? He played Emma. I forgot about that. Then she stormed in, and I’m just sitting there in tears because this was just TOO MUCH. Dark Ones are deceiving, but come on! Hook would have never played Emma like that. Still breaks my heart when he had no clue he was the one who killed Merlin…RIP, Merlin.

Anyway , I still love Hook. Dying for Emma and her family ultimately redeemed him. But I like to think of it as it not being Hook but the Dark One. I mean, Emma did some pretty sketchy things while she was the Dark One too. Girl ripped out a 13 year old’s heart to intentionally break her sons’.

But, man, do I love some Dark Hook hair and face and attitude and everything. He was hotter than usual as the Dark One. Which I didn’t think was even possible! Let’s share some gifs, yah.

Image result for dark hook gifs

Image result for dark hook gifs

Image result for dark hook gifs

Image result for dark hook gifs




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