Underrated Romantic Moments

There have been numerous romantic moments in Once Upon a Time. After all,  a show based on storybooks and fairytales. While, yes, there are some obvious romantic moments we could be sharing, but what about those small meaningful ones? The ones that if you blink, you might just miss it. Here are our favorite romantic moments that maybe don’t get as much attention as others:

Caro:Image result for emma and hook 5x1 gif

If you are a loyal follower of the relationship between the pirate and the Savior, it’s highly probable that you also wished this moment was given a little more credit and importance. 

In the Season 5 premiere, there is a scene in which Emma, who has just become the Dark One, is about to crush Merida’s heart in order to find Merlin. It’s not an evil cause Emma is seeking, but the means to achieve it are quite the opposite. Rumple (or to be precise, all the Dark Ones represented as him) is trying to convince her to kill the red head when Hook and the rest of the gang shows up just in time. 

There is an air of tension in which Emma listens more to the “Dark Side” than to her family and starts squeezing the beating heart in her hand. Quickly, Snow wants to interfere by using the dagger, and that’s when Killian states that if someone needs to make a decision it is Emma. 

This is relevant not only because it proves that he’s believing in her, but also for the fact that he’s letting her decide what to do. He’s giving her the will of choosing the path of good instead of forcing her towards it. He knows that using the dagger against her is not the right thing to do, even if there is a life at stake. 

Apart from the level of trust Killian has on Emma, we can also see how he’s the only one able to talk her out of killing Merida. Regina tries to make her reason for a moment without succeeding, and Mary Margaret fails as well after suggesting the use of the Dark One’s dagger. Killian has a different effect on Emma than the others (duh, he’s her True Love!) He understands her position because he’s been there before, so he’s using his own experience to take her to the light. That’s something I love about him. 

When Emma says that Merida needs to die, I love how Hook knows that it’s not Emma speaking. He does not understand very well how the Dark Ones work inside her head just yet, but he can determine that his girlfriend would never say such thing. This shows how much Killian Jones knows his Swan (and it makes me have a small fangirl attack because guys, this an important relationship development :3). 

After a series of sentences to convince her, Emma returns the heart to its owner and quickly throws herself into Killian’s arms, finding a refugee and a feeling of safety and love. Awww ❤ (Sorry, I had to say that jeje)

We notice how Rumple’s representation immediately disappears, allowing Emma to feel certain freedom and a minute of break from the recent events. She is shocked about what she was about to do, but she feels relieved to have her family with her. 

It’s a very strong moment which I’m very fond of and that I enjoy watching more than once. Plus, it’s the Captain Swan reunion after Emma was sucked into the darkness (and we had to wait a loooong hiatus until we saw it). Yes, it was different from what we expected (you must remember the popular speculations on Tumblr and Twitter that were nothing like it actually was) but I think it was enough and well played. 

I like this scene because you can see how far Emma and Hook have come. They know each other so well, there is a big leap of faith and an important message of giving the other the choice of making the decision by themselves without pressuring them, always providing a support to guide them to the light.  

Madeline:Image result for hook and emma 4x12

My little romantic scene was very brief. So brief that if you blinked, you probably missed the whole scene. There were no words, only the opening of music.

In the beginning of 4×12, everything is quiet in Storybrooke. It’s during that six week period where everything was just normal. Well, as normal as that town can possibly be. I mean, a town with fairy tale characters isn’t exactly what I would refer to as being normal. So, in the beginning of that episode we see Hook waiting my Emma’s bug with coffee in his hands…er hand. We then see Emma walking down the street towards him. They smile and share literally the cutest kiss ever. I swooned so hard because it was just so coupley of them! They walk down the street with their arms around each other, enjoying each other’s company. Belle is waiting for them at the library, and this is where I literally fall off my couch in fangirl daze. Hook kisses Emma on top of her head.

Now, I know this is such a minuscule moment, but it shows how at ease Emma and Hook are with each other. They’re still in that blissful early stages of relationships. Viewers can see how much they care for one another. They’re acting like such a couple; it’s super adorable. Even Belle smiles at them when Killian kisses Emma’s head. She totally ships it.

So while this moment wasn’t one of the big romantic scenes, I think it shows a lot about their relationship progression. It shows how chill it is. And I love, love, love that! Have I mentioned how much I truly love it? I wish this scene would have more recognition because it is so cute.

Watch that gif on repeat. Do it.

Joanna: Image result for emma and hook 4x22 gifs

It took me a while to think of what underrated moment was one of my favourites, but after re-watching Operation Mongoose Part Two, it finally hit me.

I absolutely adore the scene in Granny’s diner with Emma, Killian, Mary Margaret and David. It’s the calm before the storm and we are able to witness a bit of fluff between Emma and Killian as they speak with Emma’s parents. David and Mary Margaret are currently in the process of apologizing to Killian for “killing” him in the alternate universe.

As Killian accepts their apology, of course with a bit of a joke, he has his arm around Emma and her with him. It’s a simple, yet beautiful moment. It proves that Emma is in a happy relationship where she feels comfortable and loved, especially considering they are acting like a couple in front of her parents.

Just as I thought this scene couldn’t get any fluffier and adorable, Emma briefly and gently rests her head on Killian’s shoulder, which is a simple gesture of affection. We haven’t seen Emma look so comfortable in a relationship in the entire series and now she is standing in front of her parents, affectionately cuddling up to her boyfriend and looking perfectly content.

It’s such a simple and sweet moment between the pair, and I often think that a lot of people overlook this scene in 4×22, as we are too busy focusing on their first “I love you”, their meeting in the alternate world and of course their famous moment of Emma teaching Deckhand Hook to sword fight.

I, for one, would love to see more moments like this between the pair and I am eagerly looking forward to season 6 and what new adventures await Emma and Killian.



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