25 Days of CaptainSwan: Day 1

I will be starting my 25 days of CaptainSwan with one of my most favorite and totally underrated moments between Emma and Hook. Honestly, I don’t know why I love this scene so much, but I do.

Season 4 Episode 2: White Out

During this episode, we have the start of Emma and Hook’s relationship. We see Hook joking with Emma about the ice castle and how he should have brought the champagne since they have the “world’s largest ice bucket” for their second date. To which Emma raises an eyebrow at the mention of a second date, reminding him they haven’t been on a date. The flirty banter is just icing on the cake, but that’s not the moment I’m talking about. I am referring to when Emma gets out of the ice castle and Killian is right there for her upon escape. Let’ do a play-by-play of this moment, shall we?

Image result for once upon a time 4x02 gifs

Ha…this edit. Anyway, we see David passing Emma to Killian because he knew how distressed Killian was the whole time. Emma grabs onto him. And I cry.

Image result for once upon a time 4x02 gifs

She’s so glad to find comfort in his arms. Seriously, we need to appreciate this scene more because FEELS. They’re both so relieved.

Related image

And then Killian lifts her into his arms. SO CARING.

Related image

Okay, so this was not part of that scene really, but I want to talk about it. We see how much Killian genuinely cares and protects Emma. And how relaxed she is with him by her side. You can see that in the way she rubs his brace gently. Or how carefully he rubs her with his fingers. It’s just a great scene. Now I need to go rewatch this scene for like the 15th time. Bye.



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