25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 2

Merry day 2! Back from a long day working retail listening to 9 hours straight of Christmas music. So I’m not feeling particularly merry. However, shifting into my Captain Swan mode makes me feel merry!

Season 3 Episode 5: “Good Form”

This scene was bound to make an appearance at one point during these next 25 days. Why not now? Not only was this scene like super hot, but it was the start of something new. Oh my gosh, I now wanna break out into High School Musical songs. Anyway…Emma and Hook’s first kiss. And the day Hook vowed her would win Emma’s heart, and BOOM! (Wait…that was in this episode too right? Not the point. Moving on.) He most certainly did. Let’s take a good look at this scene:

Related image

How do I form what I’m feeling about this gif in a logical and semi-intelligent sentence? I can’t. So I will try my hardest. “Is that all your father’s life is worth to you?” Hook says all flirty and I literally just want to die. You see his interest all within his actions. He has it bad for Emma.

Image result for once upon a time 3x05 gifs

Then Emma kinda just goes for it. And then the fandom exploded. Hmmm…Emma seems to have wanted this too. They both did. THE TENSION! But it’s only “a one time thing” guys. Yeah, biggest lie of the century, Emma.

Related image

Seriously. This was the best kiss I have ever seen on TV. AND THIS WAS JUST A FIRST KISS. Please Emma, you can’t kiss someone like that and pretend it doesn’t mean anything. We were not fooled. I mean, look at it. Watch it. Analyze it. Cry over it.

Image result for hook "as you wish" gif

Then Hook says this and Emma is HOOKED. She doesn’t want to admit it, but she is totally attracted and interested.

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