25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 3

There are just too many scenes that I love! What to choose, what to choose!??? Time to get hella basic. Well, if my choice of words aren’t basic enough for you, here’s my other favorite Captain Swan scene:

Season 4 Episode 4: “The Apprentice”

You may be asking “Madeline, there are so many good scenes in this episode. Which one are you referring to?” And that is a great question to ask. One, as I am writing this, I don’t even know the answer to. So I guess whatever scene pops into my mind by the time I finish this sentence….Okay. It’s the good night kiss scene.

Image result for hook's hand 4x04 gifs

It starts out like this. The attraction is there. I mean look who she touches him just because she can.

Image result for emma and hook first date kiss gif

So Hook’s all like “I suppose we have to wait until next time” for coffee. And Emma’s all like “I don’t remember asking”. She’s all so flirty about it and the gleam in Hook’s eyes is just mesmerizing and I swear, my heart just swells. His eyes look so blue here. Okay, I’m okay. I’M FINE.

Image result for hook "will you go out with me again?" gifs

Then Hook asks her out again and she doesn’t even answer. She was the whole fandom in that moment: swooning so hard. She just HAD to kiss him.

Related image

If there was music during this kiss, it would be like some deep instrumental stuff. Or ‘Hallelujah’. Can I just say how season 4 was the holy grail of Captain Swan kisses? Season 5 too, but come on, look at this.

I’m just gonna leave the part out where Hook starts to freak out over his supposedly possessed hand. On second thought, that was kind of funny though. I just want to emphasis his eyes in this scene. SO BLUE.





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