25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 5

Happy Monday after the winter finale! I know there’s been a lot of mixed feelings, so I want to grace your timelines with some happy moments! And this scene is so great in so many ways. And I think it’s appropriate that it’s kind of an AU scene between Emma and Hook.

Season 3 Episode 21: “There’s No Place Like Home”

This two part episode had a lot of wonderful moments that I will probably get to at some point during the next 20 days. However, I want to talk about this one in particular because it was honestly so hilarious and hot. Behold! The Rolly Joger scene!

Related imageIt starts with Emma undoing her corset thingy in attempts to seduce past Hook. In which present day Hook is just appalled by her actions. Emma so appropriately says, “if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were jealous.” He was, he totally was.

Related image

Then this happens and the tension is strong. Emma suggests that Hook take her back to his ship. Look at how flirty she is. Man, she was a goner.

Image result for emma and hook 3x21 gifs

Honestly, THE TENSION! Emma tells past Hook that she’ll be waiting for him. Wink wink.

Related imageI will forever be grateful for this scene. I love Hook lurking in the background as he begins to grow so jealous of seeing his past self kissing the woman who won’t kiss him. It’s okay Hook, you didn’t have to wait long.

Image result for emma and hook 3x21 jolly roger gifs
Things are going well until Hook gets hella jealous of himself for making out with his Emma. So there’s a moment of ‘oh crap’ going on in Emma’s eyes. Then Hook punches himself. Honestly, this scene was genius!
Image result for hook punches himself 3x21  gifs
And Hook’s letting Emma know how jealous he is. Aw, poor dude.
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2 thoughts on “25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 5

  1. What I really loved about these scenes was that Hook warned Emma that this version of Hook was Dark Hook, he was unpredictable. Yet Emma did not listen to his concerns because she knew that Hook, regardless of what version, was not a true danger to her. S3 finale is probably my two favorite episodes of OUAT.

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