25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 6

Falala it’s day 6 of 25 days of Captain Swan. And I am throwing it back to season 3 again because I just loved season 3. It also had some pretty good scenes between Emma and Hook. It was the start of their relationship after all. Also, I am going real basic here with tonight’s scene. I present to you Captain Swan’s very first kiss! Official kiss that is.

Season 3 Episode 22: “Snow Drifts”

Image result for emma and hook 3x22 gifs

Here we have Emma thanking Hook for coming for her in NYC. He tells her she’s a “bloody hero” and she tells him he is too. To which he gives a shy little laugh and ducks his head. Look at him!

Related image

Emma asks Hook how he even was able to get to her in NYC. His response? “Why the Jolly Roger of course”. This is the moment where you just know. You know that this is the beginning of a very meaningful relationship. Hook gave away the only thing he’s loved after his brother and Milah died. It was his home, but he loved Emma more. To him, losing it for Emma was all worth it even though he didn’t know her feelings for him. He risked it all for her.

Related image

Emma initiates their first kiss which means a lot. It means that she wants to be with him. That she wants to explore what this relationship has to offer.

Related image


Image result for emma and hook 3x22 gifs

I love this. I love how happy she is with him. Like she pulls back from the kiss to smile at him and it’s just cute. GAHHH SO CUTE!



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