25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 7

Because I started reading a fanfic last night where Emma got pregnant while in Camelot, I’ve decided to take the Camelot route tonight. Let’s be honest: Camelot had some pretty great Captain Swan scenes. Actually, season 5 overall did. The holy grail of Captain Swan.

Season 5 Episode 5: “The Broken Kingdom”

Image result for emma and hook horseback ride gifs

In an attempt to distract Emma from the darkness, Hook promises to get her heart racing. Which is totally code for “wink, wink. Nudge, nudge”. So they casually stole a horse and go on a horseback ride into a field full of pink flowers.

Image result for emma and hook horseback ride gifs

Then hit me in the feels. Hook picks a flower for Emma. Look how sweet. This is how you OTP!

Related image

And we can’t forget this iconic kiss. Emma’s all like “now that we’re alone”, and this is the scene where people are convinced they have coffee. I mean, did ya notice how Hook raises an eyebrow all knowingly? That was so….yas. It probably happened.

Related image


Related image

Honestly, this is such a beautiful scene for so many reasons. Not only is the scenery gorgeous, but this kiss just melts my heart. In this scene, Emma is trusting Hook fully and without walls. He manages to take her mind off the darkness. If only for a moment. Still it’s monumental!



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