25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 9

Happy Friday fellow CSers! I’m sure you all already saw the blog post from Canadagraphs about the spoiler scene about Hook asking David for permission to marry Emma in 6×12. If you haven’t, now you have. So after that, I’m feeling particularly Captain Swan af today. The scene I have picked out for today is a really sweet scene that is so underrated!

Season 4 Episode 20: “Mother”

Image result for emma and hook 4x20 gifs

Emma is still quite pissed off at her parents for keeping the secret of what they did to Malificent’s daughter way back when. So Hook tries to talk to Emma about this grudge she’s holding, but she whines “we’ve talked about this”. To which Hook replies, “I talked; you walked away”. And that just makes me giggle. He’s hoping that maybe the sea will calm her. Let’s just take a moment to squeal over how cute they’re sitting. Aw.

Related image

Despite Hook hoping the sea would calm her, she tells him rum would be better. They’re so alike in so many ways, including their drink choice.

Related image

Hook can tell that her ‘heart is uneasy’, and then he says those words aboves and I think my heart cries a little. This was such a sweet scene because you can see his hesitation as he says this. It’s as if he’s not 100 percent sure that Emma sees him in that way. How can she not?! It just shows how much Hook truly cares for her.

Image result for emma and hook 4x20 gifs

Cue the happy sobs because OMG does this hit me in the feels. I love that she relays this line back to Hook. And he ducks his head in that cute little way. In that moment, we see that Emma fully accepts Hook for who is and who he was. I find that a testimony to a meaningful relationship.



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