25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 10

I would just like to say: I AM SO SORRY. This scene was really emotional, but this was such an intense Captain Swan scene. Yes, it was heartbreaking, but it also held so much meaning to it. I don’t think I’m prepared for this. Here is goes.

Season 5 Episode 20: ‘Swan Song’

Image result for emma and hook 5x20 gifs

You can tell from the way he lags behind that he wasn’t going with her. This scene is so rude.

Image result for emma and hook 5x20 gifs

Thus begins the tears. “Don’t take that armor off just because you’re going to lose me,” Hook tells Emma during this tearful good bye. His words prove that her walls were down because of him. He tore them down and Emma let herself love him without any barriers. Why is this so sad!? WHY IS THIS A THING!? Then she tells him that she doesn’t want to be his unfinished business. All she wants is for him to move on. STOP. Just stop.

Image result for emma and hook 5x20 kiss gifs

I don’t know. I bet being hit by a semi hurts less than this. When they said their final ‘I love yous’, I swear I would never feel again. Don’t make us suffer ever again.

Related image

I would like to sue on the account of too many feels within one scene. Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate that this was improvised. I want to cry. He was holding onto her for as long as he could because he thought he would never see her again. He loves her so much. And then Emma kept reaching down as she ascended and oh my gosh. Their love is so strong.

Image result for emma and hook 5x20 gifs

Their hands! Their struggle to hold onto each other.

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