25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 14

Well, today wasn’t the greatest day ever, people can be awful…but anything Captain Swan makes me feel better! This episode was so freaking stressful and full of ‘oh my goshes!’, but this moment happened and it made my heart swell. Also, I’m pretty sure the fire place and hot buttered rum is code for something. You know what I’m talking about.

Season 5 Episode 5: ‘Street Rats’

Image result for emma and hook 6x05 gifs“They’re thousands of leagues under the sea,” Hook reassures Emma as he rubs her back. LOOK AT HIS HAND!

Related image

“Thank you” Emma tells Hook for helping her. And then she gives him such a loving kiss that it literally brought tears to my eyes when she did it. I can’t believe how deeply in love they are in. I love it so much.

Image result for emma and hook 6x05 gifs

Then Emma was being so flirty when she asked if Hook wanted pizza or Chinese. I really hope that they chose pizza because it’s so much better than Chinese food. Just saying. But honestly, look how flirty her face is.

Related image

“Your heart’s desire, Swan. That’s all I want for you,” says Hook. This, hands down, is the most sentimental, caring thing Hook has ever said to Emma. And that says a lot considering Hook has been nothing but supportive of Emma since they’ve been together. He cares so much for her. Is he even real!?

Related image

Gosh, it’s so adorable! Let me find a man who is as loving and caring as Hook.

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