25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 15

Hope you all are staying warm because I am not! Seriously a temperature of 0 degrees should be illegal. You know what else should be illegal? How dang cute and caring Hook is towards Emma. I swear, this man is just yes. Also, this is where Emma admits how she really feels about Hook. And where the walls begin to crumble.

Season 4 Episode 3: ‘Rocky Road’

Image result for emma and hook 4x03 gifs

“I don’t need a drink. Or a man,” Emma defiantly tells Hook as she storms into the street.  Hook, the ever caring boyfriend that he is, follows after her. And I don’t know why, but I love when he grabs her with his hook. Even thought they are different, Hook tells her, that “at some point you need to start trusting me,” wanting desperately to break down her walls.

Image result for emma and hook 4x03 gifs

“Because everyone I’ve ever been with is dead!” she exclaims before she tells him she can’t lose him too. And being the ever confident man he is, he calmly tells her that if he’s good at one thing: it’s surviving. Boy, how true is that statement. This scene is the start of Hook chipping away that wall she has built up. She admitted that she can’t fathom the thought of losing him too. OTP game strong.

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And swoop. They start making out in the middle of the road. Kind of dangerous, but, after all, he is good at surviving. Sigh. Those two.

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I just like the shot of this. Also, yes. His hand on her head. I am weak. So weak.

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