25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 20

I was going to wait to post this scene until Christmas or Christmas Eve, but I have special ones saved for those. If you know me, you know which scenes I’m talking about. Anyway, this scene hails as the best scene ever. I say this all the time. Ahhhhh!

Hook is being all mushy and telling Emma how brave it was of Ashley for putting love first. As he’s saying that, Emma’s playing with his hair which makes me wanna cry because it’s so cute. Then she asks him to move in with her. All nonchalant. I remember screaming in my dorm room until I eventually started crying. I was so chill, guys. Happy tears of course.

“Sometimes you have to walk outside and hope you don’t get hit by a bus,” Emma says. I like how she’s casually repeating what Archie was telling her. I think she was hella nervous and awww.

Then she tells Hook that she can make room for some black leather jackets between her red leather jackets. Couples that wear leather together, stay together. I love Hook’s sassy face in this gifs and then she mentions the closet situation and he tells her that when she puts it like that, he would love to move in with her. In other words, HELL YA!

This kiss was so cute. It wasn’t urgent; it was just a casual kiss. Like it was so coupley. Sure it was a simple kiss, but it was a meaningful one. And all their kisses are cute to me either way. Also, her hand. His hand.

THEN THEY PUT THEIR FOREHEADS TOGETHER AND RUB THEIR NOSES AND OMG. I am completely fine; I just thought this was adorable. They are so in love. You can’t fight with me about this. What they share is true love and anyone who says otherwise can leave. I love how he rubs his thumb against her cheek. Everything they do is just so heart eyes.













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