25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 21

Where has the month gone!? I am running out of time to write about all of my favorite Emma and Hook scenes. I cannot believe I haven’t written about this one yet because I fangirled so hard during it.

Season 5 Episode 7: ‘Nimue’

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“I get this spark thing, and I’m working my way back to you babe.” Look at Hook noticing that Emma is quoting something from a movie. Which, if we’re being honest, I have no idea where that quote is from, so props to Hook!
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“Calm down, Swan. I’m not proposing.” DANG! I do believe this was the cutest scene ever. I love both of their reactions to this. Hook told Emma to calm down that he wasn’t proposing. Then Emma gives this side-eye thing that totally looked like a ‘dangit’ kind of look. We saw ya, girl.
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After Hook gives her Liam’s ring and tells her to bring his Emma back to him, he says this line and I fell in love more. He wants Emma to know that he’s here for her and that he loves her, darkness or not. I love that even though things were rocky, Hook managed to give her some light-heartedness into Emma’s situation.
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And, of course, she reciprocates those feelings. I will never tire of them confessing their love for each other because we don’t get to hear them say it all too much. But you know that they love each other anyway.
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They are just adorable.


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