25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 22

It’s almost the big day: Christmas. I just really love Christmas, even though I’m not really in the Christmas spirit. Anyway, I can’t believe I actually managed to keep up with these posts! Success! This scene may have been short, but oh my CS feels.

Season 4 Episode 23: ‘Operation Mongoose Part 2’

Image result for emma and hook 4x23 gifs

“Everyone woke up exactly where they were,” Emma says, realizing that Hook wasn’t where he was before the curse hit. A look of panic washes across her face and I hurt for her. Then you see Hook leaning against the banister upstairs, teasing Emma about how he’s usually more tidy. She runs up the stairs and grabs him in a tight hug. It was just such a special moment because it showed how much Emma cares about Hook. She looks so happy!

Related image

Quality improvising, Jen. I can’t get over this!

Related image

The way she’s looking at him is definitely a woman in love. In that moment, she felt how much she loved him. However, she was too scared to admit it out loud in fears of losing him.

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“I was worried I wouldn’t be able to,” she pauses, “thank you”. My heart literally shattered in this scene because I was hoping so hard that she would say those 3 little words. You could see Hook’s hopefulness and aw. I was so sad for him. I think he saw in her eyes that she loved him. Nonetheless, I understood Emma’s hesitation.

Image result for emma and hook 4x23 gifs

Look how cute they are though! She’s so glad that her man is safe in her bed. That sounds…not how it was supposed to. But you get what I’m saying. I just love those too. How wonderful!

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