25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 23

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Which is totally a thing. Super bummed I have to work on actual Christmas Eve, so tragic. Today I wanted to talk about a fun Emma and Hook scene. As the days are dwindling down, I can’t believe I haven’t used this scene sooner, but saving the best for last!

Season 3 Episode 21: ‘There’s No Place Like Home’

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“Princess Charles. And I’m Princess…Leia,” Emma swoops in to save the day. I find it so funny that he wasn’t able to lie so easily. Aren’t pirates supposed to be cunning and witty? They make a great team!

Image result for emma and hook princess leia and prince charles gifs

He’s being so flirty! And look at her smile as he tells her this. There is no doubt that she likes when he compliments her. She’s so smitten with him just as he was with her. Of course, Hook made it more well known.

Image result for emma and hook 3x21 "i'm princess leia" gifs

“Pick a partner who knows what he’s doing.”Hmmm seems like Hook’s done the waltz before. Has anyone stopped to wonder how exactly he knows what he’s doing? Doesn’t seem like a pirate thing to do waltzes, but hey, I don’t question Hook. Obviously Emma was just as surprised to find out he knew how!

Image result for emma and hook 3x21 ball gifs

It’s so special that Hook got Emma’s first dance as a ‘princess’. I think Emma was definitely okay with that. This was one of their many firsts together. They look so good together too. I love them.

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“You appear to be quite the natural,” Hook tells Emma. He just can’t stop complimenting her. He was falling so hard for her; it’s so cute. Look at how happy they look just dancing at a royal ball even though they’re trying to get back Storybrooke. It’s like for a moment, they were in their own little bubble.

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