25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 24

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! Hope it’s going better for you than it is me. Let’s just say working retail today has made me a little Grinch. However, I am going to write about the best scene ever in the history of TV shows. Yes, I am talking about Emma and Hook’s reunion at the end of season 5. I’ll probably cry as I write this.

Season 5 Episode 21: ‘Last Rites’

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All you hear is the rain falling and then a deep voice say “Swan”. The camera shows Emma turning around to see Killian. As if in disbelief, Emma whispers “Killian?” before running into his arms. I sobbed so hard because look how happy she looks just running into her true love’s arms. I’ll never be over it.

Image result for emma and hook 5x21 gifs

And they kiss each other like she’s making sure this is actually happening. The passion was so raw in this scene. The love is just pouring out of this kiss and I can’t even right now. No words can properly express the emotions I had while watching this.

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“How are you here-I what!?” Emma is just so dazed but she doesn’t even care. She’s just  relieved the man she loves is back with her. Back where he truly belongs. These cheek kisses killed me. Cute af. And it was improvised. Honestly-just aw.

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As Hook is explaining how he came back from the dead, Emma cuts him off by kissing him. She just wants to kiss her man, and I can’t blame her for that. He doesn’t seem to mind though. They’re such a wonderful fictional couple. Here it is canon that Zeus deemed him worthy to go back to his life. What a fanboy. Thank you, Zeus!

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“I’m just glad you’re okay,” Emma says as she grips onto him. And Hook reciprocates his relief that she is okay too while realizing not everyone is. Nonetheless, this scene was sweet and I hate that people were mad about it. Emma thought she would never see him again, and then he appeared back to her. A normal reaction was exactly how she reacted and I don’t see this scene as disrespectful; I see it as an act of love.


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