25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 25


Merry Christmas, shipmates! I hope you all are being very spoiled. Thankfully I found some spare time to write this before Christmas festivities later this afternoon. Yay, presents! Anyway, I saved the best and hottest scene for last. And if you know me, I bet you can guess what scene it is. I’m going to gif the hell out of this.

Season 6 Episode 1: ‘The Savior’

Related image

I just remember when this sneak peek was released and we had no idea this would happen. It started so innocent with their house and then BAM!

Related image

Killian has to keep assuring Emma that her son or parents wouldn’t walk in on them. It was so funny because Emma definitely didn’t want anyone walking it. Damn you, blimp.

Image result for emma and hook 6x01 gifs

Canon: Killian has a fetish for Emma’s jacket. Although, this wasn’t really surprising considering he’s into leather too. But omg….she wanted to undress and he’s like nope. I screamed. We all screamed. I will forever scream.

Related image

I don’t have a sentence to say about this besides: DEAR LORD. HOT HOT HOT! The passion on their faces is just overwhelming. They love each other so much and were so ready for some coffee.

Related image

Yes. Just yes.

Image result for emma and hook 6x01 gifs

Why is this scene so hot though? Honestly, they have such fantastic chemistry and it went to waste this season. I am still looking forward to the sequel since the stupid blimp interrupted. Emma was worried about her family walking in, but it was a dang blimp. Talk about bad timing. Still salty about this.




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