Merry Captain Swan-mas

Because it’s Christmas and I wanted to write a Captain Swan Christmas one shot. Enjoy!

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Emma stands in front of the oven, wondering if the ham is cooked enough. She’s never been very handy with cooking, but this was one of her first Christmases with family and a boyfriend. She wanted to do it right-how she always imagined it would be when she was a child.

“Emma,” Killian pokes his head in to the kitchen. “What time is everyone coming over?”

Deciding the ham is cooked enough, she pulls it out of the oven. “At four for dinner.”

“I want you to open your present before your family gets her.”

Emma arches an eyebrow at him. Knowing Killian, he probably bought her something not appropriate to open in front of her parents or son. It’s probably for the best because David would kill him. “Should I close the blinds?”

He smirks at her, handing her a small box. “Get your head out of the gutter, Swan. It’s Christmas. I’ll save that for Valentine’s Day,” he winks.

She rolls her eyes, unwrapping the paper. “Oh, Killian,” she dangles a necklace with a diamond anchor on it. “It’s beautiful; I love it.”

He gives her a shy smile. “I’m glad you like it, love.”

Kissing his cheek, she brushes her hair to the side. “Put it on me?”

Killian clasps it at the back of her neck, kissing her on the neck as he does so. His lips travel to her shoulder and he nuzzles against her until he hears the front door open. “Bloody hell.”

“Mom, Hook!” Henry calls from the foyer.

“In the kitchen,” Emma calls back as Killian backs away from her.

Henry comes walking into the kitchen with Regina at his heels. She carries a pan of what Emma assumes is her famous lasagna. She prompts her to set it on the kitchen where the rest of the food sits. Mary Margaret and David were in charge of providing dessert for tonight. Emma even invited Zalena, but she doubts she’ll show up. The door opens again and her parents come walking in with her baby brother Neal. He wails as soon as he enters the kitchen.

“We brought brownies and sugar cookies shaped like ginger bread men,” Mary Margaret announces. “David didn’t help.”

David raises his hands in defense. “You told me I couldn’t help!”

Emma smiles as her parents playfully bicker. She glances at Killian from the corner of her eye who is talking to Henry. Henry waves to her as he sees her looking at them.


After dinner, the family gathers around the fireplace in the living room watching A Christmas Story. Emma sits on Killian’s lap, leaning her head against his shoulder. She plays with the diamond anchor around her neck. He catches her hand in his and kisses it lightly.

“I just don’t understand,” Killian’s eyes never leave the TV. “Why wouldn’t they buy Ralphie a gun? It’s good for his manhood.”

Henry is the first to respond. “Because guns are dangerous in the real world.”

David nods his head in agreement. “Unless Emma and I are using them.”

They continue to watch the movie as Killian keeps asking Henry questions about the antics inn the movie. At one point, Regina leaves the room to escape his constant questions. Emma just enjoys being in the same room with the people she loves without any threats of deranged villains coming to attack her or her family.

“What are you thinking about, love?” Killian runs his hand down her arm.

“I never had this growing up, and I’m just glad I do now.”

“Aye; I’m glad you do too.”

Emma stands up, walking over to the tree to fetch his present. “It’s not much.”

He takes the present, quirking an eyebrow at her in a flirty manner. Unwrapping the paper with his hand, he stares down in the box. Pulling out a little onesie with the words ‘daddy’s little pirate’ scrawled across it, his face goes blank.

“Swan?” his gaze is full of love.

A tear roles down Emma’s cheek. “I’m pregnant.”

“You were right this morning in bed; this was the best day ever.”





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