Emma Swan: a Kick Ass Heroine

Quite frequently, while I scroll through my Twitter feed, I see, “Emma Swan has gotten so weak” or “Emma became weak when she started dating Hook”. Not only are those statements untrue, but they’re just stupid. To begin with, Emma was never weak and she isn’t weak now. Also, Hook hasn’t made Emma weak. Love is strength and those who say love makes you weak need a reality check.

So let’s break down some scenes (because I could easily list like 10, but I don’t feel like it) where Emma Swan has proven to be the strong, kick ass heroine that she is:

When she slayed a dragon by herself:

Image result for emma slays dragon gifs

Yeah, remember that time Emma single-handedly slain a dragon? It was the same person who didn’t even believe in magic. For those calling Emma weak, slay a dragon and then talk. A weak person wouldn’t descend into a shady basement with a dragon. A weak person would skip town, but Emma didn’t. Because she’s strong.

When she had to sacrifice her true love:

Image result for emma and hook 5x11 gifs

I am so sorry, let me start by saying. Emma had to not only watch her true love die, but she had to be the one to kill him. Yah, that’s someone who is so weak. Wrong. Her doing this was one of the strongest things Emma has ever done on the show. This was a man who she loved. A man who she wanted to spend her future with, but he asked her to do him this final favor. This was an act of a brave, strong woman. Please tell me how Hook makes her weak. I dare ya!

When she became the Dark One:

Image result for emma and hook 4x22 gifs

She knew she was strong enough to control herself as the Dark One. For the most part, Emma was strong enough to resist the darkness. Who willingly becomes the Dark One? Surely not a woman who is weak. This was still the biggest plot twist ever. She put on a brave face to save her friend who may have been tempted by the darkness.

When she climb the beanstalk:

Image result for emma swan beanstalk gifs

I don’t recall the exact words, but I remember Emma telling Mulan that if she didn’t survive the trip up to the beanstalk, to make sure Mary Margaret got home. Those are not words of a weak woman. A weak woman would refuse to climb the beanstalk in the first place. Not to mention Emma was in a land that she wasn’t at all familiar with and she was taking the chances on a pirate who wasn’t known for his goodness. So, yeah, Emma’s a pretty strong character. She’s fearless and it’s always in the name of love.

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