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100 Times Captain Swan Made Us Swoon

With season 6 about to premiere in just over two days, I decided that it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and choose 100 moments that Emma and Hook made us swoon in seasons 2-5. Let’s begin!

(Also, I have to apologize. My original plan was gifs, but each time I went to upload the gifs or add them to the post, WordPress would freeze and crash, so I resorted to a photo collage for each moment. Hope you still enjoy!)

1. (The Doctor) Emma and Hook meet for the first time in anything but a romantic scenario.


2. (The Doctor) It didn’t take long for Emma’s superpower to kick in. She grabs an unsuspecting Hook and threatens him with a very sharp dagger!


3. (The Doctor) Things only get worse for Hook when Emma has him tied to a tree, threatens to leave him to become an ogres dinner, and when he finally tells the truth, she once again points the weapon at him.


4. (Tallahassee) “I was hoping it’d be you.” Enough said. I mean weren’t we all?


5. (Tallahassee) We can never forget their first adventure together; climbing the treacherous beanstalk. Mid-climb, Hook reveals to Emma that she is an open book to him and he is easily able to read her.


6. (Tallahassee) Possibly one of the most famous Captain Swan scenes. Hook is tending to Emma’s injury and bandaging her hand with the help of his teeth! (Bonus, he ties the knot without breaking eye contact with Emma). Their chemistry was 100% sizzling here!


7. (Queen of Hearts) The famous heated sword fight, with cheeky lines and a good punch thrown on Emma’s behalf!


8. (In the Name of the Brother) He may have just been thrown through the air by a car, resulting in broken ribs, but he still manages to flirt with Emma.


9. (And Straight On Til Morning) The time that Emma told Hook that they understood one another and that he had the choice of being alone or joining them and being a part of something.


10. (And Straight On Til Morning) When Hook turned his ship back around to help Emma.


11. (The Heart of the Truest Believer) When Hook, who has always referred to him as Baelfire, thoughtfully toasted “To Neal” with Emma, because that is who she knew him as.


12. (The Heart of the Truest Believer) “Actually, I quite fancy you from time to time, when you’re not yelling at me.”


13. (Lost Girl) The time that Hook asked Emma about our world’s version of him and he didn’t understand that waxed mustaches and perms are bad.


14. (Lost Girl) Sharing rum directly from the flask for the first time and Hook genuinely wanting to get to know Emma, but with Emma’s walls still so high, she walks away.


15. (Quite A Common Fairy) The time that Hook used his hook to open a coconut for Emma and sent her an adorable look as she accepted and drank from it.


16. (Good Form) When neither of them could handle it


17. (Good Form) When Hook unknowingly quoted The Princess Bride. “As you wish.”


18. (Ariel) When Hook revealed that meeting Emma allowed him to move on from Milah, even though he thought he never would.


19. (Dark Hollow) The time that Hook promised Emma he would win her heart and that it wouldn’t be because of trickery… It will be because she wants him.


20. (The New Neverland) When Emma was jealous at the thought of Hook and Tinker Bell hooking up


21. (Going Home) Hook promising Emma that he will think of her everyday and Emma responding with; “Good.”


22. (Going Home) When Hook believed that his love for Emma was true enough to bring back her memories, but he wasn’t aware that true love’s kiss doesn’t work on memory loss.


23. (New York City Serenade) When Emma indirectly questioned his honesty about changing, Hook informs her that he didn’t stay because there was nothing in the Enchanted Forest for him, alluding to her.


24. (New York City Serenade) Emma calling him “Killian” for the first time.


25. (Witch Hunt) When a jealous Killian ratted Emma out to her dad that she almost married a flying monkey.


26. (The Tower) “If it can be broken… It means it still works.”


27. (It’s Not Easy Being Green) Killian offering to watch Henry so Emma can battle the Wicked Witch and allow for Henry to learn about his father.


28. (The Jolly Roger) Killian professing his love for Emma vocally for the first time. “I swear on Emma Swan.”


29. (Bleeding Through) Killian trying to be a gentleman and guide Emma down the stairs.


30. (Bleeding Through) The first time Emma was carefree and happy around Killian, as she practiced her magic.


31. (Kansas) Emma choosing to save Killian over her magic and begging his unconscious form to come back to her.


32. (Snow Drifts) When Emma flirted with Past Hook in the tavern.


33. (Snow Drifts) And then went on to make-out with him on the Jolly Roger.


34. (Snow Drifts) When Killian got Emma’s first dance at her first royal ball.


35. (There’s No Place Like Home) When Killian held a distraught Emma in an attempt to offer her some comfort as they watched Snow “burn”.


36. (There’s No Place Like Home) Killian gently wiping Emma’s tears away in a gentleman like manner.


37. (There’s No Place Like Home) When Killian finally admits he traded the Jolly Roger to find her and they engage in a well overdue passionate kiss.


38. (A Tale of Two Sisters) When Emma kissed Killian softly in the woods and told him to “be patient.”


39. (White Out) Their relieved hug when Emma safely makes it out of Elsa’s ice cave.


40. (White Out) Emma cuddled in Killian’s arms as she slowly warms up in the Blanchard apartment.


41. (Rocky Road) The time Killian told Emma he was good at surviving and pulled her into a passionate kiss in the middle of the street.


42. (The Apprentice) When Killian took Emma to a posh Italian restaurant for their first date.


43. (The Apprentice) And of course when Killian got his wish and was able to hold Emma with both hands as they kissed goodnight.


44. (Breaking Glass) Killian sweetly kissing Emma on the cheek as he leaves to take Henry sailing for the day.


45. (Breaking Glass) Killian comforting Emma when he sees her tearing up as they watch the video of Young Emma and Lily.


46. (Family Business) Emma teasing Killian about his age.


47. (Smash the Mirror) When Killian promised they would find a way to defeat the Snow Queen together.


48. (Fall) Killian coming to say goodbye to Emma, thinking this would be the last time he would see her.


49. (Heroes and Villains) The time Emma returned Killian’s heart to him and then they made out against the wall.


50. (Darkness on the Edge of Town) Emma assuring a worried Killian that he does have a mark in the hero column.


51. (Unforgiven) When Killian brought Emma grilled cheese and onion rings for lunch because she missed out earlier.


52. (Unforgiven) Emma and Killian promising one another that they will choose to see the best in each other.


53. (Unforgiven) Walking down the street in their own happy bubble.


54. (Poor Unfortunate Soul) The time that Killian told Emma she was his happy ending.


55. (Best Laid Plans) Killian being jealous of a “wooden man-child”.


56. (Best Laid Plans) When Killian comforted Emma at the docks after she learned her parents secret.


57. (Lily) Emma and Killian kissing goodbye before Emma leaves to find Lily.


58. (Mother) Hugging one another tightly as they reunite after Emma arrives back from New York City.


59. (Mother) When Killian told Emma that he hopes it’s his job to protect her heart.


60. (Operation Mongoose Part Two) Deckhand Hook meeting Emma for the first time and he is completely stunned.


61. (Operation Mongoose Part Two) The time Emma taught Hook how to sword fight.


62. (Operation Mongoose Part Two) Hook sacrificing himself to ensure Emma and Henry’s safety.


63. (Operation Mongoose Part Two) Emma being so overjoyed to find Killian alive that she runs, hugs and tackles him to the bed.


64. (Operation Mongoose Part Two) Emma’s first; “I love you.”


65. (The Dark Swan) The time Killian used soft-spoken words to talk Emma out of killing Merida.


66. (The Price) The time Killian passionately kissed the Dark Swan, attempting to use true love’s kiss to take the darkness out of her.


67. (The Price) Emma and Killian at the Camelot ball.


68. (The Price) Emma kissing Killian in an attempt to chase away the darkness after healing Robin.


69. (The Broken Kingdom) The time Killian comforted Emma late at night.


70. (The Broken Kingdom) When they spied on Henry and Violet; Killian looking amused and Emma in protective “mom-mode”.


71. (The Broken Kingdom) “I’ll never stop fighting for us.”


72. (The Broken Kingdom) Their romantic moment in the Middlemist Field.


73. (Nimue) The time Emma called Killian “babe”.


74. (Nimue) Killian giving Emma Liam’s ring because he believes it’ll bring Emma home to him.


75. (Nimue) When Killian tells Emma he loves her for the first time and she says it back.


76. (Birth) “I love you Emma Swan, no matter what you’ve done.”


77. (Birth) Emma healing Killian’s wound, before they share a cuddle in the woods.


78. (Birth) Emma telling Hook that she wants a future with him and lighting the Promethean Flame when they kiss.


79. (Birth) When Emma embraced the darkness because she refused to lose Killian.


80. (Broken Heart) The time Killian and Emma were Dark One’s and made out in the forest in the middle of the night.


81. (Broken Heart) Dark One “I love you’s” in the Middlemist Field.


82. (Broken Heart) The time Emma held Killian as the curse surrounded them, just like Snow did with Charming in the Pilot.


83. (Swan Song) When Hook sacrificed himself to right his mistakes and save Emma’s family and friends from being taken to the Underworld.


84. (Swan Song) “Hook, I will find you. I will always find you.”


85. (Labor of Love) Killian knowing that Emma was in the Underworld looking for him because of their love.


86. (Devil’s Due) Even with it being an emotional reunion, both Emma and Killian still managed to softly flirt with one another.


87. (The Brothers Jones) When Emma promised Killian that Hades wasn’t powerful enough to knock the handsome out of him and proceeded to heal Killian’s wounds in their house.


88. (The Brothers Jones) The time that Killian moved a cobweb out of Emma’s way.


89. (The Brothers Jones) When Killian told Emma that he wants their future together instead of moving on.


90. (Our Decay) Emma and Hook looking for a way to beat Hades together.


91. (Her Handsome Hero) When Hook was concerned about Emma not having enough sleep.


92. (Her Handsome Hero) The way Emma and Killian look at one another when Snow says; “Love is worth it.”


93. (Ruby Slippers) Emma hugging Killian when he reveals that he was able to cross Snow’s name off the gravestone and write David’s instead, allowing for Snow to go home to Neal.


94. (Sisters) When Emma immediately runs into Killian’s arms.


95. (Firebird) Of course we can’t forget the time they were confirmed as TRUE LOVE!


96. (Firebird) Their heartbreaking goodbye at the elevator.


97. (Last Rites) When Emma lovingly stroked the page of her and Killian dancing in the past in Henry’s storybook.


98. (Last Rites) Their emotional reunion after thinking they had lost one another forever. (PS. Bless Zeus for sending Killian back to where he belongs, which is with Emma).


99. (An Untold Story) And another reunion in New York City.


100. (An Untold Story) Emma’s first “I love you” when everything is calm. (Bonus, when they kiss, Killian lifts her!)


See you in season 6 for more swoon-worthy Captain Swan moments!

Captain Swan Recap: “Into The Deep”

Uploading this on my travels. We’ve had some seriously horrible weather today and found that I had time to do some Captain Swan recapping. Queen of Hearts will be coming soon!

Into The Deep: 


  • Hook finally arrives at the bottom of the beanstalk, unaware that Cora is waiting for him. Cora asks for the compass and Hook tells her that he doesn’t have it. Cora is clearly not happy with his response.
  • Cora asks Hook who was the one that bested him and Hook answers; “The Swan girl… Emma.” He promises it won’t happen again, but Cora isn’t interested in his excuses or promises.
    “You chose her… And the consequences of that decision.” Cora explains to him.
  • Cora decides as punishment, Hook isn’t going with her to Storybrooke and she poufs away, not listening to his pleads.


  • Hook wakes a sleeping Aurora who is still Cora’s prisoner. Aurora panics thinking that Hook is there to kill her, but Hook assures her that he’s setting her free. He informs Aurora that Cora is denying him passage back to Storybrooke and that he’s helping her escape because he doesn’t like being double crossed.
  • As Aurora goes to leave, he stops and asks for her to give a message to Emma. He asks Aurora to tell Emma that their deal still stands and that if Emma provides him passage back to Storybrooke, he’ll still help her obtain the dust from Cora to open the portal.
  • Aurora nods her understanding and leaves when Hook tells her too. Once she’s gone from sight, Hook’s soft act breaks and it becomes clear he is up to something.


  • As Mulan and Mary Margaret argue over what to do with the compass, Aurora arrives back and stops them. The three appear shocked to see her.
  • Emma asks Aurora how she escaped from Cora and Aurora informs Emma that Hook let her go. Emma asks Aurora why and her facial expression is one of surprise.
  • “Because of you.” Aurora tells Emma. Aurora explains to Emma that Hook wanted to prove to Emma that she should have trusted him.


  • As she says this, the group are unaware that Cora is currently speaking as Aurora through Aurora’s heart that Hook had taken earlier.
  • Aurora/Cora says that if Emma had trusted Hook, they could have defeated Cora together and that they could have gotten the remains of the wardrobe and now without him, she’ll have to go up against Cora by herself.
  • “He only wants to help, I… I think he may care for you.” Aurora/Cora says, earning a shocked look from Emma.


  • Hook comes into view behind Cora and says; “Nice touch that.”
  • Cora tells Hook that Emma won’t trust him and Hook explains to her that Emma doesn’t have to; she just needs to believe he was genuine in letting Aurora go and Hook wagers that Emma does now.
  • Cora agrees to take Hook once again to Storybrooke with her, because he took Aurora’s heart. Cora reminds Hook they still need the compass and Hook promises it will soon be delivered, before walking out of the cell.


Captain Swan: “Tallahassee” Recap


 Finished writing this recap just short of 12am. I wanted to get it published before I go away for a couple of days. Keep an eye out for “Into The Deep”. Excuse any mistakes. I should probably stop publishing at midnight. 

  • The group arrive at the bottom of the beanstalk. Emma looks confused as it is not how she remembers it from the story she heard in the real world. Hook ignores Mulan’s and Mary Margaret’s comments and tells them that the compass awaits.
  • Emma asks Hook why they need the compass if the beans open portals. Hook explains that there are no more beans and that the story she knows is wrong.
  • Emma recites the tale she learned as a child, to which Hook responds with; “Sounds like a lovely tale.” Hook then goes onto explain the “true” version of the events, which informs Emma that the giants destroyed the beans as they died.


  • Emma briefly recaps Hook’s tale of the events and asks in a cocky tone why people don’t go up and grow some more. Hook informs Emma that the strongest giant survived. It quickly clicks with Mary Margaret that they’ll have to get past this giant to the magic compass.
  • Hook explains that the compass lies amongst the treasure and that Cora only has the ability to open a portal with the wardrobe ashes, but will not be able to find Storybrooke without the compass. Hook says that all they need to do is steal the ashes from Cora and then go on their way.
  • Mulan still has suspicions that Hook is secretly working for Cora. Hook tells Mulan that the four of them are safer company than Cora and he only wants a ride back to Storybrooke, and he’ll swear allegiance to whoever gets him there first.


  • Emma announces that they need to start climbing and Hook chuckles nervously before explaining that the giant enchanted the beanstalk to repel intruders.
  • Emma isn’t happy at this and demands Hook to tell them how they get up there. Hook explains that he has a counter-spell and holds his hands out in an indication to be untied, which Mary Margaret does reluctantly.
  • Hook quickly removes his peasant cape, holds up his right arm and taps the cuff with his hook brace. He tells them that he has one more and asks who is going to take it.
  • “Go on, fight it out. Don’t be afraid to, you know, really get into it.” He teases.


  • Mulan, Aurora and Mary Margaret argue over who goes with Hook up the beanstalk, but Emma interrupts and announces that she’s the one going, as she doesn’t care what she has to face to get back to Henry.
  • Emma asks Mulan if there is anything in the her satchel that could help with a giant and Mulan leads Emma off to the side, opens the satchel and pulls out a bag of poppy powder. Mulan tells Emma that the giant needs to inhale the powder. Emma then questions how strong Mulan’s sword and Mulan reveals that the blade is the strongest in all the realms. Emma tells Mulan that if she’s not back in twelve hours, Mulan has to cut down the beanstalk.
  • “Ladies.” Hook interrupts. “In this world, we are slaves to time. And ours is running out. In other words, tick tock.”


  • Emma takes Mulan’s satchel, unzips her jacket sleeve and approaches Hook. She stops in front of him and holds her arm up.
  • “I was hoping it’d be you.” He tells her in a flirtatious tone.
  • Hook takes Emma’s hand and places it on his shoulder, before attaching the cuff. Hook explains to Emma that the cuff will allow her to climb and warns her there are other dangers.


  • “Thankfully you’ve got me to protect you.” He says, to which doesn’t look too happy about.
  • Hook lifts his brace up and Emma cocks her had to the side and gives him a smug smile. Hook seeing that Emma isn’t going to give him his hook back, tells her that he can’t climb one-handed.
  • Reluctantly, Emma takes his hook out of the satchel and tells him; “Don’t think I’m taking my eyes off you for a second.” She hands him the hook.
  • As Hook reattaches his hook, he responds with; “I’d despair if you did.”


  • Emma looks unimpressed and wraps the satchel over his hook, orders him to go and walks to the beanstalk.
  • Hook puts the satchel over his shoulder and follows Emma to the beanstalk. Emma glances over at Mary Margaret one last time before she and Hook start climbing.


  • Hook and Emma continue to climb up the stalk slowly when Hook asks Emma if this is her first beanstalk. When Emma doesn’t respond, he tells her that she’ll never forget her first.
  • “Most men would take your silence as off putting, but I love a challenge.” He tells her.
  • Emma insists that she’s concentrating, hence her silence.
  • Hook has her worked out and understands that she’s afraid to talk and reveal herself. Hook tells her to trust him and Emma guesses that he is used to people not trusting him, and Hook gathers she’s saying this because he is a pirate.


  • Hook explains to Emma that she doesn’t need to share because she’s an open book, to which Emma seems surprised to hear. Hook tells Emma that he knows she doesn’t want to abandon Henry the way she was abandoned.
  • He once again insists that she is an open book and Emma asks Hook how he knows this.
  • Hook explains that he spent many years in Neverland and that all the Lost Boys wear the same looks in their eyes from being left alone. Emma appears taken back with Hook’s comment and insists her world isn’t Neverland.
  • “An orphan’s an orphan.” He tells her. “Love has been all too rare in your life, hasn’t it? You ever been in love?”
  • Emma lies and tells him she hasn’t.


  • Emma and Hook arrive at the top of the beanstalk and jump down into the stone courtyard of the giant’s castle. Emma asks what happened as she looks at the ruins. Hook explains to her that this is where the final battle happened.
  • Hook notices that Emma’s hand is cut and insists that she gives it to him so he can help. Emma says that it is fine, but Hook disagrees and takes her hand.
  • “So now you’re going to be a gentleman?” Emma questions.
    “Giants can smell blood… And I’m always a gentleman.” Hook replies.


  • Hook uses his teeth to remove the lid from his flask, before lifting Emma’s hand with his hook and pouring the amber liquid on her wound. Emma flinches in pain and asks him what he is using to clean her cut. Hook tells her that it is rum and a waste of it.
  • Hook removes a black scarf from around his neck and begins to skilfully tie it around her hand, whilst explaining his plan about waiting for the giant to fall asleep, and then sneak into the treasure cave where the compass is. As he says this, he uses his teeth to fasten the scarf into a knot.
  • Emma appears to be entranced as she asks him; “And then?” Hook answers that they run like hell.


  • Managing to gather her thought, Emma tells Hook that she doesn’t have time to wait for a giant to fall asleep and that they need to use the poppy powder that Mulan gave them. Hook tells Emma that’s riskier and Emma subtly informs him he’s wrong.
  • “Point taken. Ooh, you’re a tough lass. You’d make a hell of a pirate.” Hook compliments her.
  • As Hook holds out the poppy powder to Emma, she notices a tattoo on his forearm, with the name “Milah” written on it. Emma questions who Milah is.


  • Hook quickly becomes quieter as he tells Emma that she is someone from long ago, and Emma asks where she is. Hook informs Emma that she’s gone and starts to walk away from her.
  • This time, Hook becomes the open book to Emma. She realizes that Gold took more than Hook’s hand and that’s why he wants to kill him.
  • “For someone who’s never been in love, you’re quite perceptive, aren’t you?” He asks noticeably moodier.
  • Emma replies honestly this time. “Maybe I was, once.”


  • Emma is now perched on top of a tall stone pillar. Below, Hook picks up a large bone and once aware that Emma is ready, he begins to bang it on a shield loudly. Moments later, a giant’s roar can be heard and the ground begins to shake. The giant steps outside.
  • Hook instantly attracts the giant’s attention and begins to taunt him so he won’t spot Emma. Skilfully, Hook manages to lead the giant face to face with Emma and when the giant bends down to catch Hook, Emma launches the poppy powder at him and it explodes over his face. The giant falls to the ground unconscious.
  • Emma shouts for Hook when she can’t see him as it looks as though he was crushed by the giant. Hook stands back up after inspecting the giant and announces that he’s out cold.
  • “I don’t mean to upset you Emma, but I think we make quite the team.” Hook says with a smile on his face.
  • Emma looks as though she is considering something for a few moments before telling him; “Let’s go steal a compass.”


  • Emma and Hook make their way through the treasure room and Hook explains that the giants hoarded all their stolen treasure here. Hook breaks off from his tale when he picks up a gold coin and examines it.
  • Emma watches him and doesn’t look impressed. She reminds him that they need to get the compass. Hook is entranced with the treasure and asks Emma what the rush is. Emma doesn’t look happy with his response and questions him on how long magical knock out powder lasts. When Hook can’t give a definite answer, Emma tells him that’s her rush.
  • Hook pockets the gold coin and agrees with her.
    “Come… Everything we need is right in front of us.” He tells her as he walks ahead of her, Emma watching him.


  • The scene switches to Emma and Hook who are now deeper in the treasure room. Emma is asking about giant house keepers as she looks around at the mess, and is concerned about finding the compass. Hook tells her to start searching, before he asks how much treasure they could carry down the beanstalk in addition to the compass.
  • Emma spots a skeleton and Hook explains that it is Jack the Giant Killer. Emma looks confused at the size of the sword that the skeleton is holding and Hook insists it packs quite the wallop.


  • Hook, not looking where he is going, almost sets off a tripwire, but is stopped when Emma lunges forward and pulls him to her. Hook, not aware that she prevented him from being trapped, thinks she’s pulling a move on him and says; “It’s about bloody time.”
  • Emma manages to push him away and explains the reason why she grabbed him and points to the tripwire. Hook gives a flirty response and gently plays with the end of her hair. Emma says that they need to find the compass and gestures for him to move forward first, to which he does with a cocky swagger.


  • Emma and Hook are still searching for the compass when Hook spots a cage with treasure piled on the top. He asks Emma to give him a boost, but Emma’s still suspicious that he is pocketing things behind her back and insists he give her a boost.
  • “Try something new, darling. It’s called trust.” Hook tells her with an honest look in his eye.
  • Emma looks at him for a few moments before suggesting they do it side by side and fast, because they don’t know when the giant is going too…
  • Emma doesn’t get too finish her sentence as a loud thud comes and treasure begins to fall over. Both Emma and Hook look to the entrance and it becomes clear the giant is awake.
  • Hook puts his hand on Emma’s shoulder in an attempt to guide her to safety and he leads the way to a hiding spot, but both suddenly freeze in place when they see that the giant has entered the hall and is now beginning to run towards them.
  • Debris starts falling from the ceiling where Hook is standing and traps him underneath. Emma calls for him in a panicked tone as the giant draws closer to her.


  • After Emma has won Anton’s affections and claimed two favors from him, she makes her way over to the debris where Hook is trapped.
  • Emma takes Hook’s outstretched hand and helps him out of the fallen ceiling. Hooks calls her “bloody brilliant” and “amazing”. Once he’s sat up straight, he asks to see the compass and Emma visibly hesitates before pulling it out and showing him. As Hook tries to touch it, Emma quickly pockets it.


  • Hook smiles and holds his hand out, telling Emma; “Let’s go.” Emma stares at his hand for a few moments before taking it. Hook gives her another shy smile, only this time she quickly places a metal cuff attached to a chain around his wrist and steps back.
  • Hook looks confused and asks what she is doing, also standing and facing her.
  • Emma tries to explain but can’t form a proper sentence and Hook speaks up. Hook asks her to look at him and pleadingly questions her if he’s told her a lie. He tells her that he risked his own safety to bring her here and help her. He asks why she is doing this to him now that she has the compass in her hands.


  • “I can’t take the chance that I’m wrong about you.” She tells him, before apologizing and turning to walk away.
  • Hook’s annoyed now and shouts that he got here and got her the compass. Emma stops walking and turns back to face Hook, correcting him that she got the compass.
  • Hook asks if she is going to leave him here to die and for Anton to eat him and crush his bones. Emma quickly tells him that Anton is not a beast and that he’s not going to die.
  • Emma informs Hook that all she needs is a head start, before turning and walking away.
  • Hook frantically calls her by “Swan” three times and tugs at the chain hard.
  • Emma doesn’t look back.


Captain Swan: “The Doctor” Recap

The Doctor:

 So before you begin, I had to do this in dot points because it was a bloody narrative in paragraph form. I’m hoping before September 25th that I can recap all episodes with Captain Swan in. 

  • Emma, Mary Margaret, Mulan and Aurora arrive back at the Safe Haven after their journey, only to discover that all the refugees have been murdered and that they are all missing their hearts. Mary Margaret concludes that Cora is responsible.
  • Emma walks through the bodies, examining them and she notices a ringed hand waving in an attempt to get her attention. She, Aurora and Mulan rush forward and help to remove the dead body off the survivor, who turns out to be a dashing man pleading for help. His eyes meet Emma’s and she’s visibly stunned to see someone alive.

1-2.gif 1-1

  • The scene switches to Hook who sits at a picnic table, his head in his hand as he pretends to be in shock. He sits alone.
  • Mulan and Emma slowly make their way towards him, Emma with a cup of water for the survivor. Mulan explains to Emma that she has seen him around before and that he is a blacksmith who lost his hand in an ogre attack. Emma isn’t convinced and tells Mulan that it is messy for Cora to leave a survivor.
  • Emma hands him the water, he thanks her with a trembling voice and takes a long gulp of the fluid.
  • Emma doesn’t waste time and questions the man how he had managed to evade death. The man who has already planned his tale begins to explain to Emma how Cora attacked during the night and slaughtered everyone, and when he saw that she was ripping out people’s hearts, he hid under the bodies of those who had already been killed.


  • Emma doesn’t look too impressed with his tale and clearly does not believe him as the man continues to insist that it was all he could do to survive.
  • Still not believing a word of his story, Emma leans down so she is eye-level with him, and tells him that she is “going to let him in on a little secret”, and that she is pretty good at knowing when someone is lying.
  • The man, (if I do say so myself, looks quite entranced), and once again insists that he is being truthful.
  • Emma simply gives him a small smile and stands back up.


  • Mulan suggests that the group leaves and continues to try and find a way back to Storybrooke, to which Mary Margaret agrees with
  • As Mary Margaret explains about how much time she got with her husband and grandson, the lone survivor immediately breaks his act and perks up and enquires after Henry, unaware Emma has moved to stand behind him.
  • His smile only continues to grow as he informs the group that he knows the land well and that he can guide them.
  • He is suddenly cut off mid-sentence when Emma grabs his hair, pulls his head back and holds a very sharp dagger against his throat.
  • “You’re not going to guide us anywhere, until you tell us who you really are.” Emma threatens.


  • Mulan successfully manages to tie the man to a tree, whilst he continues to proclaim his innocence
  • Emma is having none of his lies and whistles loudly, which signals an ogre. Emma turns back to the man and tells him that he if he won’t talk to them, he can talk to the ogres as they rip him limb from limb.
  • The man doesn’t say anything and Emma starts walking away, telling the others to follow her, which they do. Aurora protests not convinced that the man is lying, but Emma insists he is.


  • The man finally drops his charade when he realizes that Emma is deadly serious about leaving him behind.
  • “Good for you.” He calls. “You bested me. I can count the amount of people who have done that on one hand.”
  • Emma walks back towards him, asking if he is trying to be funny. She doesn’t give him anytime to respond and once again asks who he is.
  • The man introduces himself as Killian Jones, but is more commonly known by the name of Hook. Hook tells Mary Margaret to check his satchel when it appears she doesn’t believe him.
  • “As in Captain Hook?” Emma asks with a very unamused expression on her face.
    “Ah, so you’ve heard of me.” Hook cockily responds as Mary Margaret pulls out a silver Hook.


  • The ogres continue to grow closer and Hook no longer looks worried… just annoyed.
  • Emma is now facing Hook again and she tells him to start talking or he will be an ogres dinner, and Hook realizes that she is deadly serious and he has no way to escape, so he finally begins the truthful version of his tale.
  • He tells Emma about Cora’s plan in wanting him to gain their trust so he could learn all about Storybrooke as Cora doesn’t want any surprises when she arrives there.
  • After Mary Margaret insists that Cora can’t get there because they destroyed the wardrobe, Hook quickly informs them that the enchantment still remained and by Cora gathering up the ashes, she has a way to open a portal.


  • Another roar comes; this time closer and Hook once again asks to be cut loose, to which Mulan disagrees with as she believes that he should pay for all the lives he took. Hook quickly responds an angry glint in his eye as he tells Mulan that Cora was responsible for that. Emma only looks at him for a few moments before once again turns to leave, ordering the others to follow.
  • Hook asks her to wait quietly at first, but Emma simply ignores him which prompts Hook to shout instead and tell the group that they need him.
  • Emma looks unimpressed and turns back to face him, questioning why they need him.


  • Hook tells Emma that they both want the same thing… to get back to Storybrooke. Emma moves back towards him and is convinced that Hook will say anything to save himself and that she has no reason to believe him.
  • Hook quickly explains that he offered transport with Cora, but considering how resourceful she is, he’ll offer her the same deal. He will help them if they promise to take him back to Storybrooke with them. He informs the group that Cora is seeking an Enchanted Compass as the dust can only open a portal and that he will help Emma obtain it before Cora does.


  • Mary Margaret doesn’t look convinced and tells Emma that she thinks it sounds too good to be true.
  • Emma turns back to Hook, draws her dagger and once more holds it against his throat in a threatening manner, Hook looking extremely displeased at this.
  • Emma demands for him to tell her why he wants to go to Storybrooke and that she better believe what he says.
  • Hook looks Emma dead in the eye as he tells her he wants to enact revenge on the man who took his hand… Rumplestiltskin.


  • Later in the day, Hook leads the group to the beanstalk and his hands are tied.
  • Emma and Mary Margaret remain a few metres behind and agree that they are being led into a trap, but because they know this they can stay one step ahead.
  • Hook stops and Emma comes to a halt beside him, looking at the beanstalk in the mere distance.
  • It hits Emma as she looks at the beanstalk that the compass is at the top and Hook soon confirms her suspicions.
  • Emma has worry in her voice as she asks Hook how they are going to get up there. Hook can sense that Emma is uneasy about the climb and tells her that beanstalk isn’t the thing to be worried about. It’s the giant at the top.


Favorite Captain Swan Moment From ‘Last Rites’

Favorite Captain Swan moment from “Last Rites”

 “Last Rites” was definitely a heart breaker for sure. Despite the leak of promotional pictures earlier that week, and Robin Hood (Sean Maguire), being confirmed as this episode’s causality, it didn’t matter how long people spent mentally preparing to see it on screen, it broke our hearts, and I am sure all Robin lovers and Outlaw Queen fans are still in mourning, and many probably will discontinue the series.

Despite myself not being crazy on Robin or Outlaw Queen, (I’m hardcore Captain Swan), the sight of Robin sacrificing himself for the woman he loves, Regina (Lana Parrilla), and watching his son Roland, (Raphael Alejandro), place arrows on his father’s grave broke me. I found myself wanting to turn back the episode and stop Hades, but alas, I’m not able to.

A lot of sad events occurred in this episode, but I’m always the one to think of the positive moments as well.

This week’s episode had some beautiful Emma (Jennifer Morrison), and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) moments. Even though Emma and Hook weren’t physically together for all of their scenes, they still managed to get the hearts of Captain Swan fans fluttering, and allow us to smile throughout the angst.

I decided that instead of me choosing which scenes were the favorites of this week, I chose to hold a poll on my twitter account (@_HookedOnEmma_), and asked members of the Captain Swan fandom to vote and choose which one was their favorite. The poll consisted of four options, and fans were given twenty four hours to vote. Out of 378 votes, there could only be one winner.

  1. Killian Worried About Emma


Coming in fourth place at 2% was the scene between Killian and Arthur in Hades’ lair. (Never thought we’d see this bromance).

It was evident that it was painful and stressful for Killian that he wasn’t with Emma and able to see for himself that she was safe, and that Hades wasn’t trying to harm her. So the only thing he could do was try to send Emma help from the Underworld, which led to his noble quest to find Hades’ missing pages, with the help of Arthur.

It’s not often we see people worrying for Emma on the show. For example, during the Dark Swan arc I questioned her parents severely during the lead up to the Camelot ball, and their decisions to help Regina than be with their own daughter-at her first ball with her parents present. Killian, despite knowing that Emma is surrounded by all her family and friends, did nothing but worry for her safety. Despite him being the one trapped in the Underworld, the place for eternal suffering until your unfinished business is complete, he still only wanted to save her, and not himself.

  1. Emma Stroking Their Page


This was probably my second favorite moment in the episode for Captain Swan, but this one jumps into third place with 4% of votes.

Back in season three, when it was first revealed that Emma and Killian had their own page in Henry’s storybook, I can remember not being able to breathe and having a big goofy grin on my face. For a couple to have their own page in the book, it’s special.

This particular scene was a beautiful reference back to the season three finale. I truly believe that Emma’s walls began to crumble at rapid pace during their time in the past, and them dancing together at Charming and Abigail’s ball was a moment for them to become intimate with one another. Hook didn’t judge Emma because she didn’t know how to dance. Instead, he took her hand and showed her how to, and even complimented Emma calling her a “natural”.

Emma stroking their page with a ghost of a smile on her face is beautiful. She is looking back at their happy memories and not regretting anything. It isn’t until she starts tearing up that she finally looks away because she doesn’t want to remind herself that he is gone and not coming back. (Or so she believed in that moment of time).

2.Emma at Killian’s Grave:

second place

This scene landed in second place with 5% of votes.

This was the one Captain Swan scene I was most sad about watching because seeing Emma crying over Killian’s grave is heartbreaking. Emma, who has done nothing but give people their happy endings in the past, is having such a hard time attaining hers. She and Killian have already made it clear they are one another’s happiness and with their true love confirmation in “Firebird”. It only seals the deal.

Emma is crying because she thinks he’s gone forever, that he’s moved on. She believes she won’t see him again until her death, and there is probably nothing more heartbreaking to a person than that.

  1. Reunion


I think it was fairly obvious that their reunion was going to finish in first place (89% of votes), but I still thought it would be fun to make a poll on it.

Emma is probably feeling guilty that another person has died, and once again she thinks it’s her fault. As Emma prepares to say goodbye to Robin, a rush of magic whooshes the graveyard, and Hook appears behind her.

Their reunion is beautiful. Neither can believe that the other is really there. Killian says Emma’s name like a question, and she can only look at him in shock, before finally making her way to him. You can see Killian reaching for her, as though he believes this is a dream, or that his heaven is an alternate world for him and Emma, but when she finally reaches and kisses him, there is a brief moment of hesitance before they both realize that they are really together and embrace one another tightly.

Killian begins to explain how he got back, but Emma is so overjoyed at seeing him, she just continues to pepper his cheeks with kisses, which results in Killian losing track of his thoughts and he begins to stumble over his words. In their joy, Emma cuts him off by kissing him once again, and both express how happy they are that the other is safe and that they are euphoric to be back with one another again.

Emma remembers where they are, and not minutes ago, they just said goodbye to Robin Hood. She and Killian embrace one another tightly as they look on at Robin’s grave sadly.

Overall Episode Rating: Despite the death of our beloved Robin Hood, this episode was enjoyable. I gave it a 3.8/5

Once Upon A Time returns this fall at 8/7!