Emma Swan: a Kick Ass Heroine

Quite frequently, while I scroll through my Twitter feed, I see, “Emma Swan has gotten so weak” or “Emma became weak when she started dating Hook”. Not only are those statements untrue, but they’re just stupid. To begin with, Emma was never weak and she isn’t weak now. Also, Hook hasn’t made Emma weak. Love is strength and those who say love makes you weak need a reality check.

So let’s break down some scenes (because I could easily list like 10, but I don’t feel like it) where Emma Swan has proven to be the strong, kick ass heroine that she is:

When she slayed a dragon by herself:

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Yeah, remember that time Emma single-handedly slain a dragon? It was the same person who didn’t even believe in magic. For those calling Emma weak, slay a dragon and then talk. A weak person wouldn’t descend into a shady basement with a dragon. A weak person would skip town, but Emma didn’t. Because she’s strong.

When she had to sacrifice her true love:

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I am so sorry, let me start by saying. Emma had to not only watch her true love die, but she had to be the one to kill him. Yah, that’s someone who is so weak. Wrong. Her doing this was one of the strongest things Emma has ever done on the show. This was a man who she loved. A man who she wanted to spend her future with, but he asked her to do him this final favor. This was an act of a brave, strong woman. Please tell me how Hook makes her weak. I dare ya!

When she became the Dark One:

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She knew she was strong enough to control herself as the Dark One. For the most part, Emma was strong enough to resist the darkness. Who willingly becomes the Dark One? Surely not a woman who is weak. This was still the biggest plot twist ever. She put on a brave face to save her friend who may have been tempted by the darkness.

When she climb the beanstalk:

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I don’t recall the exact words, but I remember Emma telling Mulan that if she didn’t survive the trip up to the beanstalk, to make sure Mary Margaret got home. Those are not words of a weak woman. A weak woman would refuse to climb the beanstalk in the first place. Not to mention Emma was in a land that she wasn’t at all familiar with and she was taking the chances on a pirate who wasn’t known for his goodness. So, yeah, Emma’s a pretty strong character. She’s fearless and it’s always in the name of love.

Merry Captain Swan-mas

Because it’s Christmas and I wanted to write a Captain Swan Christmas one shot. Enjoy!

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Emma stands in front of the oven, wondering if the ham is cooked enough. She’s never been very handy with cooking, but this was one of her first Christmases with family and a boyfriend. She wanted to do it right-how she always imagined it would be when she was a child.

“Emma,” Killian pokes his head in to the kitchen. “What time is everyone coming over?”

Deciding the ham is cooked enough, she pulls it out of the oven. “At four for dinner.”

“I want you to open your present before your family gets her.”

Emma arches an eyebrow at him. Knowing Killian, he probably bought her something not appropriate to open in front of her parents or son. It’s probably for the best because David would kill him. “Should I close the blinds?”

He smirks at her, handing her a small box. “Get your head out of the gutter, Swan. It’s Christmas. I’ll save that for Valentine’s Day,” he winks.

She rolls her eyes, unwrapping the paper. “Oh, Killian,” she dangles a necklace with a diamond anchor on it. “It’s beautiful; I love it.”

He gives her a shy smile. “I’m glad you like it, love.”

Kissing his cheek, she brushes her hair to the side. “Put it on me?”

Killian clasps it at the back of her neck, kissing her on the neck as he does so. His lips travel to her shoulder and he nuzzles against her until he hears the front door open. “Bloody hell.”

“Mom, Hook!” Henry calls from the foyer.

“In the kitchen,” Emma calls back as Killian backs away from her.

Henry comes walking into the kitchen with Regina at his heels. She carries a pan of what Emma assumes is her famous lasagna. She prompts her to set it on the kitchen where the rest of the food sits. Mary Margaret and David were in charge of providing dessert for tonight. Emma even invited Zalena, but she doubts she’ll show up. The door opens again and her parents come walking in with her baby brother Neal. He wails as soon as he enters the kitchen.

“We brought brownies and sugar cookies shaped like ginger bread men,” Mary Margaret announces. “David didn’t help.”

David raises his hands in defense. “You told me I couldn’t help!”

Emma smiles as her parents playfully bicker. She glances at Killian from the corner of her eye who is talking to Henry. Henry waves to her as he sees her looking at them.


After dinner, the family gathers around the fireplace in the living room watching A Christmas Story. Emma sits on Killian’s lap, leaning her head against his shoulder. She plays with the diamond anchor around her neck. He catches her hand in his and kisses it lightly.

“I just don’t understand,” Killian’s eyes never leave the TV. “Why wouldn’t they buy Ralphie a gun? It’s good for his manhood.”

Henry is the first to respond. “Because guns are dangerous in the real world.”

David nods his head in agreement. “Unless Emma and I are using them.”

They continue to watch the movie as Killian keeps asking Henry questions about the antics inn the movie. At one point, Regina leaves the room to escape his constant questions. Emma just enjoys being in the same room with the people she loves without any threats of deranged villains coming to attack her or her family.

“What are you thinking about, love?” Killian runs his hand down her arm.

“I never had this growing up, and I’m just glad I do now.”

“Aye; I’m glad you do too.”

Emma stands up, walking over to the tree to fetch his present. “It’s not much.”

He takes the present, quirking an eyebrow at her in a flirty manner. Unwrapping the paper with his hand, he stares down in the box. Pulling out a little onesie with the words ‘daddy’s little pirate’ scrawled across it, his face goes blank.

“Swan?” his gaze is full of love.

A tear roles down Emma’s cheek. “I’m pregnant.”

“You were right this morning in bed; this was the best day ever.”





25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 24

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! Hope it’s going better for you than it is me. Let’s just say working retail today has made me a little Grinch. However, I am going to write about the best scene ever in the history of TV shows. Yes, I am talking about Emma and Hook’s reunion at the end of season 5. I’ll probably cry as I write this.

Season 5 Episode 21: ‘Last Rites’

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All you hear is the rain falling and then a deep voice say “Swan”. The camera shows Emma turning around to see Killian. As if in disbelief, Emma whispers “Killian?” before running into his arms. I sobbed so hard because look how happy she looks just running into her true love’s arms. I’ll never be over it.

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And they kiss each other like she’s making sure this is actually happening. The passion was so raw in this scene. The love is just pouring out of this kiss and I can’t even right now. No words can properly express the emotions I had while watching this.

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“How are you here-I what!?” Emma is just so dazed but she doesn’t even care. She’s just  relieved the man she loves is back with her. Back where he truly belongs. These cheek kisses killed me. Cute af. And it was improvised. Honestly-just aw.

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As Hook is explaining how he came back from the dead, Emma cuts him off by kissing him. She just wants to kiss her man, and I can’t blame her for that. He doesn’t seem to mind though. They’re such a wonderful fictional couple. Here it is canon that Zeus deemed him worthy to go back to his life. What a fanboy. Thank you, Zeus!

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“I’m just glad you’re okay,” Emma says as she grips onto him. And Hook reciprocates his relief that she is okay too while realizing not everyone is. Nonetheless, this scene was sweet and I hate that people were mad about it. Emma thought she would never see him again, and then he appeared back to her. A normal reaction was exactly how she reacted and I don’t see this scene as disrespectful; I see it as an act of love.


25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 21

Where has the month gone!? I am running out of time to write about all of my favorite Emma and Hook scenes. I cannot believe I haven’t written about this one yet because I fangirled so hard during it.

Season 5 Episode 7: ‘Nimue’

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“I get this spark thing, and I’m working my way back to you babe.” Look at Hook noticing that Emma is quoting something from a movie. Which, if we’re being honest, I have no idea where that quote is from, so props to Hook!
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“Calm down, Swan. I’m not proposing.” DANG! I do believe this was the cutest scene ever. I love both of their reactions to this. Hook told Emma to calm down that he wasn’t proposing. Then Emma gives this side-eye thing that totally looked like a ‘dangit’ kind of look. We saw ya, girl.
Image result for emma and hook 5x07 gifs
After Hook gives her Liam’s ring and tells her to bring his Emma back to him, he says this line and I fell in love more. He wants Emma to know that he’s here for her and that he loves her, darkness or not. I love that even though things were rocky, Hook managed to give her some light-heartedness into Emma’s situation.
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And, of course, she reciprocates those feelings. I will never tire of them confessing their love for each other because we don’t get to hear them say it all too much. But you know that they love each other anyway.
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They are just adorable.


25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 19


The end is coming! Okay, that sounds dramatic. Time is ticking down to Christmas and I still have so much to do. Yet here I sit writing about Emma and Hook. It’s cool though because since I am on winter break, I need to keep up with writing so when I go back to school, I feel kind of motivated.

Season 5 Episode 23: ‘An Untold Story’

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“What is it, love?” Killian asks Emma before following the others into Granny’s. Emma tells him that she wants to tell him something when things are calm and there’s not some psycho after them. This is it! She’s about to tear down that small piece of her wall.

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Hook is internally freaking out. He’s probably like ‘omg, she’s gonna say it when nobody is dying!’ I mean, that’s how I felt in this moment so I can only imagine he did too. Look at how pretty he is…

Image result for emma and hook 5x23 gifs

Emma tells him that she loves him. Now, this may seem like a mundane thing, but for Emma, this was a HUGE deal! She was never able to fully love someone before Hook came along. Let’s take note of how adorable Hook’s face was when she said it. He was so happy, and it brought happy tears to my eyes. AWWW!

Image result for emma and hook 5x23 gifs

The lift kiss! I won’t forget when we first saw bts photos for this. I was studying for some test and I couldn’t concentrate the rest of the night. I don’t know why, but I love lift kisses. I just-

Related image

Just think, after this kiss, it’s when they went back to her house for that couch scene. Hehe. They have so much chemistry and passion I just can’t handle it sometimes.

Image result for emma and hook 5x23 gifs

Another angle of the kiss because why not?

25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 18

Oh how I love Christmas parties with friends. What I do not love is this negative 10 degree weather happening…I also love Captain Swan though, so let’s talk about that! We are one week short of Christmas which means I only have a week left of Captain Swan scenes. So without further ado!

Season 4 Episode 9: “The Fall”

Image result for emma and hook 4x09 gifs

“What are you doing here? You know what’s about to happen,” Emma tells Hook. “I know I just wanted to see you…” he responds. Then she says this and we all knew that Emma is changing. She’s changing for Hook. She was never that tearful kissing person, but she was for Hook. I just find that special. That she’s willing to be a person capable of showing emotions to him.

Image result for emma and hook 4x09 gifs

For him, she’ll be that person though. Look at how she grabs him as if she may never see him again. That is the action of a woman in love.

Image result for emma and hook 4x09 gifs

They’re kissing each other like they’ll never see each other again. There is so much love and passion in this kiss that I will never be over it, okay.

Related image

I just love this kiss between them. Have I mentioned this yet? It’s so passionate and ugh. How they lean into each other after they break the kiss. I can’t. It was such a painful scene to watch because they didn’t want to leave one another and you totally knew that. And goodness. Does her kiss her neck!?Image result for emma and hook 4x09 gifs

Oh gosh their faces after Hook tells her good bye! I wanna cry. Aren’t we lucky nothing bad went down after this? Well, nothing too bad. Okay, I just read a caption under this gif where the person said he was trying so hard not to tell her that he loved her. Oh my feels!


25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 17

One week until Christmas Eve. Oh, I am so excited even though I work all day. That’s pretty tragic. I don’t know why, but this is the scene that popped into my head. It’s kind of a funny scene, but deep down under the hate, there was some love. Right? I think so. And who doesn’t love a good ole Captain Swan throw back!? Also, I laughed so hard at this scene.

Season 2 Episode 12: ‘In the Name of the Brother’

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Oh the pre-stages of Emma and Hook are just wonderful. After Hook is hit by a car, Emma pays him a visit in the hospital. Even though she’s there to question him, I believe she had another motive. That motive being that she wanted to protect Hook from Rumple since Hook tried to kill Belle. I think, deep, deep down, Emma had a soft spot for the villain. I know we all did!

Related image

He just doesn’t stop. “You’re awfully chipper for a guy who just tried to kill someone…and then got hit by a car.” I love that line and Emma’s tone.

Related image

I just. Honestly. Where is the laughing emoji when you need one?!

Related image

Emma was going to do anything to make Hook speak about Cora whereabouts. Naturally, she goes the threatening route. To which Hook actually smiles. The dude smiles at Emma while she’s threatening to make him hurt. If that’s not a smitten man, I don’t know what is.

Related image

And then Emma startles him and she gives him this smirk. He is not impressed. But omg, is she like flirting with him or?! Poor Hook.

Image result for emma and hook 2x12 gifs

“I will tell you what I’m interested in: my hook. Unless there’s another attachment you prefer?” The guy was just hit by a car and he’s flirting with her. Some things I just don’t question about Hook and this is one of them. He was just in too deep with her already. Ah, good times. Captain Innuendo.


25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 16

Bloody hell! I am starting this post a minute before day 17, but shhh nobody has to know. (I had a busy af day!) This scene is quiet unnoticeable; however, it carries so much meaning for Emma and Hook. As I stated in my post from last night, season 4 is all about chipping away Emma’s walls.

Season 4 Episode 5: ‘Breaking Glass’

Image result for emma and hook 4x05 gifs

THIS! Emma trusts Hook enough to look at what’s left of her childhood. As we all are well aware, Emma isn’t a very open person when it comes to her past. With Hook, she lets him into her world. He asks him for the honors of peeking into her past, and she lets him. She knows he will love her no matter what he sees. I think that’s why i love them together so much: because they trust each other so thoroughly. Also look at his doofy, little smirk. Aw.

Image result for emma and hook 4x05 gifs

Emma sits down with Hook to watch a video of her childhood. “Reflective today, aren’t we?” Hook asks. Emma tells him there are some things that happened today that made her think about her past. They sit down together and he pulls her against him into the cutest snuggle ever. CUTE AF!

Image result for emma and hook 4x05 gifs

And they continue to be the cutest couple ever until they realize the Snow Queen is in the video. Yeah, I was pretty shocked too. Despite the drama that ensued, I will always appreciate this scene because we see the trust they share. We see that Emma is willing to let Hook in. Thank you for this scene.

25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 15

Hope you all are staying warm because I am not! Seriously a temperature of 0 degrees should be illegal. You know what else should be illegal? How dang cute and caring Hook is towards Emma. I swear, this man is just yes. Also, this is where Emma admits how she really feels about Hook. And where the walls begin to crumble.

Season 4 Episode 3: ‘Rocky Road’

Image result for emma and hook 4x03 gifs

“I don’t need a drink. Or a man,” Emma defiantly tells Hook as she storms into the street.  Hook, the ever caring boyfriend that he is, follows after her. And I don’t know why, but I love when he grabs her with his hook. Even thought they are different, Hook tells her, that “at some point you need to start trusting me,” wanting desperately to break down her walls.

Image result for emma and hook 4x03 gifs

“Because everyone I’ve ever been with is dead!” she exclaims before she tells him she can’t lose him too. And being the ever confident man he is, he calmly tells her that if he’s good at one thing: it’s surviving. Boy, how true is that statement. This scene is the start of Hook chipping away that wall she has built up. She admitted that she can’t fathom the thought of losing him too. OTP game strong.

Related image

And swoop. They start making out in the middle of the road. Kind of dangerous, but, after all, he is good at surviving. Sigh. Those two.

Related image

I just like the shot of this. Also, yes. His hand on her head. I am weak. So weak.

25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 13

I’m pretty sure I’m in the middle of a coldapocalypse. Anyway, today I am revisiting a small scene between Emma and Hook. Small, but adorable and kind of funny. The day that Hook was, presumably, introduced to Netflix.

Season 4 Episode 1: ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’

Image result for emma and hook 3x12 gifs

“Crisis adverted,” Hook says with an adorably, doofy smile plastered across his face. And this, my readers, is when Emma asks him if he wants to go home to see what’s on Netflix. To which Hook says, “I don’t know what that is, but sure!” Again, with a doofy smile. Honestly, this man is just a gem. He doesn’t even know what Netflix is; he just wants to spend time with Emma and I think that’s sweet.

Related image

Being the caring and “quite perceptive” man that he is, Hook tells Emma that she’s avoiding him. Which Emma admits that she is. I love how even so early on in their relationship, he’s able to read Emma like a book. So married.

Related image

I like how Emma’s response to that was to kiss him. Too many feels to handle to be honest. They’re just the best OTP ever, okay.

Image result for emma and hook 4x01 gifs

Ever the patient man! Unless, of course, a snow monster comes and rains on his parade. Hook was patient; I was patient; the whole fandom was patient. Now? Not so much! Always remember when Jennifer Morrison said this was her favorite scene of 4×01.