365 Days of OUAT Fics

So for those of you who don’t know, I have been in a fanfiction mood lately. Whether it be writing it or reading it, I have been addicted. Which is weird because I never thought I would like it, that’s why I’ve always avoided it until last month. My New Year’s resolution is to write more. Since I am a journalism student and I write for the student newspaper and am a writer for Talk Nerdy With Us and Hollywood News Source, I am constantly writing. However, it’s never fictional and that’s what I want to focus on.

My plan is to write a one shot every day. Spanning from 250-1000 words. Whatever I have time for that day. I want to have different prompts to write about and different ships. Not merely just Captain Swan, although it’ll probably be mostly that!

What I’m asking for is for you all to comment, tweet me a prompt that you would like a one shot about. Any ship (as long as it’s canon), any interaction, any plot, whatever. Just let me know!

I will be posting on my fanfiction account starting January 1!

Hopefully I’ll be able to stick with this since college is a bit demanding, but I’m optimistic!

25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 25


Merry Christmas, shipmates! I hope you all are being very spoiled. Thankfully I found some spare time to write this before Christmas festivities later this afternoon. Yay, presents! Anyway, I saved the best and hottest scene for last. And if you know me, I bet you can guess what scene it is. I’m going to gif the hell out of this.

Season 6 Episode 1: ‘The Savior’

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I just remember when this sneak peek was released and we had no idea this would happen. It started so innocent with their house and then BAM!

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Killian has to keep assuring Emma that her son or parents wouldn’t walk in on them. It was so funny because Emma definitely didn’t want anyone walking it. Damn you, blimp.

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Canon: Killian has a fetish for Emma’s jacket. Although, this wasn’t really surprising considering he’s into leather too. But omg….she wanted to undress and he’s like nope. I screamed. We all screamed. I will forever scream.

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I don’t have a sentence to say about this besides: DEAR LORD. HOT HOT HOT! The passion on their faces is just overwhelming. They love each other so much and were so ready for some coffee.

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Yes. Just yes.

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Why is this scene so hot though? Honestly, they have such fantastic chemistry and it went to waste this season. I am still looking forward to the sequel since the stupid blimp interrupted. Emma was worried about her family walking in, but it was a dang blimp. Talk about bad timing. Still salty about this.




25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 23

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Which is totally a thing. Super bummed I have to work on actual Christmas Eve, so tragic. Today I wanted to talk about a fun Emma and Hook scene. As the days are dwindling down, I can’t believe I haven’t used this scene sooner, but saving the best for last!

Season 3 Episode 21: ‘There’s No Place Like Home’

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“Princess Charles. And I’m Princess…Leia,” Emma swoops in to save the day. I find it so funny that he wasn’t able to lie so easily. Aren’t pirates supposed to be cunning and witty? They make a great team!

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He’s being so flirty! And look at her smile as he tells her this. There is no doubt that she likes when he compliments her. She’s so smitten with him just as he was with her. Of course, Hook made it more well known.

Image result for emma and hook 3x21 "i'm princess leia" gifs

“Pick a partner who knows what he’s doing.”Hmmm seems like Hook’s done the waltz before. Has anyone stopped to wonder how exactly he knows what he’s doing? Doesn’t seem like a pirate thing to do waltzes, but hey, I don’t question Hook. Obviously Emma was just as surprised to find out he knew how!

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It’s so special that Hook got Emma’s first dance as a ‘princess’. I think Emma was definitely okay with that. This was one of their many firsts together. They look so good together too. I love them.

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“You appear to be quite the natural,” Hook tells Emma. He just can’t stop complimenting her. He was falling so hard for her; it’s so cute. Look at how happy they look just dancing at a royal ball even though they’re trying to get back Storybrooke. It’s like for a moment, they were in their own little bubble.

25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 22

It’s almost the big day: Christmas. I just really love Christmas, even though I’m not really in the Christmas spirit. Anyway, I can’t believe I actually managed to keep up with these posts! Success! This scene may have been short, but oh my CS feels.

Season 4 Episode 23: ‘Operation Mongoose Part 2’

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“Everyone woke up exactly where they were,” Emma says, realizing that Hook wasn’t where he was before the curse hit. A look of panic washes across her face and I hurt for her. Then you see Hook leaning against the banister upstairs, teasing Emma about how he’s usually more tidy. She runs up the stairs and grabs him in a tight hug. It was just such a special moment because it showed how much Emma cares about Hook. She looks so happy!

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Quality improvising, Jen. I can’t get over this!

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The way she’s looking at him is definitely a woman in love. In that moment, she felt how much she loved him. However, she was too scared to admit it out loud in fears of losing him.

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“I was worried I wouldn’t be able to,” she pauses, “thank you”. My heart literally shattered in this scene because I was hoping so hard that she would say those 3 little words. You could see Hook’s hopefulness and aw. I was so sad for him. I think he saw in her eyes that she loved him. Nonetheless, I understood Emma’s hesitation.

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Look how cute they are though! She’s so glad that her man is safe in her bed. That sounds…not how it was supposed to. But you get what I’m saying. I just love those too. How wonderful!

25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 20

I was going to wait to post this scene until Christmas or Christmas Eve, but I have special ones saved for those. If you know me, you know which scenes I’m talking about. Anyway, this scene hails as the best scene ever. I say this all the time. Ahhhhh!

Hook is being all mushy and telling Emma how brave it was of Ashley for putting love first. As he’s saying that, Emma’s playing with his hair which makes me wanna cry because it’s so cute. Then she asks him to move in with her. All nonchalant. I remember screaming in my dorm room until I eventually started crying. I was so chill, guys. Happy tears of course.

“Sometimes you have to walk outside and hope you don’t get hit by a bus,” Emma says. I like how she’s casually repeating what Archie was telling her. I think she was hella nervous and awww.

Then she tells Hook that she can make room for some black leather jackets between her red leather jackets. Couples that wear leather together, stay together. I love Hook’s sassy face in this gifs and then she mentions the closet situation and he tells her that when she puts it like that, he would love to move in with her. In other words, HELL YA!

This kiss was so cute. It wasn’t urgent; it was just a casual kiss. Like it was so coupley. Sure it was a simple kiss, but it was a meaningful one. And all their kisses are cute to me either way. Also, her hand. His hand.

THEN THEY PUT THEIR FOREHEADS TOGETHER AND RUB THEIR NOSES AND OMG. I am completely fine; I just thought this was adorable. They are so in love. You can’t fight with me about this. What they share is true love and anyone who says otherwise can leave. I love how he rubs his thumb against her cheek. Everything they do is just so heart eyes.













25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 19


The end is coming! Okay, that sounds dramatic. Time is ticking down to Christmas and I still have so much to do. Yet here I sit writing about Emma and Hook. It’s cool though because since I am on winter break, I need to keep up with writing so when I go back to school, I feel kind of motivated.

Season 5 Episode 23: ‘An Untold Story’

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“What is it, love?” Killian asks Emma before following the others into Granny’s. Emma tells him that she wants to tell him something when things are calm and there’s not some psycho after them. This is it! She’s about to tear down that small piece of her wall.

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Hook is internally freaking out. He’s probably like ‘omg, she’s gonna say it when nobody is dying!’ I mean, that’s how I felt in this moment so I can only imagine he did too. Look at how pretty he is…

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Emma tells him that she loves him. Now, this may seem like a mundane thing, but for Emma, this was a HUGE deal! She was never able to fully love someone before Hook came along. Let’s take note of how adorable Hook’s face was when she said it. He was so happy, and it brought happy tears to my eyes. AWWW!

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The lift kiss! I won’t forget when we first saw bts photos for this. I was studying for some test and I couldn’t concentrate the rest of the night. I don’t know why, but I love lift kisses. I just-

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Just think, after this kiss, it’s when they went back to her house for that couch scene. Hehe. They have so much chemistry and passion I just can’t handle it sometimes.

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Another angle of the kiss because why not?

25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 14

Well, today wasn’t the greatest day ever, people can be awful…but anything Captain Swan makes me feel better! This episode was so freaking stressful and full of ‘oh my goshes!’, but this moment happened and it made my heart swell. Also, I’m pretty sure the fire place and hot buttered rum is code for something. You know what I’m talking about.

Season 5 Episode 5: ‘Street Rats’

Image result for emma and hook 6x05 gifs“They’re thousands of leagues under the sea,” Hook reassures Emma as he rubs her back. LOOK AT HIS HAND!

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“Thank you” Emma tells Hook for helping her. And then she gives him such a loving kiss that it literally brought tears to my eyes when she did it. I can’t believe how deeply in love they are in. I love it so much.

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Then Emma was being so flirty when she asked if Hook wanted pizza or Chinese. I really hope that they chose pizza because it’s so much better than Chinese food. Just saying. But honestly, look how flirty her face is.

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“Your heart’s desire, Swan. That’s all I want for you,” says Hook. This, hands down, is the most sentimental, caring thing Hook has ever said to Emma. And that says a lot considering Hook has been nothing but supportive of Emma since they’ve been together. He cares so much for her. Is he even real!?

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Gosh, it’s so adorable! Let me find a man who is as loving and caring as Hook.