25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 8

It’s Thursday, so I’m going to do a throwback scene between Emma and Hook. Before they were even Captain Swan. Yep, we are revisiting one of my favorite season 2 scenes between the two and probably a lot of the fandom’s favorite scene: the beanstalk!

Season 2 Episode 6: “Tallahassee”

Image result for emma and hook 2x06 gifs

I’m not the only one seeing these looks between the two, right? As they’re climbing the beanstalk, Hook starts to pry because I’m sure climbing a beanstalk isn’t all that fun. He asks Emma if she’s ever been in love which she promptly responds, “No I’ve never been in love”.Image result for emma and hook 2x06 gifsThat moment when Hook goes all doctor on Emma. Emma looks anything but pleased with him touching her, but we all know how she really feels.

Image result for emma and hook 2x06 gifs

There Hook goes: stating the obvious and building Emma up. Just like he always does. It was before they were even a thing and he was letting her know how strong she really is. Doesn’t that just give you so many feels?!

Image result for emma and hook 2x06 gifs

After getting to the top of the beanstalk, Emma cuts herself. Hook grabs her hand, telling her that giants smell blood. Emma’s all like “oh so now you’re a gentleman?”. Then Hook tells her that he’s always a gentleman. And he does this! Let’s not forget the fact that Colin improvised this. Also, check out Emma’s face. Mhhmmmmm, girl.

Image result for emma and hook 2x06 gifs

Why is this so attractive!?!?!



25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 7

Because I started reading a fanfic last night where Emma got pregnant while in Camelot, I’ve decided to take the Camelot route tonight. Let’s be honest: Camelot had some pretty great Captain Swan scenes. Actually, season 5 overall did. The holy grail of Captain Swan.

Season 5 Episode 5: “The Broken Kingdom”

Image result for emma and hook horseback ride gifs

In an attempt to distract Emma from the darkness, Hook promises to get her heart racing. Which is totally code for “wink, wink. Nudge, nudge”. So they casually stole a horse and go on a horseback ride into a field full of pink flowers.

Image result for emma and hook horseback ride gifs

Then hit me in the feels. Hook picks a flower for Emma. Look how sweet. This is how you OTP!

Related image

And we can’t forget this iconic kiss. Emma’s all like “now that we’re alone”, and this is the scene where people are convinced they have coffee. I mean, did ya notice how Hook raises an eyebrow all knowingly? That was so….yas. It probably happened.

Related image


Related image

Honestly, this is such a beautiful scene for so many reasons. Not only is the scenery gorgeous, but this kiss just melts my heart. In this scene, Emma is trusting Hook fully and without walls. He manages to take her mind off the darkness. If only for a moment. Still it’s monumental!



25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 6

Falala it’s day 6 of 25 days of Captain Swan. And I am throwing it back to season 3 again because I just loved season 3. It also had some pretty good scenes between Emma and Hook. It was the start of their relationship after all. Also, I am going real basic here with tonight’s scene. I present to you Captain Swan’s very first kiss! Official kiss that is.

Season 3 Episode 22: “Snow Drifts”

Image result for emma and hook 3x22 gifs

Here we have Emma thanking Hook for coming for her in NYC. He tells her she’s a “bloody hero” and she tells him he is too. To which he gives a shy little laugh and ducks his head. Look at him!

Related image

Emma asks Hook how he even was able to get to her in NYC. His response? “Why the Jolly Roger of course”. This is the moment where you just know. You know that this is the beginning of a very meaningful relationship. Hook gave away the only thing he’s loved after his brother and Milah died. It was his home, but he loved Emma more. To him, losing it for Emma was all worth it even though he didn’t know her feelings for him. He risked it all for her.

Related image

Emma initiates their first kiss which means a lot. It means that she wants to be with him. That she wants to explore what this relationship has to offer.

Related image


Image result for emma and hook 3x22 gifs

I love this. I love how happy she is with him. Like she pulls back from the kiss to smile at him and it’s just cute. GAHHH SO CUTE!



25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 5

Happy Monday after the winter finale! I know there’s been a lot of mixed feelings, so I want to grace your timelines with some happy moments! And this scene is so great in so many ways. And I think it’s appropriate that it’s kind of an AU scene between Emma and Hook.

Season 3 Episode 21: “There’s No Place Like Home”

This two part episode had a lot of wonderful moments that I will probably get to at some point during the next 20 days. However, I want to talk about this one in particular because it was honestly so hilarious and hot. Behold! The Rolly Joger scene!

Related imageIt starts with Emma undoing her corset thingy in attempts to seduce past Hook. In which present day Hook is just appalled by her actions. Emma so appropriately says, “if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were jealous.” He was, he totally was.

Related image

Then this happens and the tension is strong. Emma suggests that Hook take her back to his ship. Look at how flirty she is. Man, she was a goner.

Image result for emma and hook 3x21 gifs

Honestly, THE TENSION! Emma tells past Hook that she’ll be waiting for him. Wink wink.

Related imageI will forever be grateful for this scene. I love Hook lurking in the background as he begins to grow so jealous of seeing his past self kissing the woman who won’t kiss him. It’s okay Hook, you didn’t have to wait long.

Image result for emma and hook 3x21 jolly roger gifs
Things are going well until Hook gets hella jealous of himself for making out with his Emma. So there’s a moment of ‘oh crap’ going on in Emma’s eyes. Then Hook punches himself. Honestly, this scene was genius!
Image result for hook punches himself 3x21  gifs
And Hook’s letting Emma know how jealous he is. Aw, poor dude.

25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 4

Happy winter finale day! Since it is the winter finale, my moment today will come from one of the mid season finales. Hmm which one will it be?!

Season 4 Episode 11: “Heroes and Villains”

Ah the scene where Emma puts Hook’s heart back in his chest is such a swoon worthy scene. In fact, the three words I would use to describe this scene overall would be: HOT HOT HOT. Let’s take a look at this scene:

Image result for emma and hook 4x11 gifs

Here we have Emma about to put Hook’s heart back in his chest after Rumple was being a douche canoe. Instead of gently putting it back in his chest like Hook suggests, Emma shoves it back because it’d be quick like a band aid.

Related image

Hook is temporarily shocked by the shove, but shakes it off. Then he makes his move. YASSSSSSSSSSSSS, HOOK!


And then they make out against the wall. It’s a good thing Leroy or that stupid blimp weren’t there to interrupt this moment. Because hot.

Image result for emma and hook 4x11 gifs

A moment to appreciate that she was totally leaning in for more. She was a goner. “Told you I saw a survivor, Swan,” Hook states. That he is, that he is.

Image result for emma and hook 4x11 gifs

So in love. Look at how she licks her lips after it. And how they don’t even move a part. Their noses. Aw. This scene went from hot to sweet in like 5 seconds.



25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 3

There are just too many scenes that I love! What to choose, what to choose!??? Time to get hella basic. Well, if my choice of words aren’t basic enough for you, here’s my other favorite Captain Swan scene:

Season 4 Episode 4: “The Apprentice”

You may be asking “Madeline, there are so many good scenes in this episode. Which one are you referring to?” And that is a great question to ask. One, as I am writing this, I don’t even know the answer to. So I guess whatever scene pops into my mind by the time I finish this sentence….Okay. It’s the good night kiss scene.

Image result for hook's hand 4x04 gifs

It starts out like this. The attraction is there. I mean look who she touches him just because she can.

Image result for emma and hook first date kiss gif

So Hook’s all like “I suppose we have to wait until next time” for coffee. And Emma’s all like “I don’t remember asking”. She’s all so flirty about it and the gleam in Hook’s eyes is just mesmerizing and I swear, my heart just swells. His eyes look so blue here. Okay, I’m okay. I’M FINE.

Image result for hook "will you go out with me again?" gifs

Then Hook asks her out again and she doesn’t even answer. She was the whole fandom in that moment: swooning so hard. She just HAD to kiss him.

Related image

If there was music during this kiss, it would be like some deep instrumental stuff. Or ‘Hallelujah’. Can I just say how season 4 was the holy grail of Captain Swan kisses? Season 5 too, but come on, look at this.

I’m just gonna leave the part out where Hook starts to freak out over his supposedly possessed hand. On second thought, that was kind of funny though. I just want to emphasis his eyes in this scene. SO BLUE.





25 Days of Captain Swan: Day 2

Merry day 2! Back from a long day working retail listening to 9 hours straight of Christmas music. So I’m not feeling particularly merry. However, shifting into my Captain Swan mode makes me feel merry!

Season 3 Episode 5: “Good Form”

This scene was bound to make an appearance at one point during these next 25 days. Why not now? Not only was this scene like super hot, but it was the start of something new. Oh my gosh, I now wanna break out into High School Musical songs. Anyway…Emma and Hook’s first kiss. And the day Hook vowed her would win Emma’s heart, and BOOM! (Wait…that was in this episode too right? Not the point. Moving on.) He most certainly did. Let’s take a good look at this scene:

Related image

How do I form what I’m feeling about this gif in a logical and semi-intelligent sentence? I can’t. So I will try my hardest. “Is that all your father’s life is worth to you?” Hook says all flirty and I literally just want to die. You see his interest all within his actions. He has it bad for Emma.

Image result for once upon a time 3x05 gifs

Then Emma kinda just goes for it. And then the fandom exploded. Hmmm…Emma seems to have wanted this too. They both did. THE TENSION! But it’s only “a one time thing” guys. Yeah, biggest lie of the century, Emma.

Related image

Seriously. This was the best kiss I have ever seen on TV. AND THIS WAS JUST A FIRST KISS. Please Emma, you can’t kiss someone like that and pretend it doesn’t mean anything. We were not fooled. I mean, look at it. Watch it. Analyze it. Cry over it.

Image result for hook "as you wish" gif

Then Hook says this and Emma is HOOKED. She doesn’t want to admit it, but she is totally attracted and interested.

25 Days of CaptainSwan: Day 1

I will be starting my 25 days of CaptainSwan with one of my most favorite and totally underrated moments between Emma and Hook. Honestly, I don’t know why I love this scene so much, but I do.

Season 4 Episode 2: White Out

During this episode, we have the start of Emma and Hook’s relationship. We see Hook joking with Emma about the ice castle and how he should have brought the champagne since they have the “world’s largest ice bucket” for their second date. To which Emma raises an eyebrow at the mention of a second date, reminding him they haven’t been on a date. The flirty banter is just icing on the cake, but that’s not the moment I’m talking about. I am referring to when Emma gets out of the ice castle and Killian is right there for her upon escape. Let’ do a play-by-play of this moment, shall we?

Image result for once upon a time 4x02 gifs

Ha…this edit. Anyway, we see David passing Emma to Killian because he knew how distressed Killian was the whole time. Emma grabs onto him. And I cry.

Image result for once upon a time 4x02 gifs

She’s so glad to find comfort in his arms. Seriously, we need to appreciate this scene more because FEELS. They’re both so relieved.

Related image

And then Killian lifts her into his arms. SO CARING.

Related image

Okay, so this was not part of that scene really, but I want to talk about it. We see how much Killian genuinely cares and protects Emma. And how relaxed she is with him by her side. You can see that in the way she rubs his brace gently. Or how carefully he rubs her with his fingers. It’s just a great scene. Now I need to go rewatch this scene for like the 15th time. Bye.



25 Days of CaptainSwan


This is probably a really basic idea, but starting December 1-December 25, I want to post 25 scenes of Emma and Hook that I love. There’s more than 25 scenes that I love, so this may prove to be the ultimate challenge. Since I am on winter break, I need to keep up with my writing, so this shall help me. (being a journalism student, I have to practice discipline.) Plus, OUAT will be on hiatus. I figure we all need something extra I our life because of that. I miss CaptainSwan too, so this will be perfect to cure the void in my heart. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic here.

If you all have a scene that you want to read me babble on about, tweet me under this tweet in which I share this.

Let the 25 days of CaptainSwan commence! (in about a couple days)

Reasons I’m Thankful For CaptainSwan

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates. Eat everything you want! (After all, this is the day you can eat until you feel sick without regrets) On this day, I just want to say how much I appreciate the hell out of CaptainSwan. The best ship on TV! Here is why I am thankful for CaptainSwan:

They find comfort in each other:Image result for captainswan gifs

They know they can rely on one another when they’re feeling down. They know they have a support system in one another.

They make you realize that not all relationships are easy:Image result for captainswan gifs

With all the angst on the show, it’s crazy how those two manage to work everything out, but they do. Every relationship is not easy and they portray that wonderfully. They work through some pretty tough things. At the end of the day, they still love each other.

They are opposites, yet somehow they make it work:Image result for captainswan gifs

She’s the Savior. He was a pirate. Both of them two different people, yet somehow so similar. They were both lost souls who found each other, and I think that’s beautiful.

They portray a loving and caring relationship:Related image

I think this gif speaks for itself. Hook is so understanding and supportive of Emma. Emma always chooses to see the best in Hook. Together, they illustrate what a relationship should be like. As I stated before, it’s not always smooth sailing, but they make it work.

They make you believe in love:Image result for captain swan 6x01 gifs

Love so true that Zeus approved. Honestly, these two are a great example of what love is. They make you believe that finding love is always possible.

They are the sassiest couple ever:Related image

Flirty af. Together or separately, Emma and Hook are some of the sassiest fictional characters ever.

They are the hottest couple:Image result for captain swan 6x01 gifs

I just wanted to use this gif. LOOK AT THEM. HOT HOT HOT. When do we get the sequel!?