Are Twitter Friends Really Friends?

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The age old question: are twitter friends actually real friends? Okay, so maybe it’s not an age old question considering Twitter is a pretty new thing. Anyway, the answer to question would be a solid yes. Without a thought, I consider my Twitter friends my friends.

No, they’re not the ones you see every day and make fun of. They’re not the ones you can text to get coffee with you. However, they are the friends who will always respond back to you when you want to freak out about your favorite TV show, book or movie. They understand the fangirl side of you that maybe your real life friends do not. I’m glad most of my real life friends know and understand my crazy fangirl side.

I have met some awesome people via Twitter. Shout-out to my CaptainSwan group chat (Erica, Madi, Kristin, Marina, heeeyyyyy!) Or the ones I made this blog with (Caro, Em, Jo) I know when  I need to vent about something fandom or people are trolling me or even when I want to complain about school, they are there.

The same goes for many of my other friends on Twitter. The amount of times they’ve made me laugh or supported me or made fun of me, that’s friendship.

So when people tell you that Twitter friends aren’t real friends, slap them. Actually, don’t slap them. Just tell them they’re wrong. Because they are.

I wish I could meet every single one of you, but that’s impossible.

Once Upon a Time 6×07 Fan Panel

Caro, Kristin, Marina and I discussed 6×07 of Once Upon a Time!Image result for once upon a time 6x07

What did you think of this episode overall?

Caro: I have to admit it: all the Snowing scenes took me back to Season 1 and I LOVED IT! It was really nice to see a Snow and David adventure both in present time and in a flashback. I find it incredible how their relationship has grown throughout the seasons, acting as the powerful team they’ve always been and overcoming things together.
Madeline: There were so many season 1 feels which was nice. I think it was beautifully written. No surprise there considering Jane Espensen wrote it. She is queen of script writing. Even though Snowing isn’t my favorite, it was nice to see them back in action again.
Marina: I think it was a good episode, it was nice to see Snow and David flashbacks and also the way they faced this crisis. Honestly don’t like to see the Evil Queen with Rumple. Wish there had been more Emma and Hook moments, but it was a good episode and we also got a lot of parallels between Snowing and CaptainSwan! P.S. Loved everyone’s reaction to the so called “chemistry” between Rumple and Regina. LOL!!
Kristin: Another great episode!  We can always count on Jane Espensen for an episode with all the feels and this one was no exception.  It was fantastic to get a good Snowing episode – it’s been awhile.  I think sometimes we forget that their relationship is really the cornerstone of this whole show and that, without them, there would be no Emma, no Henry, so on.  It was good to see Snow and Charming “returning to their roots” so to speak.  They were prepared to sacrifice themselves to save everyone else.  I’ve missed those crazy kids!

Did you enjoy seeing bandit Snow and Prince Farming back in the Enchanted Forest?

Caro: I think that my answer to the previous question says it all. But yeah, it was amazing to have the chance of seeing a whole new story that marked something important in their relationship, even if they had no idea about it until they touched the “magic little baby tree thing”.
Bonus: David’s dog, Wilby, was adorable!!
Madeline: A unique twist on their EF selves. Like I said before, they’re not my favorite, but this made me like their characters even more. And as Caro, said the dog was adorable!
Marina: Absolutely, not only individually, but watching them interact with each other without seeing one another was brilliant. We could sense already a connection, a sense of it was always meant to be! True love was already in the air!
Kristin: Just when you think that we’ve been given as much Enchanted Forest back story as is humanly possible, the writers throw something like this at us! It was a good addition to what we already knew and just further proof that Snowing is the original true love story. They always say that they’ll find each other!

So…the vault scene. Give me your feels on that scene. SO MANY FEELS.

Caro: Oh God. I could totally fangirl about this for a long time, but I would need more than a paragraph. The scene was so adorable, full of motivation and support. It was one of those moments that makes you say “Relationship goals, man. They are definitely relationship goals”. It’s marvelous to see the strength of this couple and how their love keeps developing time after time. Hook reminds Emma who she is by telling her a story, and OMG isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I swooned!! He knows how to make her feel better because he knows her so well, and that is simply beautiful. Ok, I’m gonna stop now, otherwise I’ll keep talking and talking about Captain Swan.
Madeline: Well, I previously wrote a post on why this scene is important. You can read that here. I’ll go ahead and reiterate my feels though because this scene elicited so many feels for me. It was beautiful, and the reason being is because you saw in that scene how much Hook believes in Emma. That’s so important. He gave Emma hope when he need she needed it. I swear that man is just so wonderful. I would like my own Killian Jones please and thank you.

Marina: Where to start!? It was special in so many ways. I really wish Hook haters would put their hate aside and see the development of Killian’s character. He was a good man who turned into a villain because of the pain of losing his loved ones. However finding Emma and falling in love with her brought back the good man he was. All that makes him who he is and helped to become a better man to the woman he loves, to her family who also welcomed him, friends and to his new home Storybrooke. The man that we saw in the vault, once more helping Emma to remember that she has strength, that she can do anything, that he believes in her. And once again we saw that Killian helped Emma to relax. They are indeed true love, they are soul mates, kindred spirits, whatever, they are perfect for each other. This scene was once more a proof of that and it’s why I love them so much.

Kristin: This may be my new all-time favorite Captain Swan scene or, if not, it’s way at the top of the list.  It was beautiful and heartfelt.  We’re really getting to see Emma’s vulnerable side this season, and while I’m all about strong women, I think it’s really important to see this, considering her visions.  She NEEDS to let everyone help her through this, protect her and try to provide her some assurances.  That being said, Killian killed this scene.  He just keeps proving over and over again how much he loves her.  We don’t even need the words (although I’d like them).  Emma needed this reminder of who she was and where she came from.  I cried – I won’t lie.

The Evil Queen didn’t kill Snowing like she wanted to. Instead she put them on a sleeping curse. How do you think they’ll be able to shake this? 

Caro: It’s OUAT, anything is possible. My theory is that Emma will have something to do with the solution. As Hook said, when Snow and Charming couldn’t find one another, she was there to do it. However it works, they will overcome it, I’m more than sure.
Madeline: I was surprised that she went…umm soft on them. I mean obviously the situation isn’t ideal, but it’s better than death. You know, I really have no idea how they’ll shake this. I’ve seen rumors that Emma will be involved somehow. I guess we’ll wait and see.
Marina: I’m not sure but I think that it will be either Emma, Neal or Henry or all of them, breaking the curse with TLK since they are also their true loves. At least that’s the way I see them. Another possibility is some other form of true love that we haven’t heard yet.  Or maybe if they are able to destroy the Evil Queen, her spells and curses will be undone.
Kristin: I will admit, this really threw me for a loop.  As soon as Charming woke Snow with true love’s kiss, I thought to myself, no way, this is too easy.  It’s a great twist on the sleeping curse (although raises some questions for me about how it’s even possible for them to be under one at all, considering they’ve both been under one before.)  I can’t even begin to guess how they’ll shake this.  My suspicion is that it will have something to do with Emma, considering she (and baby Neal) are probably the only other sources of true love that are available to them at the moment.  I have a feeling it might go on for a little while…

Do you have any hope for Rumbelle after that…icky scene? What did you think about Belle approaching to Rumple?

Caro: To be honest, I think their current status keeps separating Rumple and Belle more and more. He’s still a villain, seeking for his own good and now allying with the Evil Queen (and making out, eww). When is he going to change? Probably never. Perhaps in the long-term they can find some peace with one another, but right now I don’t see stability in their relationship.
Now Belle. I feel proud of her! She’s facing her husband, showing no fear and demonstrating that, even though she feels lonely at times, she can handle things and doesn’t need Rumple at all.
Madeline: Hope is dead when it comes to Rumbelle. Sorry to those who ship it because I do have friends in that fandom. However, my respect for Rumple is nonexistent. He cheated on his wife who’s carrying his son. I have a few choice words for him. I loved that Belle went off on him. She’s not my favorite character, but I am so proud of her. She needed to do that.
Marina: Rumple and the EQ are totally…..ew….ew! I’m not a big fan of Rumbelle, but I hope that things will turn around. I actually like Rumple as the villain, but I also understand Rumbelle fans and Belle is expecting his child. Since this show is also about hope, maybe Rumple will change and become a better man. If not, I don’t like the notion of Belle being with a man so dark when she’s a hero. Some can say that she knew he was a beast when she met and fell in love with him, correct, but she always believed that deep down he was a good man and eventually that would come out. Unfortunately we saw him chose to become the Dark One again when Killian sacrificed himself to destroy darkness. Even if they are separated I think it’s nice of Belle trying to share moments of her pregnancy with Rumple. Who knows, that might make the difference? For now I’m enjoying this new Belle who is stronger and not buying any small talk from Rumple.
Kristin: All hope that I had left for Rumbelle is pretty much gone at this point. That relationship is on life support – it’s time to pull the plug. I don’t think there is much that can salvage that relationship at this point. Give it up.
It’s about time Belle gave Rumple a piece of her mind. He deserves any of the wrath that she unleashes on him. It’s LONG overdue and I hope she doesn’t waffle on it. He doesn’t deserve her and, frankly, he doesn’t really deserve to have anything to do with their child.

What do you think this new envy on Zelena means?

Caro: Regina (even though she wasn’t aware most of the time) always had everything Zelena didn’t, starting from their mother’s love. So now that the Wicked Witch has seen her evil sister with Rumple, I believe it’s not a new envy the she has, but an old one that is resurfacing.
Madeline: Suspenseful music plays in the background. Yeah, like Caro said, some resurfacing feelings of envy is coming back. I knew Zelena would turn on the Evil Queen eventually, so I’m not surprised. Let’s get green!
Marina: Probably that she hasn’t changed and that she will revert to how she used to be. I actually feel divided because I think she’s a great villain with her sassy lines, but I also think it was important that she and Regina get along and even more for her baby’s sake. Her envy is very strong. I still remember her in AU while Regina was dying and Robin was supporting her, envy appeared even when she had no memory of it.
Kristin: I actually think it’s a combination of things that is causing the envy in Zelena right now.  We know that she gets very angry about not being chosen and that’s a trigger for her.  At the moment, she’s not being chosen by Rumple as his flavor of the moment (who she definitely still has a little thing for, I don’t care what anyone says).  She’s also not being chosen by the Evil Queen to assist her with her destruction of the inhabitants of Storybrooke.  She’s jealous of their relationship and the fact that she’s being excluded.  Frankly, I think it’s a matter of time before she turns on the Evil Queen completely and decides to help the heroes defeat her.

Hook Lines That Make Me LOL

It’s not a question who my favorite character on the show is. (If you didn’t know: it’s Hook). But he wasn’t always my favorite (that’s a lie). No, but really, Regina was my favorite in season 1. Then Emma in season 2 and then Hook also in season 2. So I guess I have loved him since the beginning. Anyway, his character has had some very hilarious lines; thus, my list of top Hook quotes that make me giggle.

“Dirty? I bathe quite frequently, thank you.”

I bet Hook smells wonderful. Back off Henry.
Image result for hook "dirty? i bathe quite frequently" gifs

“Emma used that word? Together?”

Hehe he was so surprised and fanboyed.Image result for hook "dirty? i bathe quite frequently" gifs

“Your magic, your sword, my cunning witt. I don’t think we have what it takes.”

Where’s the laughing emoji when you need it?
Image result for hook quotes gifs

“They force-fed me something called bologna!”

I know, bologna is disgusting.Image result for hook quotes gifs

“I prefer dashing rapscallion….scoundrel?”

He was so not phased! Image result for hook quotes gifs

“It’s a little old fashioned even on my standards, and I still pay with dablooms.”

This made me laugh so loud.Image result for hook and david 4x02 gifs

“I’ll tell you something I am interested in: my hook. Or is there another attachment that you’d prefer?”

Oh…his innuendos. Image result for hook in the hospital once upon a time gifs

“When I jab you with my sword…you’ll feel it.”

This went over my head the first time I watched the episode.
Image result for hook quotes gifs

I was tied up in a bed. Not in a good way.”

Honestly.Image result for funny hook lines gifs

“Never trusted the stuff. Rum would never do that.”

I know, it’s not the right gif. I almost fell off my bed at this line.Image result for hook and rum gifs

“Almost harvest time and you can’t remember the planting. That’s bad luck, mate.”

Image result for almost planting time and you forgot the harvesting. that's bad luck mate hook

“Behold! The Rolly Joger!”

That time Hook was hella drunk.Image result for behold the rolly joger

“I’ve been staring at it all day and I think I’m even more devilishly handsome and charming than usual.”

That arrogant pirate.Image result for hook quotes gifs



Here’s Why That CaptainSwan Vault Scene is Important

Hate them or love them, but the vault scene in 6×07 proved to be tremendous profession of what love is.cute-af

I’m a hopeless romantic, so when I watched the scene, tears were pouring from my eyes. Hook loves Emma so truly; their love is so raw. No, it’s not a perfect relationship. Far from it, but there is not one relationship in the world that is smooth sailing. And if you know a couple whose love is just absolutely perfect, then bravo. They are a rare breed.

My point in writing this is not stir the pot of haters. I could care less about who you ship. It’s not my place to tell you who to ship. However, I will say that Captain Swan is canon and true love. They are the real deal here, people. Whether you choose to believe it or not, their love is passionate and ya know, it’s REAL.

As seen in the vault scene, we know how much they support one another. Hook knew Emma was shaken from what the Evil Queen was threatening her parents. She had every right to be. Hook saw this and he did what he knew she needed: he gave her hope. He read her the story of her parents meeting, telling her that she is the product of true love and is stronger than she ever knew.

“You can overcome your visions; you can overcome anything. Now remember who you are: the product of the true love.” THIS. This, my friends, is what we call a boyfriend building his true love up. This is what a passionate and loving relationship is. And while we didn’t hear much from Emma, her face says it all. She is madly and deeply in love with Hook.

We can go on and on and on and on about how Hook isn’t good enough for Emma. But we know the truth. We know that there is nobody else for Emma other than Hook. They balance each other out and makes each other a better person. It’s a sure sign of a great relationship. And if you disagree with me, then you disagree with me. But know that you are wrong. :p

Now, if they could get a moment of happy, domestic bliss, that would be much appreciated.

Fandom Panel: Once Upon a Time 6×06

Caro and I, along with a couple guest writers, Kristin and Marina  (Welcome ladies!), weighed in on episode 6×06 of Once Upon a Time! I know this is super later. College and stuff. Image result for once upon a time 6x06

Okay, deep breaths. What did you think of the episode as a whole?

Caro: It was a great one! I really liked the way the writers connected Nemo’s story with Hook’s. Simply brilliant! It gave me a lot of Captain Cobra feelings, because the situation they were put in marked a big step for Henry and Killian’s relationship. Also, I enjoyed watching Emma helping Aladdin by showing him her past mistakes. She recognized her errors and has learned from them. If that’s not an excellent character development I don’t know what it is. 

Madeline: My favorite episode all season. Wait, scratch that. My favorite episode since ‘Firebird’. I loved the character development on Hook and Henry’s part. Not only together, but as individuals. Overall, I was very satisfied with it.

Kristin: This was absolutely my favorite episode of the season so far. In fact, I think it was probably my favorite episode in a long time.  This episode was really necessary in terms of progressing Hook and Emma’s relationship.  Emma and Henry is the core relationship of the entire series.  Emma and Hook’s relationship could not progress the way it needed to without there being some kind of understanding between Hook and Henry.  There are a lot of blended families in today’s society and I think that this episode was a reaction to that as well.  I also loved seeing more of Hook’s backstory.  Aside from being my absolute favorite character, he’s had such an interesting story and so much of it has been about his ability to let go of his anger and his need for vengeance.  Hook’s entire storyline is how you do redemption.  Also, Colin O’Donoghue is the master of the facial expression and this was his best episode yet, hands down.

Marina: It was very good. Not only they brought one of my favorite stories from my childhood but they tangled it with Killian’s need for a family.

How did you feel about Henry’s reaction to Hook about the sheers? Did you think he was too harsh?

Caro: I do understand the part in which he got mad because they had previously agreed to get rid of the sheers. However, I think he overreacted. Hook’s reasons to keep them were good, he just wanted to have them as an option to save Emma because he can’t even think of the idea of losing her (and apparently the rest is willing to accept that she might die). So yes, in my opinion, Henry was way too harsh on Killian, mostly when he said he wasn’t part of the family. It was so rude. At least I’m glad that things were okay at the end. 
Madeline: Way harsh. I guess it all boils down to that teenage attitude that we all had. I was a teenager only a couple of months ago, so I understand. However, he was way too harsh. Him telling Hook that he wasn’t family and didn’t care about anyone was a touch too far and unnecessary.
Kristin:   Initially, I did thing Henry’s reaction was a little harsh, but the more thought I gave it, I realized that it was a typical teenager reaction. In combination with being really protective of his mother, Henry is a teenager.  Teenagers tend to react and not give a lot of thought to the consequences their actions have.  He’s likely reacting to the fact that Hook moved in in the first place.  Then to find out that after Hook promised to get rid of the shears and didn’t was probably a shock to Henry.  He was understandably angry, but it was nice to see how it played out and how, eventually, he came to an understanding about why Hook kept them and maybe even finally saw how much Hook loves Emma.  I still cringe, though, when I see Henry tell Hook he’s not even a part of the family.  I get this teenager-y reaction, but ouch!
Marina: Yes it was too harsh, I understand that he is a teenager and things at that age are felt stronger and overreacted but Killian did what I would have done, keep the only thing that could save the person I love.  
We saw Liam Jr! What were your overall thoughts on him being on the show and not forgotten?
Caro: It really took me by surprise! I was definitely not expecting to see this character again because Adam and Eddy had said in an interview from season 5A that they hadn’t established plans for him yet. But I’m glad they didn’t forget him because I hate when stories are left behind. I think Liam’s plot was different than I would’ve imagined, but it was still great and well developed. I just hope that we see more of Liam 2.0 in the next episodes, it would be nice to see him bond with his half-brother while they sail or go for a drink 😉
Madeline: I think it was interesting to see that he was brought in. I wasn’t really expecting Adam and Eddy to bring the character into play, but I am glad they did. It gave Hook a sense of closure in regards to their father’s death.
Kristin:  I loved this story – have I mentioned how much I loved this episode! I also liked Liam 2.0 better than Liam 1.0.  There is an entire island of forgotten OUAT characters somewhere outside Storybrooke and it’s really nice when the writers bring one back and tell their story.  I loved that Hook and Liam 2.0 could come to some kind of peace, even though what Hook did to Liam was pretty egregious.  The story between Liam 2.0 and Captain Nemo was lovely.  When we got word that they had casted Nemo and were writing him into a storyline with Hook, I couldn’t help but think that we really didn’t need any more villains running around.  It was nice to see that Nemo wasn’t a villain after all and he was trying to help both Jones brothers.
Marina:I was so glad that we finally saw him and found out about his story. Not sure about the timeline though lol. I know he’s not becoming a regular but I hope in a future we get to see him here and there. After all he’s Killian’s brother. 
Opinion on this…errr…romance between Rumple and the Evil Queen?
Caro: One word: EWW. With all due respect to the ones who like this, I really find it quite unpleasant and not of my liking. Not only it’s messing with Rumbelle (and the Rumbelle fandom of course) but I also think it’s kind of extra. On the other hand, this is probably leading to some Wicked vs. Evil confrontation, so let’s wait and see what happens when Zelena finds out that what her dear sis has been doing.
Madeline: Oh how I was wishing for a sleeping curse during that scene. NOPE.
Kristin: I can’t even discuss this (but I will.)  I have REALLY strong feelings about the Evil Queen right now and how absolutely bizarre she’s being portrayed, so that’s probably coloring how strongly I feel that the Rumple and EQ relationship needs to stop dead in its tracks.  I also absolutely hate how one minute Rumple is trying to get Belle to listen to him and see what a decent guy he is and then the next minute he’s making out with the Evil Queen.  It’s just not ok with me.
Marina: Maybe disgusted is a too strong word to describe it……. actually that’s the perfect word for it lol. It’s a real weird romance although we know it’s all about what each can get out of the other for their own purpose and probably a very sick attraction eww!!!
Give me your reaction to seeing Hook and Emma being all domestic at breakfast. 
Caro: It was a strange combination of “OMG OMG OMG DOMESTIC CAPTAIN SWAN”, “Aww, they look so cute!! So married” and “Is this real? Is this a fanfiction or something created by my imagination?”
Yeah. That happened. Can you blame me? It was Captain Swan (and Henry) interacting as a couple that already live together in their beautiful house!
Dear OUAT writers, PLEASE give us more scenes like this, I beg you!
Madeline: My heart is forever thankful that we got that scene. It was so adorable because they were acting like such a husband and wife. I’m going to need more of those quiet domestic scenes. Maybe without Henry though.
Kristin: At the very beginning of this scene, I actually felt really awkward, which is, I’m sure what the writers were trying to portray. It is an awkward thing when the dynamic of any family changes and everyone in that relationship is trying to feel that out.  However, it was very sweet and a very appropriate first scene now that Hook has moved in with Emma and Henry.  There was definitely an undercurrent of intimacy happening and for the love of everything holy, let’s hope that Hook and Emma got to have a “quiet moment” because they need it!
Marina: First of all I want more lol but what can I say, it was a simple yet so full of meaning and feelings moment. It was like after all they been trough (and still do) they are rewarded with this normal and loving moment where life at least for a while is smiling at them and rewarding them with a family moment. Hope is one of many domestic moments Adam and Eddie will share with us. 
What was your favorite moment of the episode? 
Caro: Hmm, hard to tell. I think I’d go for the part where Hook decides to save Henry and take him out of the Nautilus even if that means sacrificing himself (the feels here are strong, not gonna lie). This scene shows that Killian is not doing it for Emma, it proves how much he cares about the kid, contrary to what the Evil Queen and certain people of the fandom think.
Madeline: This question is stupid because every scene was my favorite moment. I can say this question is stupid because I crafted these questions myself.
Kristin: My favorite moment was the scene with Hook, Emma and Henry and then just Hook and Emma at the hospital at the end of the episode. When Henry told Hook he’s see him at home, it was a great way to wrap of the angst between them.  It was an obvious understanding between the two of them that Henry was taking his first steps to accepting Hook into his family and that it’s Hook’s home too.I really thought Emma was going to be more mad than she was about the shears, however, I’m glad for the way the scene happened.  She would have been pretty hypocritical to get angry at Hook for trying to save her considering the extraordinary lengths she had gone to to save him.  It almost broke my heart when he said he couldn’t get rid of the only way to save her, even though it might make her hate him.  We all know there is probably very little he could do to make her hate him at this point, but he was really unsure of what her reaction would ultimately be.  This relationship has developed in a really organic way and I was glad to see that there were no dramatic reactions to this very understandable action on Hook’s part. 

Marina: I loved the entire episode (except the eww last kiss) but I have a tie between two scenes, the one where Henry comes back to save Killian and we know he considers him family and the moment where Killian and Emma talk about what happened with the shears.

An Open Letter to Twitter Bullies

If there is one thing I am passionate about, it’s bullying. Not to bore you with details about myself, but I was physically and emotionally bullied in junior high and high school. And you know what? It nearly destroyed me to the point where I no longer was happy. It was a hard 4 years, but 3 years later, I am happier than ever. So when I see people get bullied online or in-person, it pains me. I know what thoughts are going through your head. But guess what? That person does not own you. They don’t matter. Never let anyone take away your self-respect.

Image result for fandom war once upon a time gifs

Lately, all I have seen on Twitter are people bullying one another over ships. Let this sink in: they are fictional. Who are you to reprimand someone for not liking your ship? Who are you to call them ‘idiots’, a ‘bi***’, ‘worthless’? As someone who has been on the receiving end of some nasty tweets for shipping my ship (Captain Swan), I can honestly say it sucks. Then I realize, it’s not worth feeling upset over. Those people have no idea who you are and they have nothing else to do but try to tear you down. So while I used to get upset over trolls dragging me on social media, I asked myself why do I even care? And I realized that I don’t care.

Like I said, they’re just bullies.

I will never judge you for shipping or not shipping a ship. You hate CaptainSwan? Okay. (Although, gasp, how does one hate CaptainSwan?! lol) You hate Swan Queen. Okay. You ship CaptainSwan? Yay, I probably love you. You ship Swan Queen. Okay. You do you and ship away.

The big part of fandom is to be with people who get you. But ships are constantly at each other’s throats. SHIP WHO YOU WANT AND LEAVE EVERYONE ALONE. I know we all can’t get along because let’s face it, that’s reality. However, stop dragging people who don’t drag you. It’s that easy. I am a very opinionated person, but I manage to keep my thoughts to myself. I see some awful tweets about my ship, but I’m not about to bully you into saying that you’re wrong.

You just don’t know what the person you’re dragging is going through. In fact, there have been times I contemplated deleting, but I have made so many great friends on Twitter. I decided not to let the bullies get to me. And you shouldn’t either! (PS…I love heart you my CaptainSwan and other shipper mutuals)

If you every need someone to talk to, reach out to me! My Twitter handle is @onceuponamads or my personal is @MeMadeline2. Just know that you shouldn’t feel bad about shipping a ship. If it makes you happy, I’m happy for you! I’ve met some nice people who ship SwanQueen or RumBelle and it’s great. I don’t ship those ships, but I respect that they do and they respect I ship CaptainSwan. It’s all about how you choose to conduct yourself. Fangirl or fanboy your little hearts out!

Okay, I’ll get off my soap box. Mostly because I need to walk across campus to get pizza. Yes, I do NEED pizza. Pizza is life.


My Domestic Captain Swan Wish List

Well, it’s been quite some time! College is really cramping my fangirling. Last Sunday it was confirmed canon that Captain Swan would be living together. And with that comes what? That’s right, domestic moments! Or so we hope.

Image result for emma asks hook to move in gifs

Here is my domestic Captain Swan wish list:

  • Hook makes Emma breakfast
  • Hook bringing said breakfast to Emma in bed
  • Emma and Hook finally sit down and watch Netflix
  • Hook shirtless (that’s domestic, right?!)
  • Emma and Hook waking up together (and we all die from feels)
  • COFFEE (it’s time)
  • Cuddles
  • Actually drinking coffee together like the cute couple they are
  • Adam made a joke about this, but Hook changing a light bulb

Am I missing anything? What is on your Captain Swan wish list?

Those Once Upon a Time Sneak Peeks That Slayed My Life

I know it’s been a couple of days, but if you follow me on Twitter, you know I was not chill about this. So I had to wait a couple of days to give my reaction. Disclaimer: I’m a lot more chill because my dorm room walls are pretty thing and I don’t want people to think I’m a crazy fangirl. It might be too late for that though…Also sorry for the ratchetness..I just ran 7 miles! Here are my thoughts:



100 Times Captain Swan Made Us Swoon

With season 6 about to premiere in just over two days, I decided that it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and choose 100 moments that Emma and Hook made us swoon in seasons 2-5. Let’s begin!

(Also, I have to apologize. My original plan was gifs, but each time I went to upload the gifs or add them to the post, WordPress would freeze and crash, so I resorted to a photo collage for each moment. Hope you still enjoy!)

1. (The Doctor) Emma and Hook meet for the first time in anything but a romantic scenario.


2. (The Doctor) It didn’t take long for Emma’s superpower to kick in. She grabs an unsuspecting Hook and threatens him with a very sharp dagger!


3. (The Doctor) Things only get worse for Hook when Emma has him tied to a tree, threatens to leave him to become an ogres dinner, and when he finally tells the truth, she once again points the weapon at him.


4. (Tallahassee) “I was hoping it’d be you.” Enough said. I mean weren’t we all?


5. (Tallahassee) We can never forget their first adventure together; climbing the treacherous beanstalk. Mid-climb, Hook reveals to Emma that she is an open book to him and he is easily able to read her.


6. (Tallahassee) Possibly one of the most famous Captain Swan scenes. Hook is tending to Emma’s injury and bandaging her hand with the help of his teeth! (Bonus, he ties the knot without breaking eye contact with Emma). Their chemistry was 100% sizzling here!


7. (Queen of Hearts) The famous heated sword fight, with cheeky lines and a good punch thrown on Emma’s behalf!


8. (In the Name of the Brother) He may have just been thrown through the air by a car, resulting in broken ribs, but he still manages to flirt with Emma.


9. (And Straight On Til Morning) The time that Emma told Hook that they understood one another and that he had the choice of being alone or joining them and being a part of something.


10. (And Straight On Til Morning) When Hook turned his ship back around to help Emma.


11. (The Heart of the Truest Believer) When Hook, who has always referred to him as Baelfire, thoughtfully toasted “To Neal” with Emma, because that is who she knew him as.


12. (The Heart of the Truest Believer) “Actually, I quite fancy you from time to time, when you’re not yelling at me.”


13. (Lost Girl) The time that Hook asked Emma about our world’s version of him and he didn’t understand that waxed mustaches and perms are bad.


14. (Lost Girl) Sharing rum directly from the flask for the first time and Hook genuinely wanting to get to know Emma, but with Emma’s walls still so high, she walks away.


15. (Quite A Common Fairy) The time that Hook used his hook to open a coconut for Emma and sent her an adorable look as she accepted and drank from it.


16. (Good Form) When neither of them could handle it


17. (Good Form) When Hook unknowingly quoted The Princess Bride. “As you wish.”


18. (Ariel) When Hook revealed that meeting Emma allowed him to move on from Milah, even though he thought he never would.


19. (Dark Hollow) The time that Hook promised Emma he would win her heart and that it wouldn’t be because of trickery… It will be because she wants him.


20. (The New Neverland) When Emma was jealous at the thought of Hook and Tinker Bell hooking up


21. (Going Home) Hook promising Emma that he will think of her everyday and Emma responding with; “Good.”


22. (Going Home) When Hook believed that his love for Emma was true enough to bring back her memories, but he wasn’t aware that true love’s kiss doesn’t work on memory loss.


23. (New York City Serenade) When Emma indirectly questioned his honesty about changing, Hook informs her that he didn’t stay because there was nothing in the Enchanted Forest for him, alluding to her.


24. (New York City Serenade) Emma calling him “Killian” for the first time.


25. (Witch Hunt) When a jealous Killian ratted Emma out to her dad that she almost married a flying monkey.


26. (The Tower) “If it can be broken… It means it still works.”


27. (It’s Not Easy Being Green) Killian offering to watch Henry so Emma can battle the Wicked Witch and allow for Henry to learn about his father.


28. (The Jolly Roger) Killian professing his love for Emma vocally for the first time. “I swear on Emma Swan.”


29. (Bleeding Through) Killian trying to be a gentleman and guide Emma down the stairs.


30. (Bleeding Through) The first time Emma was carefree and happy around Killian, as she practiced her magic.


31. (Kansas) Emma choosing to save Killian over her magic and begging his unconscious form to come back to her.


32. (Snow Drifts) When Emma flirted with Past Hook in the tavern.


33. (Snow Drifts) And then went on to make-out with him on the Jolly Roger.


34. (Snow Drifts) When Killian got Emma’s first dance at her first royal ball.


35. (There’s No Place Like Home) When Killian held a distraught Emma in an attempt to offer her some comfort as they watched Snow “burn”.


36. (There’s No Place Like Home) Killian gently wiping Emma’s tears away in a gentleman like manner.


37. (There’s No Place Like Home) When Killian finally admits he traded the Jolly Roger to find her and they engage in a well overdue passionate kiss.


38. (A Tale of Two Sisters) When Emma kissed Killian softly in the woods and told him to “be patient.”


39. (White Out) Their relieved hug when Emma safely makes it out of Elsa’s ice cave.


40. (White Out) Emma cuddled in Killian’s arms as she slowly warms up in the Blanchard apartment.


41. (Rocky Road) The time Killian told Emma he was good at surviving and pulled her into a passionate kiss in the middle of the street.


42. (The Apprentice) When Killian took Emma to a posh Italian restaurant for their first date.


43. (The Apprentice) And of course when Killian got his wish and was able to hold Emma with both hands as they kissed goodnight.


44. (Breaking Glass) Killian sweetly kissing Emma on the cheek as he leaves to take Henry sailing for the day.


45. (Breaking Glass) Killian comforting Emma when he sees her tearing up as they watch the video of Young Emma and Lily.


46. (Family Business) Emma teasing Killian about his age.


47. (Smash the Mirror) When Killian promised they would find a way to defeat the Snow Queen together.


48. (Fall) Killian coming to say goodbye to Emma, thinking this would be the last time he would see her.


49. (Heroes and Villains) The time Emma returned Killian’s heart to him and then they made out against the wall.


50. (Darkness on the Edge of Town) Emma assuring a worried Killian that he does have a mark in the hero column.


51. (Unforgiven) When Killian brought Emma grilled cheese and onion rings for lunch because she missed out earlier.


52. (Unforgiven) Emma and Killian promising one another that they will choose to see the best in each other.


53. (Unforgiven) Walking down the street in their own happy bubble.


54. (Poor Unfortunate Soul) The time that Killian told Emma she was his happy ending.


55. (Best Laid Plans) Killian being jealous of a “wooden man-child”.


56. (Best Laid Plans) When Killian comforted Emma at the docks after she learned her parents secret.


57. (Lily) Emma and Killian kissing goodbye before Emma leaves to find Lily.


58. (Mother) Hugging one another tightly as they reunite after Emma arrives back from New York City.


59. (Mother) When Killian told Emma that he hopes it’s his job to protect her heart.


60. (Operation Mongoose Part Two) Deckhand Hook meeting Emma for the first time and he is completely stunned.


61. (Operation Mongoose Part Two) The time Emma taught Hook how to sword fight.


62. (Operation Mongoose Part Two) Hook sacrificing himself to ensure Emma and Henry’s safety.


63. (Operation Mongoose Part Two) Emma being so overjoyed to find Killian alive that she runs, hugs and tackles him to the bed.


64. (Operation Mongoose Part Two) Emma’s first; “I love you.”


65. (The Dark Swan) The time Killian used soft-spoken words to talk Emma out of killing Merida.


66. (The Price) The time Killian passionately kissed the Dark Swan, attempting to use true love’s kiss to take the darkness out of her.


67. (The Price) Emma and Killian at the Camelot ball.


68. (The Price) Emma kissing Killian in an attempt to chase away the darkness after healing Robin.


69. (The Broken Kingdom) The time Killian comforted Emma late at night.


70. (The Broken Kingdom) When they spied on Henry and Violet; Killian looking amused and Emma in protective “mom-mode”.


71. (The Broken Kingdom) “I’ll never stop fighting for us.”


72. (The Broken Kingdom) Their romantic moment in the Middlemist Field.


73. (Nimue) The time Emma called Killian “babe”.


74. (Nimue) Killian giving Emma Liam’s ring because he believes it’ll bring Emma home to him.


75. (Nimue) When Killian tells Emma he loves her for the first time and she says it back.


76. (Birth) “I love you Emma Swan, no matter what you’ve done.”


77. (Birth) Emma healing Killian’s wound, before they share a cuddle in the woods.


78. (Birth) Emma telling Hook that she wants a future with him and lighting the Promethean Flame when they kiss.


79. (Birth) When Emma embraced the darkness because she refused to lose Killian.


80. (Broken Heart) The time Killian and Emma were Dark One’s and made out in the forest in the middle of the night.


81. (Broken Heart) Dark One “I love you’s” in the Middlemist Field.


82. (Broken Heart) The time Emma held Killian as the curse surrounded them, just like Snow did with Charming in the Pilot.


83. (Swan Song) When Hook sacrificed himself to right his mistakes and save Emma’s family and friends from being taken to the Underworld.


84. (Swan Song) “Hook, I will find you. I will always find you.”


85. (Labor of Love) Killian knowing that Emma was in the Underworld looking for him because of their love.


86. (Devil’s Due) Even with it being an emotional reunion, both Emma and Killian still managed to softly flirt with one another.


87. (The Brothers Jones) When Emma promised Killian that Hades wasn’t powerful enough to knock the handsome out of him and proceeded to heal Killian’s wounds in their house.


88. (The Brothers Jones) The time that Killian moved a cobweb out of Emma’s way.


89. (The Brothers Jones) When Killian told Emma that he wants their future together instead of moving on.


90. (Our Decay) Emma and Hook looking for a way to beat Hades together.


91. (Her Handsome Hero) When Hook was concerned about Emma not having enough sleep.


92. (Her Handsome Hero) The way Emma and Killian look at one another when Snow says; “Love is worth it.”


93. (Ruby Slippers) Emma hugging Killian when he reveals that he was able to cross Snow’s name off the gravestone and write David’s instead, allowing for Snow to go home to Neal.


94. (Sisters) When Emma immediately runs into Killian’s arms.


95. (Firebird) Of course we can’t forget the time they were confirmed as TRUE LOVE!


96. (Firebird) Their heartbreaking goodbye at the elevator.


97. (Last Rites) When Emma lovingly stroked the page of her and Killian dancing in the past in Henry’s storybook.


98. (Last Rites) Their emotional reunion after thinking they had lost one another forever. (PS. Bless Zeus for sending Killian back to where he belongs, which is with Emma).


99. (An Untold Story) And another reunion in New York City.


100. (An Untold Story) Emma’s first “I love you” when everything is calm. (Bonus, when they kiss, Killian lifts her!)


See you in season 6 for more swoon-worthy Captain Swan moments!

Is CaptainSwan Doomed? No Way!

Because Twitter has been up in arms about Emma’s secret maybe destroying Hook and her relationship, I just wanted to share my thoughts. Basically: they are not doomed. CaptainSwan will still continue to sail and destroy everyone’s hearts from cuteness overload. (Sorry for my appearance…was just at the gym!)