25 Days of CaptainSwan


This is probably a really basic idea, but starting December 1-December 25, I want to post 25 scenes of Emma and Hook that I love. There’s more than 25 scenes that I love, so this may prove to be the ultimate challenge. Since I am on winter break, I need to keep up with my writing, so this shall help me. (being a journalism student, I have to practice discipline.) Plus, OUAT will be on hiatus. I figure we all need something extra I our life because of that. I miss CaptainSwan too, so this will be perfect to cure the void in my heart. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic here.

If you all have a scene that you want to read me babble on about, tweet me under this tweet in which I share this.

Let the 25 days of CaptainSwan commence! (in about a couple days)