The 5 Most Romantic CaptainSwan Moments

There is no doubt that CaptainSwan has had so many romantic moments throughout the show. And it hard for me to limit the romantic moments to only 3. But I like a challenge; especially when that challenge involves Hook and Emma. So without further ado, in no particular order, the top 5 most romantic Hook and Emma moments:

  1. The Meadow Scene-‘The Broken Kingdom’: I am almost positive this scene marks as one of the most romantic moments on the show. I think it’s so romantic because of what is going on in this episode. Hook brought her into the field of daisies to help declutter her mind from the curse of the Dark One. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but what this all means for the couple. Emma trusts Hook so freely, so confidently in his actions. He wasn’t afraid of her in that moment; he didn’t cower down in fear. No, he wanted to protect the woman he loves and let her clear her mind from the darkness. This scene is truly remarkable. Then of course we hear Emma say “now that we’re alone…” and they kiss each other. Actually, more like they devour each other. As the camera zooms out, we see the surrondings. Emma dressed in white, Killian dressed in black, surrounded by a field of green and pink. The whole scene bleeds with intimacy. Also, Hook tells Emma that he will “never stop fighting for [them]” which is incredibly swoon worthy. In this scene, we see the consistent chemistry from Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue.
  2. Emma shares her childhood with Hook-‘Breaking Glass’: Maybe it’s because I just rewatched this episode today, but this moment is so tender, so real. Emma is opening herself up to Hook, and we see her walls being slowly knocked down. As all of the fans know, Emma isn’t exactly the type to uncover things so easily. All Hook did was ask for the honors and she obliged. She didn’t have to, but she did. Why? Because she trusts him. Emma knows that Hook would do anything for her. What I loved was she only showed her parents and the gang after she saw the Snow Queen in her video. Hook was the only one she had any intentions of revealing that part of her past to. And for that, I find it very romantic. We see them in the dark sheriff station, not saying much, but his presence being everything to her. His touch, his nearness is all that she needs to know that he cares. Such a simple scene with so much meaning and depth.
  3. Hook’s resurrection- ‘Last Rites’: Was this episode just the most heartbreaking one you have ever seen? If you answered no, what is your problem? While this episode was heartbreaking, it was also super romantic. I like to relate this whole scene to the song ‘Go the Distance’ from the Hercules soundtrack. The lyrics state: “When I go the distance, I’ll be right where I belong”. Take a moment to let these lyrics sink in. The ‘distance’ being Hook’s help in aiding Emma with the storybook pages from the Underworld. The ‘where I belong’ being back with Emma. When Zeus told Killian he was sending him to where he belonged, he appeared in the same spot Emma was. The place he best belongs his in Emma’s arms. How romantic is that? And when Zeus ships you, you know that you have the strongest love around. Plus, that whole scene was super sweet. The way Emma ran into his arms, kissing him with everything within her. Then not letting him even explain how he returned because she was too busy kissing him. Kissing her true love. My heart just melts thinking about it. 
  4. Emma’s ‘I love you’/lift kiss-‘An Untold Story’: Remember when the fandom absolutely lost all chill when we got the BTS pictures for this scene? Then we got the dialogue that accompanied the scene and we lost it all over again. Yet another simple yet romantic scene, but also very powerful. As Hook and Emma walk hand-in-hand, Emma tells Hook she wants to tell himself something now that they’re not amongst craziness. She says three simple words: I love you. In this moment, we see the final piece of her wall shatter to the ground. The wall is torn down and is open to love. Love for Hook, just so we’re clear. It also didn’t hurt that the kiss was adorable. I’m positive when Hook lifted Emma, we all fell off our couches. Okay, maybe it was just me who did. (Shoutout to Joanna for helping me decide between 2 scenes)
  5. Emma and Hook’s first real kiss-‘There’s No Place Like Home’: The word ‘aye’ has never held so much significance before. This episode was magical for a lot of reasons and one of the reasons being Emma’s realization. She learns that Hook has traded his ship to save her. Okay, I think we can all admit we melted at this scene. A man that was so hell-bent on revenge and closed off, chose to trade the one thing he cherished for a woman. A woman that he treasured more than his beloved Jolly Roger. And then Emma’s realization that she shouldn’t close herself off to the possibility of love. Just like Hook, she only relied on herself, but Hook is there for her. He saved her. Together, they break each other’s barriers. Plus, that kiss was so long and just yes.


Favorite Arc: Watch Us Fangirl

Beware: fangirling ahead. But you already probably guessed that. In today’s post, we disclosed what our favorite arc has been throughout Once Upon a Time’s run: Neverland, Frozen, and Camelot/Dark Swan. Watch us fangirl over our favorite arcs below! (I (Madeline) apologize for my awkwardness !)

Emily: Neverland Arc

Carolina: Frozen Arc

Madeline: Camelot/Dark Swan Arc

Why Dark Captain Swan Was Actually the Best

I know there was a lot of sparks and anger when Emma turned into the Dark One. I aknow there was some anger when it was revealed Emma also turned Hook into the Dark One. That literally was the biggest plot twist ever. Two Dark Ones? Dark Ones who are lovers? Talk about craziness. I mean, even for the show, that was all kinds of insane. And as Oncers, we have seen some pretty insane things on the show. While everyone looked at Dark Captain Swan as a horrible plot arc, it was actually the best thing ever. Why? Well, let me tell you with the help of gifs. (Honestly, gifs are like my best friend in blog posts)

Reason 1: Hook was back to his sassy self and I just adored that. Like the man is imitating the former Dark One. This scene was just hilarious. Side note: Colin improvised this!

Reason 2: I really don’t feel like I have to explain myself with gif. Just check out it and you will understand why this is a reason that Dark CaptainSwan is wonderful. HOT HOT HOT!

Reason 3: When Emma finally stood up for herself against Regina. Dark One Emma doesn’t take any crap. Also, how fabulous is that lipstick?

Reason 4: When they got really real and those walls completely crumbled. We all are aware that Emma has always been afraid to let her emotions out, but she didn’t hesitate to express her fears to Hook.

Reason 5: Hook was trying his hardest to get back the woman he loved. He wanted to help her escape the darkness. You really saw in this heartbreaking scene how much he wished he could help her.

Reason 6: The tension. Tension everywhere! *heart eyes*

Reason 7: This was awful, simply awful, but we saw the man Hook really was/is: a hero. He died for Emma and her family. They each helped each other pull out from the darkness, and to me, that is so powerful. Two people who can pull each other from the darkness are meant to be.

So, yes. I salute Dark Ones Emma and Hook.