LOL! Our Favorite Funny Moment

While we can all agree we spend more time crying rather than laughing during an episode of Once Upon a Time, we can also agree there has been some laughable moments. Unfortunately those are not too often. But as I said, there have been some moments when you burst into fits of laugher. Usually because of Hook’s sarcastic comments or Regina’s sass or Emma’s shock at learning more about fairytales. Here are our favorite funny moments:


Do you remember that little adventure where Emma and Hook travelled to the Enchanted Forest of the past? And that scene where present Killian gets jealous of past Killian? Well, that messy situation would be my favorite funny moment of Once Upon A Time. 

You might already be thinking “Oh God, here goes Caro talking for the millionth time about something Captain Swan related”. Well, that’s true. And I’m very proud of that 😉

I swear that I laugh out loud every time I watch this scene. I know it might not be the big deal but damn, I can’t handle it (pun intended). 

Season 3 Finale (one of my fave episodes so far). Emma and Hook team up so they can return to their own time, apart from fixing things between her parents since she accidentally stopped them from meeting each another. In order to accomplish that, Emma has to use her feminine charms to distract past Hook so present Hook makes a deal with bandit Snow to steal Charming’s ring and the story can go back on track (wow, that sounded quite tangled. If someone who doesn’t watch the show reads this they would probably say I’m totally crazy). 

Anyways, I love Killian’s reaction as soon as Emma starts to reveal a little more of her cleavage hoping to get the Captain’s attention quicker. He’s like “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” and we can rapidly recognize the jealousy traveling through his veins. Obviously, Emma realizes such attitude and highlights it, teasing him a little bit. God, I love that scene! (Inserts many laughing emojis)

And, let’s not forget the moment when Emma kisses past Hook aboard the Rolly Joger (yes, I did that) and present Hook gets so mad at his past self that decides to knock him out! Emma is like WTF? But Killian feels much better after doing that because past Captain Hook was practically making out with the woman he fancies. 

Complicated? Quite! Memorable? Totally! Funny? Absolutely! 


Oh boy. Well, ‘New York City Serenade’ has a ton of funny moments. I seriously think that episode was the most light-hearted episode. As light-hearted as this show can get. Because if we’re being honest here, this show is kind of depressing. Yet I love it.

My favorite funny moment has to be when Hook crashes Emma’s date in NYC. You know, the one where Walsh proposed to her. (Ugh, Walsh) I like how he just casually sat down across from her and demanded her attention. Classic Hook.

What really made me laugh was the exchange between Emma and Hook:

Emma: You’re a crazy person or a liar or both.
Hook: I prefer dashing rapscallion. Scoundrel?

I just loved how Hook was dead serious when he said the line. He was so unfazed, almost offended at her words. Amongst all the crazy going on in that episode, it was a welcomed relief to let out a laugh. But like I have probably stated tons of times on this blog, this episode was full of laughs. Okay, I guess I’ll share some more because let’s be real, this episode was gold.

Like when Hook said the most relatable thing ever:

I’ve been in my share of brigs but nothing as barbaric as these. They force fed me something called bologna.

Or when he got super offended by Henry:

Why are you dressed like that?

Why are YOU dressed like that!?

Or this awkward exchange:

There he is officers. The man who assaulted me.

It was just a kiss.

Oh. He even admitted it.



With Once Upon A Time entering its sixth season very soon, we have experienced many things on the show. One of the aspects of OUAT I love most is the humour. Each episode, there is always something that makes me laugh, whether it is meant to or not. So it was hard for me personally to think of one scene that makes me laugh the most. Cruella to me is one of the funniest characters I believe has come to the show, but my favourite funniest moment goes to #CaptainCharmingSwan (is this even a thing lol).

Before I explain why, I just want to say I sincerely hope we get more scenes with just the three of them this upcoming season. I love protective #DaddyCharming and of course the #CaptainCharming bromance is always strong.

This funny moment dates all the way back to season 3B; episode thirteen, Witch Hunt written by the lovely Jane Espenson.

Whenever I watch this episode, the scene at the town-line between Emma, Killian and David feat Robin Hood and his Merry Men is something I just find hysterical. Part of the reason for this is Colin’s facial expressions and the fact that Killian rats Emma out to her dad that she was almost engaged, something that Emma had clearly intended to keep private. Jen’s facial expression in response to Killian was gold as well, not to mention David’s reaction.

In case you can’t remember; Robin is basically explaining to the three of them that a flying beast took Little John over the town line and Emma notes loudly that it sounds like the same creature that attacked her in New York. Killian is quick to respond with; “You mean the monster you were gonna marry?”

His expression is like one of a guilty and naughty child ratting out a secret to someone’s parents. He gives Emma a wide innocent eyed look and before the camera cuts to Emma, you can briefly see a small, satisfied smile cross his face. Emma’s expression in return resembles one of an annoyed child as she takes a deep breath and quickly looks away from Killian.

When the camera focuses back on Hook and David, Hook is still wearing the same innocent and amused look, whilst David appears to be shocked and in protective mode with his hands on his hips. David instantly questions Emma about her getting married. Hook immediately turns to David and is clearly still amused as he asks David whether he heard the part where he said monster. And then Robin comes in and breaks the awkward tension asking whether they are going to find Little John or not. (Which I also found quite amusing).

To me, this scene was just funny because of the way Killian dobs Emma in to her father, Emma getting all embarrassed and quiet, whilst David clearly goes into protective dad mode. Like I said above, I think what makes this scene so funny is Jennifer’s, Colin’s and Josh’s facial expressions.

I hope we get a lot more scenes of the three of them together. We would definitely be in for a lot more laughs, especially after the tease that Charming and Killian will spend more time together this season!


So many funny moments on the show, but all that is retaining in my memory right now are scenes with Cruella De Vil. Victoria Smurfet was such a great addition to the show, I am so sad to see her go.

Her love for Gin in so real.

But, this is Once Upon a Time…people always come back. 😉 (cough, Robin Hood…)
Anyways–funny moments FT. Cruella De Vil
When she seduces Charming in the Sheriffs Station (5×15)–
And another fav because I couldn’t pick one…
It’s brief, but had me in some serious giggles. During the bittersweet episode that is Last Rites (5×21), Cruella gets tracked down in the Underworld by Hook and King Arthur for “help”…okay, but when is she ever helpful?
“Oh back up.”
“Seriously…back up.”
She was just saying what we were all really thinking…And I love her for it.
ALSO, Cruella/James related but also relating to our favorite Savior(5×19)–
“Mummy is very proud of you and I will show you how much later on.”
EMMA’S FACE. I. Died. ahahahahah