LOL! Our Favorite Funny Moment

While we can all agree we spend more time crying rather than laughing during an episode of Once Upon a Time, we can also agree there has been some laughable moments. Unfortunately those are not too often. But as I said, there have been some moments when you burst into fits of laugher. Usually because of Hook’s sarcastic comments or Regina’s sass or Emma’s shock at learning more about fairytales. Here are our favorite funny moments:


Do you remember that little adventure where Emma and Hook travelled to the Enchanted Forest of the past? And that scene where present Killian gets jealous of past Killian? Well, that messy situation would be my favorite funny moment of Once Upon A Time. 

You might already be thinking “Oh God, here goes Caro talking for the millionth time about something Captain Swan related”. Well, that’s true. And I’m very proud of that 😉

I swear that I laugh out loud every time I watch this scene. I know it might not be the big deal but damn, I can’t handle it (pun intended). 

Season 3 Finale (one of my fave episodes so far). Emma and Hook team up so they can return to their own time, apart from fixing things between her parents since she accidentally stopped them from meeting each another. In order to accomplish that, Emma has to use her feminine charms to distract past Hook so present Hook makes a deal with bandit Snow to steal Charming’s ring and the story can go back on track (wow, that sounded quite tangled. If someone who doesn’t watch the show reads this they would probably say I’m totally crazy). 

Anyways, I love Killian’s reaction as soon as Emma starts to reveal a little more of her cleavage hoping to get the Captain’s attention quicker. He’s like “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” and we can rapidly recognize the jealousy traveling through his veins. Obviously, Emma realizes such attitude and highlights it, teasing him a little bit. God, I love that scene! (Inserts many laughing emojis)

And, let’s not forget the moment when Emma kisses past Hook aboard the Rolly Joger (yes, I did that) and present Hook gets so mad at his past self that decides to knock him out! Emma is like WTF? But Killian feels much better after doing that because past Captain Hook was practically making out with the woman he fancies. 

Complicated? Quite! Memorable? Totally! Funny? Absolutely! 


Oh boy. Well, ‘New York City Serenade’ has a ton of funny moments. I seriously think that episode was the most light-hearted episode. As light-hearted as this show can get. Because if we’re being honest here, this show is kind of depressing. Yet I love it.

My favorite funny moment has to be when Hook crashes Emma’s date in NYC. You know, the one where Walsh proposed to her. (Ugh, Walsh) I like how he just casually sat down across from her and demanded her attention. Classic Hook.

What really made me laugh was the exchange between Emma and Hook:

Emma: You’re a crazy person or a liar or both.
Hook: I prefer dashing rapscallion. Scoundrel?

I just loved how Hook was dead serious when he said the line. He was so unfazed, almost offended at her words. Amongst all the crazy going on in that episode, it was a welcomed relief to let out a laugh. But like I have probably stated tons of times on this blog, this episode was full of laughs. Okay, I guess I’ll share some more because let’s be real, this episode was gold.

Like when Hook said the most relatable thing ever:

I’ve been in my share of brigs but nothing as barbaric as these. They force fed me something called bologna.

Or when he got super offended by Henry:

Why are you dressed like that?

Why are YOU dressed like that!?

Or this awkward exchange:

There he is officers. The man who assaulted me.

It was just a kiss.

Oh. He even admitted it.



With Once Upon A Time entering its sixth season very soon, we have experienced many things on the show. One of the aspects of OUAT I love most is the humour. Each episode, there is always something that makes me laugh, whether it is meant to or not. So it was hard for me personally to think of one scene that makes me laugh the most. Cruella to me is one of the funniest characters I believe has come to the show, but my favourite funniest moment goes to #CaptainCharmingSwan (is this even a thing lol).

Before I explain why, I just want to say I sincerely hope we get more scenes with just the three of them this upcoming season. I love protective #DaddyCharming and of course the #CaptainCharming bromance is always strong.

This funny moment dates all the way back to season 3B; episode thirteen, Witch Hunt written by the lovely Jane Espenson.

Whenever I watch this episode, the scene at the town-line between Emma, Killian and David feat Robin Hood and his Merry Men is something I just find hysterical. Part of the reason for this is Colin’s facial expressions and the fact that Killian rats Emma out to her dad that she was almost engaged, something that Emma had clearly intended to keep private. Jen’s facial expression in response to Killian was gold as well, not to mention David’s reaction.

In case you can’t remember; Robin is basically explaining to the three of them that a flying beast took Little John over the town line and Emma notes loudly that it sounds like the same creature that attacked her in New York. Killian is quick to respond with; “You mean the monster you were gonna marry?”

His expression is like one of a guilty and naughty child ratting out a secret to someone’s parents. He gives Emma a wide innocent eyed look and before the camera cuts to Emma, you can briefly see a small, satisfied smile cross his face. Emma’s expression in return resembles one of an annoyed child as she takes a deep breath and quickly looks away from Killian.

When the camera focuses back on Hook and David, Hook is still wearing the same innocent and amused look, whilst David appears to be shocked and in protective mode with his hands on his hips. David instantly questions Emma about her getting married. Hook immediately turns to David and is clearly still amused as he asks David whether he heard the part where he said monster. And then Robin comes in and breaks the awkward tension asking whether they are going to find Little John or not. (Which I also found quite amusing).

To me, this scene was just funny because of the way Killian dobs Emma in to her father, Emma getting all embarrassed and quiet, whilst David clearly goes into protective dad mode. Like I said above, I think what makes this scene so funny is Jennifer’s, Colin’s and Josh’s facial expressions.

I hope we get a lot more scenes of the three of them together. We would definitely be in for a lot more laughs, especially after the tease that Charming and Killian will spend more time together this season!


So many funny moments on the show, but all that is retaining in my memory right now are scenes with Cruella De Vil. Victoria Smurfet was such a great addition to the show, I am so sad to see her go.

Her love for Gin in so real.

But, this is Once Upon a Time…people always come back. 😉 (cough, Robin Hood…)
Anyways–funny moments FT. Cruella De Vil
When she seduces Charming in the Sheriffs Station (5×15)–
And another fav because I couldn’t pick one…
It’s brief, but had me in some serious giggles. During the bittersweet episode that is Last Rites (5×21), Cruella gets tracked down in the Underworld by Hook and King Arthur for “help”…okay, but when is she ever helpful?
“Oh back up.”
“Seriously…back up.”
She was just saying what we were all really thinking…And I love her for it.
ALSO, Cruella/James related but also relating to our favorite Savior(5×19)–
“Mummy is very proud of you and I will show you how much later on.”
EMMA’S FACE. I. Died. ahahahahah

Grab Your Tissues: Top 3 Saddest Moments on OUAT

Because I just watched like the saddest CaptainSwan AU video on YouTube and it made me realize how heartbreaking this show is. I apologize in advance if you’re crying.  In no particular order, the top 3 saddest moments on the show:

  1. Killian’s sacrifice: If this didn’t make you ugly cry, you are not human, or you are simply devoid of emotions. I remember watching this scene one day after school. It was a dreary day and I knew the scene was coming because I watched it after it premiered. So I’m watching it and it happens and I literally start bawling my eyes out. Now, I am a weakling when it comes to TV shows or movies; I cry at everything! However, this scene was heartbreaking in so many ways. Not only was Killian dying, but Emma was losing her other half. She was losing one of the only people in her life she would die for. I just remember staring at the TV long after the episode ended, crying into my coffee. There are pictures on my phone that I took of myself after the episode. Black makeup is just running down my face and my eyes are completely red. Why did I snapchat that to my friends anyway? So, yah, that scene shook me up a bit.
  2. Robin’s sacrifice: Are you sensing a trend here? I knew Robin was going to die, but I had no idea how. When I watched ‘Last Rites’ I hadn’t known that would be the end of Robin. Once again, this sacrifice was sad in more than one way. Robin was that kind of character who you liked just because. He certainly didn’t deserve that fate, but I understood why he did it. He died to save Regina, and that is so powerful. I know OutlawQueen shippers are hurting, but his death shouldn’t be in vain. He died for the woman he loved. How intense is that? Yes, it sucks, but he saved Regina. No matter your indifferences towards Regina, you can’t but help feel bad for her. She’s lost everyone she loved . (Why can’t I find a gif of this!?)SEAN MAGUIRE, LANA PARRILLA
  3. Killian and Emma’s goodbye: Let me start by saying, I was so pumped for this episode. I was so sure Killian and Emma would be going home together, hand-in-hand. HAHAH NOPE! It was the episode after my weekend reporting at one of the OUAT cons, so I was super high on life. Then I watched ‘Firebird’ and I felt dead inside. What we got was not a happy going home episode, but the complete opposite. Everything is going well-Emma and Hook are confirmed true love. Yay! Except Killian can’t exactly return home and he tells Emma to let him go. And she does. And then my heart shatters and I’m crying on the floor and I want to throw my TV out the window. But I don’t, obviously. Just the raw emotions on Emma and Killian’s face as he watches Emma ascend in the elevator. And the dialogue before she goes: promising each other to find happiness after. At this moment, I swear, I was convinced I would never be happy. This scene was a lot more upsetting than his death. Even though I knew he would be back, but I wasn’t sure at the moment. HEARTBREAKING.

3 Things I Learned From ‘Once Upon a Time’

  1. True love can be found in the most unlikely of places: One of my favorite aspects of the show is the romance between couples. I do realize that the show is not centered around romance, but Adam and Eddy have created powerful portrayals of love. Not just any love but true love. And each true love pairing was unlikely and complex- which I adored. Emma fell in love with Killian who was a former pirate and villain. Snow fell in love with a prince who aggravated her. Regina fell in love with a man “who smells like forest” and was a thief. Somehow, each couple was able to set aside their differences to give in to love. A Savior and a pirate. A bandit and a prince. A queen and a thief. All unlikely loves with an amazing story. True love conquers all!

2. Woman are just as strong as men: The female empowerment is strong on this show. The women kick some serious butt and are not overshadowed by their male counterparts. They are treated as individuals, not sidekicks to the men. Emma constantly saves Hook. Snow has saved Charming. Regina has saved Robin. We see in each female character some serious strength. Whether it be physically or mentally. The women on this show are not afraid of any fight…or monster.

3. Redemption is possible: Okay I know I said the true love thing was my favorite aspect, but I lied. The redemption arcs in the show are so great! My favorite, and I might be biased because I love him, but Hook’s redemption arc was so strong. He was ruthless and arrogant, but when he found Emma, that all disappeared. Sure he has some moments of pirate, but he’s changed for the better. Love has changed him. From a man that killed his own father, to a man who saved an entire town from the Underworld. (yes, he did save them. That was the Dark One talking when he tried to banish them). Then we can’t forget Regina’s powerful redemption. From an evil queen who murdered villages, to a hero. The strength of her loves, Henry and Robin, changed her for the better. Like Hook, she still has bits of malice in her, but she has dramatically changed.


Favorite Arc: Watch Us Fangirl

Beware: fangirling ahead. But you already probably guessed that. In today’s post, we disclosed what our favorite arc has been throughout Once Upon a Time’s run: Neverland, Frozen, and Camelot/Dark Swan. Watch us fangirl over our favorite arcs below! (I (Madeline) apologize for my awkwardness !)

Emily: Neverland Arc

Carolina: Frozen Arc

Madeline: Camelot/Dark Swan Arc

Season 3: Our Favorite Episodes

I (Madeline) love doing these group posts because you see the different writings and our different thoughts on the show. So, I decided we each pick a favorite episode of ours in each season. Yes, I do realize that I started with season 3, but that’s the kind of girl I am. Who plays by the rules anymore? (Okay, I do.) It’s just that I adore season 3; therefore, I decided to write about it first. Let’s be real, season 3 is the holy grail of the show. Thankfully, all four of us had a different episode in mind! Read below to see Emily, Carolina, Joanna, and my favorite episodes of season 3:

Madeline: 3×12 ‘New York City Serenade’

This episode is my all-time favorite because it’s not only setting up for a new arc, but it has some hilarious lines. Not to mention, Hook is chilling around NYC in a pirates outfit. Also, Emma’s outfits are super cute.

Emma and Henry are living their curse free life in NYC until Hook returns to try to make Emma remember Storybrooke. He tries to jog his memory by locking lips with her, but she knees him in a place that I’m sure didn’t feel too good. He also attempts to have her drink something, in which she promptly says: “drink the thing the crazy guy offered me? No thank you”.  We later find out that Emma is getting serious with some dude who is definitely not Hook. While Emma is on a date with Walsh (ugh Walsh), Hook somehow manages to find her and make her listen to him. In which Emma responds “you’re a crazy person person or a liar or both”. To which Hook says: “I prefer dashing rapscallion. Scoundrel
?” This scene was my ultimate favorite!

Then of course there’s the scene where Emma has Hook arrested for assaulting her. Good times, good times. Emma soon has a change of heart, wanting to hear out Hook. So, she breaks him free from the ‘brigs’, and Hook is appalled by the place because they force fed him ‘something called bologna’. I definitely don’t blame him; bologna is nasty. Emma drinks the potion, and soon, her past comes rushing back to her. Hook and Emma decide to leave for Storybrooke the next morning to save the town and her family. Of course, Henry thinks Hook is some crazy perp and questions his clothing. That exchange was hilarious because Hook got so offended. How dare you insult Hook’s clothing!

Hook (in all of his hotness), Emma, and Henry leave for Storybrooke. Shortly after Walsh tries to kill her. That awkward moment when you find out you’ve been dating a monkey! They arrive back in town and Hook finally can screw his hook back on. Swoon, when he flicks Emma’s hair with his hook

I loved so much of this episode. I loved how they were back in the Enchanted Forest and acted like a team. I loved the Captain Swan exchanges. I loved the dialogue. I loved the introduction to Zalena. “The queen may be evil, but I’m wicked and wicked always wins.” Love that quote!

Emily: 3×05 ‘Good Form’

I think we can all agree on the fact that Season 3 is one of our favorite seasons to date. I come to you with a specific purpose today, and that is to discuss 3×05 “Good Form” (aka The beginning of the rest of our lives).

So many things happened in this episode–where do I begin? First of all, lets just get one thing out of the way: it happened. Emma and Hook finally lock lips in the first of many passionate embraces to break the internet. Did you squeal? I know I did. At this point their “true love” had not been confirmed, but lets be clear on one thing: it’s hot. The way she grabbed his leather jacket…excuse me I need a moment.
“Good Form” was not only an important episode for the us fangirls, but for the show. It revolved around our dear pirate, showing us the good ol’ days of two handed navy lieutenant Killian Jones. We learn about his brother Liam, who was an idiot trying to prove a point and caused his own death, and it leads us back to the budding romance that is Captain Charming. 
Can you see why this is my favorite yet?
So not only do we get to see about Hook’s past, and what turned him into the dashing rapscallion he is today–we get to see a heroic side of him when he ventures to help save David, a romantic side with Emma (I’m still drooling), and the change from his submissive old naval days to this headstrong hunk of a pirate we all love so dearly.
So basically this Hook centric episode was one to die for (thankfully Liam took the plunge for us).

Caro: 3×21/22 ‘Snow Drifts’/’There’s No Place Like Home’

Perhaps my favorite episode from season 3 might be too clichĂ©, but I can’t help it. Yes, I’m talking about the season finale (5×21 “Snow Drifts” and 5×22 “There’s No Place Like Home”), better known by its colorful moniker as “The Captain Swan movie”. 
It was a two-hour special in which Emma -thanks to the journey to the Enchanted Forest of the past- finally realized that Storybrooke was her home, that being with her family and friends was something she needed and wanted, and of course, when she finally let Killian bring her walls down, opening her heart to him (I swear it’s been the moment I’ve fangirled the most in the whole show). 
Another of my favorite scenes? The ball at Midas’s castle. It was lovely to see “Prince Charles” and “Princess Leia” dancing across the ballroom wearing fancy clothes, and more when it was her first dance ever (awww). 
But it wasn’t only the cuteness of Emma and Hook which characterized the season finale. The Rumbelle wedding scene was phenomenal! I mean, it was perfect listening to Belle and Rumple saying their vows, which fitted not only them but also the rest of the couples as we saw some romantic scenes of them as well.
What about the official announcement of the baby’s name? Totally cute! Maybe too obvious, but still cute.
Of course not everything was happy (it’s OUAT, come on. Adam and Eddy never give us an episode with 100% of happiness). We saw OutlawQueen’s course take a sudden and unexpected turn when Marian (well, Zelena, but we had no idea then) was brought from the past. Regina did go mad that time! How could she not? She was starting to experience love again and suddenly it all crumbled.
And then, the last seconds of the finale… Holy cheese!! I definitely didn’t expect Elsa to come out of that vase, but as soon as she froze it I started to freak out (I think I even spat out the water I was drinking). I’m a big fan of the movie, so imagine my excitement when I realized that the Queen of Arendelle was going to Storybrooke! That and the fact that Emma and Hook were finally together made me pass out. Several times. Yeah. God. I need help.

Joanna: 3×20 ‘Kansas’

“Kansas”, is definitely one for the Captain Swan record books. Conversations about Emma’s future in Storybrooke, Emma choosing to save Hook over keeping her magic, and Hook being present for a special moment for the Charming family were fluttered throughout the episode, painting smiles onto the faces of Captain Swan shippers everywhere.

I, as a viewer, adored the scene where Hook questions Emma about why she wants to leave, and he concludes it’s because she can see a future in Storybrooke. “A happy one.” Emma simply responds with: “let me guess, with you?”. Unbeknownst to the viewers in that moment of time, it was a big  foreshadowing for 5×08, when Emma chooses that she wants Killian to be a part of her happy ending.

The scene that followed this one, only continued to get more captivating. Zelena went on to command Mr. Gold to throw Hook into a well and attempt to drown him. The only way that Hook could be saved would be for Emma to kiss him, which would remove all her powers. Despite thinking at that moment that she wouldn’t be able to defeat Zelena, Emma leans down and kisses Killian awake, and he splutters out the water moments later. Emma looks relived that he is okay, but Killian touches his lips and looks shocked and slightly angry that she chose him.

My favorite scene from Kansas, and still a favorite to this date, is the hospital scene. Emma watches as her mother is reunited with her baby, and Hook appears in the hallway behind Emma. Even though this is a family affair, Emma doesn’t tell him to leave and doesn’t look annoyed at the fact he’s there. They share a few laughs together, and when he thanks her, Emma is surprised to learn that Killian thought she’d let him drown, given their history together. To me, Emma definitely had strong feelings for Killian here. Killian then asks her about her magic, and Emma tells him that she is still planning to go back to New York when this is all over, which Killian looks saddened by. Once again, he isn’t asked to leave when Emma and Henry join David and Snow, and he watches onwards at the family reunion with a small smile, which also makes me believe this is foreshadowing for a Captain Swan baby in the future.

Kansas was a great development for Captain Swan. We got proof that Emma does have feelings for Hook, and giving up such a big part of her, her magic, to save him, is one of the most romantic and feel-worthy things I’ve witnessed on the show.


The Hug That Killed The Fandom

Comic Con 2014 blessed us with this (and then again in 2015). I took the liberty of captioning these Colin faces…it gave me a reason to stare at him. HA, like I needed another reason.

Please, enjoy.


The little smile


The eyebrow raise


The head tilt


The snuggle


The pouty lip


The daydream


The side look (with pouty smile)


The puppy pout

and all the while, Jen was laughing. Colin is adorable. These two have the cutest friendship! They really couldn’t have picked two better people to portray our favorite characters.

Can’t wait for Comic Con 2016!

(Imagine all the Captain Swan talk we will get!)


Emily (OUAThooked)

p.s. I am currently working on THREE fanfics right now. (One exclusively for this blog!) So please check back for updates to follow! xx

Surviving the OUAT Hiatus

As we all well know, the Once Upon A Time hiatus is here. Based off of previous years, I’m guessing ONCE will return September 25, 2016 with its season six premiere. That’s 117 days. Eeeek! But have no fear folks, it was recently announced that filming begins next month! July seventh if you want to be exact (I know we do). What are we supposed to do in the mean time? I’m glad you asked. Look no further–I have compiled a list of things that may just save you from breaking point this hiatus:

Hiatus Survival Guide

10. Find a book series

You’d be surprised how easy it is to transfer your obsession onto something else. Even if it’s only for a while. It’s especially important to note that some TV shows have taken to coming out with book adaptions or companion series…or vice versa. (i.e. Outlander, Game of Thrones). Check those out too! Don’t write anything off.

9. Start a Blog

Most ONCERS have taken a liking to Tumblr…dare I say even WordPress? If you haven’t signed up yet, it should be on your list of things to do. All I am saying is the amount of GIFs you find of our favorite pirate is well worth it. (Endless scrolling people. ENDLESS.)


How do you think we are surviving? 😉

8. Enjoy the outdoors, it’s Summer time baby!

tumblr_n7iyukeTBM1qlqo4ro1_500You’d be surprised how quickly time flies when you get out of the house. I know that normally we all huddle over our computers for hours at a time, but depending where you live–there could be some awesome activities you’re missing out on! Now is the time to take part in them. Go Kayaking, hiking, or road trip to the beach with friends! (I live in Florida…so maybe find something to do that’s relatable to your area.)

7. Read/Write FanFiction

Now, I may be a little biased, but writing FanFiction (CS smut anyone?) is very therapeutic, and sometimes you just have to write the story you can’t find.

If you’re not a writer, or have zero interest in trying, READ IT. I promise you, it’s probably one of the best things you could do for yourself on hiatus.

I’ll compile a list of my fav’s for you guys! It may take a few days…there’s a lot. In the mean time, you can read mine.

OUAThooked FanFiction (Shameless self promotion)

6. Look for Summer shows

Freeform (Previously ABC Family) and USA are just two networks that play new episodes (and new seasons) of shows during the summer. Adam and Eddy have a new show, Dead of Summer, coming to Freeform June 28, 2016! We should all show our favorite writers some love and check it out!


Also, If you’ve been living under a rock–Pretty Little Liars returns with Season 7– June 21, 2016. (You can watch previous seasons on Netflix or Hulu.)

Which brings me to my next point…

5. Netflix–Binge. Game. Strong.

Netflix has SO MANY great shows. Original series as well! May I suggest Orange is the New Black or Blood Lines…

unnamedOr Binge your favorite show all over again! *cough* ONCE… or maybe you’re also a Supernatural fan? That show has like 11 seasons on Netflix guys… it’s amazing.

4. Don’t have Netflix?

Check your local listings for reruns! Over summer many stations don’t have a ton of new shows. So guess what? They replay all those wonderful episodes in order. Yup, get your Gilmore Girls binge on without Netflix Folks! (If you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls, you’re doing it wrong!)

3. Make fan editstumblr_o6ytvdYBOp1vu90u6o1_1280

I know on Twitter I always love watching those vines or fan videos of my favorite tv couples. I have zero clue how to make them. But by the end of Summer, I hope to have that skill perfected.

I do like to dip my toe in photoshop now and again…It’s quite entertaining (and can get silly really quick.)

CS meets Ironman anyone?   ————->

Let’s compare. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?

2. Re-Watch ALL media of your favorite Actors

You probably think i’m joking. I’m not. You know how much time I waste on Youtube watching Colin interviews/Bloopers/BTS videos? It’s amazing…or ridiculous, depending on how you view it. Either way, one minute its 6pm on a Monday night, and the next minute it’s 3am Friday.

1. Captain Swan Kisses

That’s right. By now I am sure you have all seen the glorious video a fan made that compiles all the CS kiss scenes. And i’m talking like 43 minutes long.

That’s an entire episodes worth.


Please– sit back, relax, and enjoy.

—> Captain Swan Kisses

If you have any tips on how to survive the hiatus let me know!

Twitter: @OUAThooked 

So, as we “patiently” await the arrival of BTS media and eventually the return of our fav heroes, join me here with updates during the hiatus!

Emily (OUAThooked)


In Season 6 We Need…

Hiatus…oh how I despise hiatus. After Sunday’s finale, I have compiled a list of things that need to happen in season 6. Granted, they’re little things, but still things that absolutely need to happen!

Domestic Captain Swan: Who doesn’t want to see Emma and Hook in a moment of bliss? Maybe a scene where they’re eating breakfast and drinking coffee. (Actually drinking coffee, not the code word of coffee the fandom uses). Maybe Hook tries to figure out how to use a waffle iron. And if he can’t, he would swing by Granny’s and pretend that he made them. We just need some cute, quiet moments for these two. Or, you know, have them wake up beside each other…

Regina v Evil Queen: Oh man. I know Lana told us at the convention I reported at that the Evil Queen would be coming out to play, but I did not expect this twist. I hope we get a showdown or something between them. I just hope with the Evil Queen gone from Regina that she doesn’t lose her sass. Off the record, I totally think Regina is going to have to sacrifice herself to defeat the Evil Queen. Seems like something that would happen.

Someone grounding Henry: Honestly, that kid is the definition of teenage boy. I get it, I’m still a teenager too and I’m around teenage boys. Granted, we’re older teens, but I get it. But still. Henry needs a good grounding. At least from his phone or his author pen. He did run away to New York City, almost trapped his family in a crazy land, and belittled Emma. If that doesn’t call for grounding, I don’t know what does. Maybe they do things differently in Storybrooke. I really just find Henry annoying, not going to lie.

Emma and Hook reminiscing on their past: I was rewatching old scenes, as you do, and I forgot about some things. Like the bean stalk scene and how Emma left Hook with the giant. Or when she jabbed him in the ribs after he got hit by that car. Or how flirty he was and his little inappropriate comments. Ah, season 2. Also, I want some closure and talk on the Dark Ones dilemma. (Can I just say how much I loved Dark Captain Swan?)

A family dinner: How bloody awesome would that be?

Emma finally showing Killian Peter Pan: It’s something we have all been waiting for. Ever since Hook said: “I take it from your tone that perms and waxed mustaches aren’t a good thing.” I can just imagine his disdain when he sees the Disney version of Captain Hook on the screen. We need this scene!

Rumple getting his just desserts: Dude has it coming to him. I, for one, do not believe he should get his happy ending. Belle needs to leave him and he needs to lose everything. I don’t know, am I being too harsh?

What would you love to see in season 6? Sound off below!


Thank You OUAT For Captain Swan

cs reunion.jpg

For those of you who are frequent users of Twitter, you may have seen the trend last night ‘We Support Captain Swan’. After a lot of backlash from people to the Captain Swan fandom, I thought it was nice to see a group of fans defending Emma and Hook. Not to mention, hopefully Adam and Eddy saw how much we love Hook and Emma. I made sure to send my thanks to Adam about how beautiful and intense their relationship is and I even got a thank you. Positive comments go a long way when all some people get are hateful comments. I’m not here to preach that you should be kind to everyone, but think before you say something. Adam and Eddy have creative minds and they made a show that we all know and love. If you love the show, you should respect the creators of the show. I would also like to note, I loved Outlaw Queen too, and I feel for that fandom. I do, I really do.

So I wanted to thank Once Upon a Time for Captain Swan.

  • First and for most, Emma is not weak because of Hook. If anything, Hook has strengthened Emma. To love and be loved is to be given strength. You saw in season 1 that Emma was broken, alone, scared. Now, at season 5, Emma is whole and loved and confident. She was able to love and trust someone. Even with Neal, she had her walls up. It wasn’t until Hook came that she took off her armor and started to trust a man. For goodness sake, she went to Hell to fight for the man she loves. Emma had been hurt in the past, and finding Hook has made her happy. She had every right to cry and have a moment of weakness. She thought her true love was gone forever. Is she not allowed to show some vulnerability? A lost girl who found her solace in a lost boy. Case in point, Emma Swan is still bad ass as ever. Boom.
  • Taking two unlikely pairs and having them be true love is very powerful. Having first started the show, I had known Emma and Hook would be a thing. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical. How could Emma, a savior, fall in love with a pirate with a rum problem? I was wrong to assume that it would never work. Because what I see in Emma and Hook is a love so powerful that the past doesn’t matter. We all have a past, and sometimes our past isn’t good. Learning to accept each other’s past is the first step of love. Acceptance is real love. Redemption is a huge part of the show, and that is what Hook had.
  • Emma and Hook literally helped each other defeat darkness. Who was the first person to go after Emma after she turned dark? Hook. He never cared that he would get hurt; all he wanted to do was help the woman he loves. Hook was the one to stop Emma from hurting Merida when the rest of the heroes didn’t know what to do. Granted, that was a crazy situation, so can you blame them? My point being, Hook wanted to save the woman he loved because he knew Emma-the light Emma-needed his help. His concern for her was powerful and everything true love should be. Same goes for Emma. Even when she was dark, all she wanted to do was save Hook from knowing the truth. She wanted to protect and shield him.
  • Cuteness overload between those two. I mean, have you ever smiled so much at your TV screen before? Every time those two are on the screen, I can’t help but have a smile on my face. They’re sassy, witty comments are like they’re still in the flirty stage of their relationship. Their heartfelt conversations make my heart melt because you know how much they love each other. Seriously, that reunion scene was the cutest thing ever. Their giggles and Emma kissing every inch of Hook’s face. OMG!

A HUGE thank you to Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis for giving us a beautiful and deep relationship on the show. They taught us that love comes in all forms. A pirate and a savior. A evil queen and a thief. A beast and a beauty. A prince and a princess. That together, each couple survives their own dilemmas and overcomes them. That love is power and not weakness. That Hook empowers Emma and builds her up. That Emma makes Hook a better man. Despite all the hate Captain Swan has been getting, we need to not focus on that. As a fandom, we just need to appreciate our OTP. After all, Zeus certified them as being true love. How epic is that?! And I do hope Regina gets her happy ending.