Reasons I’m Thankful For CaptainSwan

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates. Eat everything you want! (After all, this is the day you can eat until you feel sick without regrets) On this day, I just want to say how much I appreciate the hell out of CaptainSwan. The best ship on TV! Here is why I am thankful for CaptainSwan:

They find comfort in each other:Image result for captainswan gifs

They know they can rely on one another when they’re feeling down. They know they have a support system in one another.

They make you realize that not all relationships are easy:Image result for captainswan gifs

With all the angst on the show, it’s crazy how those two manage to work everything out, but they do. Every relationship is not easy and they portray that wonderfully. They work through some pretty tough things. At the end of the day, they still love each other.

They are opposites, yet somehow they make it work:Image result for captainswan gifs

She’s the Savior. He was a pirate. Both of them two different people, yet somehow so similar. They were both lost souls who found each other, and I think that’s beautiful.

They portray a loving and caring relationship:Related image

I think this gif speaks for itself. Hook is so understanding and supportive of Emma. Emma always chooses to see the best in Hook. Together, they illustrate what a relationship should be like. As I stated before, it’s not always smooth sailing, but they make it work.

They make you believe in love:Image result for captain swan 6x01 gifs

Love so true that Zeus approved. Honestly, these two are a great example of what love is. They make you believe that finding love is always possible.

They are the sassiest couple ever:Related image

Flirty af. Together or separately, Emma and Hook are some of the sassiest fictional characters ever.

They are the hottest couple:Image result for captain swan 6x01 gifs

I just wanted to use this gif. LOOK AT THEM. HOT HOT HOT. When do we get the sequel!?